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Fw: Monday September 3

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Monday, September 3 10 Cib, 19 Uo* The sacred number 10-Lahun: Spirit s intention becomes physical form. Manifest. Cib, the cosmic warrior: Fearless, deep,
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      Monday, September 3

      10 Cib, 19 Uo*

      The sacred number 10-Lahun: Spirit’s intention becomes physical form. Manifest. Cib, the cosmic warrior: Fearless, deep, realistic, endings and beginnings. Light pulse 19-Men: The Knowing, discrimination.


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer


      Pluto squares the Sun and trines Venus

      The Sun aligns with the fixed stars Zosma And Betelgeuse.

      The Full Moon energies continue( Please refer to the previous message)

      Today’s aspects augur successful transformation and renewal when our heart is in the right place. This is a very powerful combination of First, Second and Fifth Ray energies. There is an opportunity for renewal and regeneration of love in the outer life. Crises of transformation and reorientation lead to the right use of will by the lower self. The personality recognises that these challenges are part of the path of alignment to our Soul-purpose.

      We are urged to let go of our self-defeating mental attitudes and channel the energy into more creative uses. This allows us to become the means of catalytic change in our environment.

      There is a strong healing element as Mars-Chiron aligns with Galactic centre and squares the Moon. We are urged to summon the energies of the Spiritual Warrior and to concentrate on areas that are entrenched in our lives.

      The link with Venus brings the renewal of all patterns of relationship that don’t provide a useful channel for our Soul’s expression in the outer world. Once we have learned the lessons of the right use of will, we are able to help others to heal themselves from negative and wounded emotions.

      We are experiencing a crisis of re-orientation in the way that we express Divine Love in the outer world.

      Emotional depth work is recommended.


      The Moon squares Chiron at 6:45 PM.

      We are able to go deep inside to experience our unconscious motives. We are able to journey deep within by means of dreams. This is a good time to connect feelings to our unconscious urges and our spiritual essence. The more we are able to feel our spiritual essence, the more we are able to get in touch with it.

      In early childhood, there may have been difficult emotional experiences which may be coming up for healing. Healing our emotions helps us to align our emotional self with our higher self.


      The Sun Conjoins Zosma and parallels Betelgeuse


      The fixed star Zosma gives an alert mind and a source of strength to be used in a very practical manner. There is a somewhat critical turn of mind, but with a constructive intent behind it. It can also be calling for these qualities for the sake of peace and harmony when these qualities are lacking.

      The alignment with the fixed star Betelgeuse augurs well for the next few days, promising success without complications.

      *The Mayan Calendar


      Mayan Pleiadean Cosmology, Aluna joy Yaxkin


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