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Fw: Saturday September 1

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Saturday, September 1st 8 Ix, 17 Uo* 8-Vaxac: The process of physical manifestation swings into action. Harmonise. Ix is mind expanding, private, sensitive,
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      Saturday, September 1st

      8 Ix, 17 Uo*

      8-Vaxac: The process of physical manifestation swings into action. Harmonise. Ix is mind expanding, private, sensitive, consciousness altering.

      Light Pulse 17-Muluc: Strong will is propelled by powerful intuitive or instinctive urges.


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer


      The Sun forms a Grand Square with Saturn, Pluto and the Earth.

      The Moon in Aquarius joins Uranus.

      The Earth parallels Rigel and trines Jupiter. To bring knowledge to others.

      Mars-Chiron conjoin Galactic centre.

      The Mutable quality of this Grand Square operates best in all fields of mental expression, strengthening our mental alertness and vigour. Because this is a mentally driven aspect of manifestation, mental concentration is required in any endeavour in order to avoid scattering.

      The two oppositions denote the need to more deeply integrate, mind, feelings, emotion and will, together with our faith. This aspect sensitises us to responding to a more refined degree of awareness. We require discrimination and judgement with the Sun energising the Virgo-Pisces polarity. Mental control through fiery Divine Will is the key.

      The inner and outer realms of reality are brought to a point of effective revelation. This aspect requires judgement and planning.

      There is a cause-effect relationship between the inner and the outer realms. The Moon-Uranus in Aquarius alignment at 4:44 AM emphasise the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic. The principle of cause and effect has always been used in ceremonies and spiritual practices.

      "For instance, the sacraments that are performed at temple services create symbolically on the physical level the changes that are desired on the spiritual levels."

      Cynthia Rose Young. spiritus@...

      The Ageless Wisdom tells us that the entire Unified Field is filled with Akasha or Divine Ether. Even though scientific materialists insist on building a universal model based exclusively on measurements through the five senses, the material realm represents only a tiny fraction of the infinite vastness of the Cosmos. Modern science and astrophysics are coming to terms with a multidimensional, non-physical Universe that also includes the physical realm.

      "I want you to share my excitement at the discoveries, past and present, which have revolutionised the way we think. From the Big Bang to black holes, from dark matter to a possible Big Crunch, our image of the universe today is full of strange sounding ideas, and remarkable truths. The story of how we arrived at this picture is the story of learning to understand what we see." Stephen Hawking.

      Even in the physical realm, solid matter is not ‘solid’ at all. Everything, on all levels appears to us as mostly space. Even in this ‘space’, physical objects, can be infused with the energy of divine attributes by the use of the more subtle vibrations of will, thought and feeling.

      Our will, faith, clarity of thought and the passion of feeling can fill the space of the physical form with the desired divine qualities.


      Venus opposes Neptune at 11:55 AM.

      The Moon sextiles Mars-Galactic Centre-Chiron at 1:36 PM, beginning a lunar void cycle.

      The void Moon period begins at 1:36 PM, ending at 8:32 PM, when it enters sensitive, empathetic Pisces. This change can make for a romantic weekend, especially if the relationship has recently been going well.

      This influence can bring romantic glamour into our lives or may burst the bubble of our romantic illusions. Truly loving someone means accepting them for who they are rather than projecting our unconscious desires and aspirations on them.

      From a Soul level, our ability to see both sides of every issue from the standpoint of cause and effect, dispels glamour and brings all phases of human endeavour to a common purpose. (See the Law Of One or email for details).

      The Fifth and Sixth Rays inspire focused objectivity, humility and devotion. We are urged to move forward with wisdom, sensitivity and loving compassion.

      Emotional depth-work is recommended.

      *The Mayan Calendar


      Mayan Pleiadean Cosmology, Aluna joy Yaxkin


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