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Fw: Friday August 31 (retry)

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    ANGEL ON A CLOUD stationery by Lady Isis Friday, the 31st of August 7 Ben, 16 Uo* The sacred number 7-Uc: Resonance; A place between the spirit and the body of
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2001
      ANGEL ON A CLOUD stationery by Lady Isis

      Friday, the 31st of August

      7 Ben, 16 Uo*

      The sacred number 7-Uc: Resonance; A place between the spirit and the body of creation. Ben, the pillars of light. The bridge between worlds, polarities, the light and the dark. Light pulse 16 of Cib: Strong will and ideals.


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer


      The Sun sextiles Jupiter


      Mars and Chiron conjoin Galactic Centre


      The Sun’s link with Jupiter in intuitive Cancer brings us closer to the invisible realms. Attuning to our guidance and intuition makes us feel secure within ourselves, thankful and optimistic. We enjoy being with friends and there is a desire to be included in something larger than ourselves.

      We become conscious of our unique talents when we attune to our Soul-purpose. This happens as we strengthen the bond between the emotional realm and the spirit.

      Finding our heart’s desire is a true revelation and causes us to pursue our life with eagerness, joy and excitement. We are willing to adapt in order to find a way of expressing our gifts.

      Mars and Chiron have been conjoined in Sagittarius for long periods of time and their link with Galactic Centre is having a massive effect on the human kingdom, transforming desire into spiritual aspiration and leading us from darkness to illumination.

      Our mind is reaching a stage of development where the memory is evoked in a new and conscious way. Every disposition, instinct or emotional trauma is rising to the surface of our consciousness. We now have an opportunity to integrate our personality and heal our emotional wounds as never before. Emotional depth-work such as the Trauma Clearing Technology is a very efficient way of processing and clearing our emotions and mental attitudes.

      (see Trauma Clearing or email if you need it)

      The effect of healing these traumas helps to anchor us in the physical realm. We are able to carry on our work with accuracy and clarity using our guidance and integrated personality linked to Soul-purpose. This leads to our conscious orientation towards group awareness, group response and World Service.

      The energies of Mars, Chiron and Galactic Centre are energising our mental, emotional and physical vehicles, leaving no side of our nature uninvolved. We are carrying our physical, emotional and our transformed mental attitudes into the heavenly realm. This takes place by overcoming the "serpent of evil"(form nature)with the help of the "serpent of wisdom" (the Soul)

      Mars brings the pairs of opposites in to relation with each other allowing us to develop strength of character and spiritual qualities within ourselves.

      The challenges of Mars lead to the awakening of Divine love in action, bringing the the revelation of the vision of liberation and service. This service involves our sense of custodianship of the lower kingdoms in nature. The influence of Mars-Chiron is unfolding the Spiritual Warrior archetype in each of us. This is allowing our personality to respond to the will of the Soul which is inclusive, loving and compassionate.


      The Moon continues in Aquarius, linking with Pluto at 9:11 AM and Saturn at 12:49 PM.

      Networking and new friendships can bring worthwhile practical gains. We are appreciated for being ourselves.

      We feel like using our resources wisely and don’t like to waste our energy. We can use our will constructively to guide our imagination, bringing about transformations in our practical affairs and our emotional lives.


      *The Mayan Calendar


      Mayan Pleiadean Cosmology, Aluna joy Yaxkin


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