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Fw: Friday August 24

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Indian Ride (by CloudEight Stationery--Impressions Collection) ... From: Polly A. Menendez To: lovingpurelove@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001
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      Indian Ride (by CloudEight Stationery--Impressions Collection)
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      Friday, August 24th

      13 Cimi, 9 Uo*

      13 Ascension; Return to source to collect base energy for the next intention. The keyword is live. Cimi is the bridge between worlds. 9 suggests the maturing and completion of the intention of spirit. The keyword is mobilise.


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer

      The Moon in Scorpio aligns with the fixed stars Menkar at 6:43 AM and South Scale at 8:05 AM.

      Procyon conjoins Venus and parallels Mercury

      These star alignments set the tone for today. The conscious stewardship of our resources leads to more enduring values in our society. Selflessly taking part in World Service brings the fusion of Soul and personality, allowing us to feel true joy.

      Forces of the collective unconscious can emerge from the sea of the collective and greatly influence our conscious mind.

      We are learning to set conditions and draw boundaries in all personal participation with others.

      We need to consider intelligently the consequences of our actions and we can show good practical sense by keeping a very clear head and heart with our friends and partners. This may be the right moment to repair a relationship or to reconsider an earlier harsh judgement.

      An intention is a thought that is for the benefit of the good of the whole. This intent can be held steady in the Light until the right time comes for it to be expressed in the outer realm.

      Many World Servers are common among us and often become our teachers and navigators, taking us further along the Way while they are with us. We, in turn, are able to show the Way for others destined to become new teachers and navigators. We are urged to dig deeply for knowledge and give freely of what is found.


      Pluto remains Stationary Direct.


      Death leads to rebirth and resurrection and is a time for celebration. The energy of Pluto brings the death of our attachment and enslavement to the realm of form. This is leading to the surrender of the lower self as it merges and gives life to the Soul. This is the death that leads to liberation and Universal Love. Pluto serves as a vehicle for the First Ray energy or the Life aspect of the Unified Field.

      Elements of the form realm are destined to disintegrate so that the Spirit may triumph. The Human Spirit is the indwelling presence of Universal Love, the Loving Presence of the Soul. The passion of the death and resurrection the Christ, symbolises the passion for each of us.

      The work of the First Ray is to free us in order to become more closely entwined with Universal Love. Our attachment and our desire is strongest in the physical realm. The energy of Pluto can strongly influence the realm of form but can never destroy consciousness.

      The influence of Pluto is bringing about the disintegration and eventual disappearance of separative paths and ideologies while heralding the rebirth of the knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom in Humanity.


      The Moon in Scorpio sextiles Mercury in Virgo at 4:22 PM.

      The emotional, intuitive realm combines with wisdom. Love and Service are inseparable and we are urged to use these energies to examine our ideals and motives in order to process and heal separative thoughts and feelings that get in the way of our spiritual progress.

      The Idea of the Mind of God takes root in the emotional, intuitive quality of the Moon and the earthly element of Virgo.

      We have the ability to hold an Idea in gestation. We may wish to share our feelings and intentions of Oneness and working for the good of the whole. These intentions gain strength as they connect to the magnetic quality of the Earth, the Mother, and the Second and Sixth Rays, until the time is right and the Idea may then be shared, giving nourishment to all.


      The Moon squares Uranus at 9:17 PM.

      The emotional intuitive realm combines with electric will.

      Uranus on the personality level tends to create differences through the use of the will. The energies could cause us to become emotionally erratic and behave abruptly. The powerful rays of stationary Pluto are likely to bring up our shadow side for the purpose of healing. Emotional depth-work is recommended.

      In order for the energies of Uranus to express themselves in a conscious way in our lives, we must pass through Saturn’s Gate. We are learning to create an integrated personality, linked with Soul-purpose, and to become spiritually responsible. This allows us to be linked to group endeavour and become oriented towards World Service.

      We have the chance to decide how to use our will. We can give in to our old habitual emotional and mental patterns or choose to take the test in Scorpio of one who willingly treads the Path.

      Every time we face our damaged emotions and mental patterns and heal them we reach a greater level of awakening

      The Mayan Calendar



      Mayan Pleiadean Cosmology, Aluna joy Yaxkin

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