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Contacting Angels

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    from the website of Cynthia Rose concerning the Angel Helper Groups http://members.yournet.com/SASHA/INDEX-1.html SUMMARY OF THE ANGEL S INSTRUCTIONS ON
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2001
      from the website of Cynthia Rose concerning the Angel Helper Groups


      Any new skill takes time to master. All of our educational background has emphasized the development of the left hemisphere of the brain with it's rational and logical use of language and memory. When we pray to the angels for their help, the first place we will notice it is in our underused right hemisphere which is nonverbal and intuitive.

      Therefore, to commune with angels as clearly as we should, we have to retrain our thinking process to include the intuitive and then we have to learn to use the intuitive and logical functions in a back and forth method much like walking. This has been explained as using eye movement exercises that are identical to what we do each night naturally in our dreaming state.

      In other words, when you pray for angelic assistance, go into a quiet receptive state and become aware of images that enter into your imagination [right brain]. Then move your eyes back and forth in a comfortable way , from left to right, back and forth, as you do in REM sleep. This will shift the dominance back and forth between the two halves of the brain and you will experience images and then internally verbal thoughts, then images again and then more verbal thoughts, and on and on. The art of ALLOWING the process to unfold while you hold the intention and concentration of communing with the angels, is the key to success.

      Learning to TRUST in this skill is a challenge since we have lived for so long in a culture dominated by a left brain only paradigm. Ask for help with this from the angels and go easy with yourself and give yourself time. Continue to practice. Those of you with access to biofeedback facilities willprobably find it much easier and quicker to establish trust in the process. Of course, when you pray for angelic assistance in your life, you will notice changes all over the place, in every area, over time.

      "It feels good to me in my heart to pray for others whenever I pray for myself. The angels have taught me that doing this is very very important. I believe that praying for others at the same time that I pray for myself is intrinsic to the science of prayer, especially in communicating with angels. It has to do, I believe, with the law of reaping and sowing. By praying for others, I reap the same for myself."-- Spiritus 
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