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Fw: Sunday September 2

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    BEAR stationery by Lady Isis Sunday, the 2nd of September 9 Men, 18 Uo* The sacred number 9-Bolon: The maturing and completing of the intention of the spirit.
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      BEAR stationery by Lady Isis

      Sunday, the 2nd of September

      9 Men, 18 Uo*

      The sacred number 9-Bolon: The maturing and completing of the intention of the spirit. Mobilise. Men, Eagle. The power of vision. The wise one. Men shows the way to a larger dream of expansive consciousness. Light pulse 18 of Ik, Wind: The changeable wind. The message that comes to us when we listen.


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer.


      The Full Moon is at 5:44 PM EDT.

      Jupiter sextiles the Sun at 11:16 AM.

      The Moon squares Pluto, Saturn


      The Full Moon occurs on Friday, September 2, at 5:43 PM EDT, 9:43 PM GMT.

      The Full Moon in Virgo-Pisces forms a Grand Square with Saturn-Pluto.

      The Sun sextiles Jupiter.

      The meditative seed thought to reflect upon with the Virgo full Moon is:

      Spirit within form

      Divinity within humanity

      The Virgo full Moon calls upon us to use discrimination, analysis and intuition in order to manifest our Soul-purpose in the outer world.

      In Virgo we become aware of matter nurturing the hidden jewel of the Soul, just as the maternal womb holds and protects the

      spirit within form.

      Virgo is the synthesis the mental, emotional and physical expression of hidden, ever-present divinity. Matter and spirit are one. They are part of the same cosmic continuum, differing only in rates of vibration.

      The Moon, with its waxing and waning is experienced as changing moods, helping us perfect the personality vehicle so that it can be attuned to our Soul purpose or hearts desire. On the Soul level, the energy of the Moon and the hidden planet Vulcan are helping to place raw materials of the personality into the fire of aspiration, bringing about the Soul-infused personality and expressing beauty, goodwill and synthesis in the outer world.

      Selfish ambitions are transmuted into goodwill and we are motivated by the desire to benefit the whole. (See The Law of One or email if needed).

      Humanity is awakening to the practical application of spirituality in the outer world in order to create a place of harmony and beauty.

      Jupiter in good aspect to the Full Moon and the strong overall Sixth Ray influence Augurs well for this period. There is enthusiasm, loyalty and devotion. This influence gives strong idealism, humility and the ability to inspire others. We are encouraged to build a link between our Higher Self and the personality

      The energies of the mutable Grand Square suggest that we need to overcome tensions in order to steady and deepen our consciousness. This involves applying greater discrimination, analysis and judgement in things relating to our work and service environment.

      Learning to focus the mind keeps us from running around in circles. We can benefit from meditation, contemplation and reflective self analysis. Our spiritual strength and inner conviction can help to overcome limiting outer conditions. Tensions can be worked out through our creative efforts.

      Our immortal Spirit can express its aspirations in the outer world.

      Integrating the concrete mind with the abstract mind helps us to narrow our focus and attune to our intuition. Attuning to our inner guidance we are able to find out what it is that really gives us joy and fulfilment. Now we are able to develop our skills and make adjustments to express our inner divinity. Personal excellence comes through creatively applying our skill when linked to our true path in life (Dharma).

      "A person’s profession is a creative avenue for expressing all that is the best and most worthwhile of indwelling divinity."

      Cynthia Rose young, www.spiritussanctus.com.

      Immortality is expressed through our divine spirit. By attuning to the divine infant we can maintain the purity of motive and expression of the spirit in the outer world. We are learning to devote ourselves to finding our unique gifts and potentials. When we become skilled in what we came here to do, we are capable of high accomplishment in all endeavours.

      Saturn-Pluto is likely to bring experiences that tell us if we running our affairs efficiently in the material universe. It can also be a time when we need to make adjustments in our work or profession because many aspects of our job are not working for us.

      This is the time to attune to the full Moon energies and our inner guidance to find out what we need to do to make things work for us to improve our quality of life. We may be stuck in old concepts about money and collecting a lot of expensive status symbols around us.

      When there is no harmony between our Higher Self and our lower desires, we seem to be on a treadmill. Even though we may be working very hard, we feel something in our surroundings gets in our way every time we try to go forward. Hidden opposition seem to be aroused. These are warning signs that we need to make some changes in our lives and move in a different direction.

      Changing our attitudes towards life may mean jettisoning a lot of old ‘stuff’ that has now become a burden for us. Perhaps we may want to restructure our lives so that we work less and play more. We need to confront our excuses as to why we cannot. We may find that living in a natural environment and simplifying our lives can allow us to live more independently and take us out of the rat race.

      Aspects of our life that we may have excluded for various reasons, we may find now are linked to our Soul-purpose and need to be emphasised.

      When we are going with the flow and attuning with our Soul aspirations, the purpose our life seems to fall into place and there is synchronicity.


      *The Mayan Calendar


      Mayan Pleiadean Cosmology, Aluna joy Yaxkin



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