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[ANGEL] Special message on today's solar eclipse....divine health

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    *The sun and moon message for today was sent out last evening.** ** The following is a further explanation of what this eclipse means to us for the next 6
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2014

    The sun and moon message for today was sent out last evening.
     The following is a further explanation of what this eclipse means to us for the next 6 months to 19 years.

    Remember, the solar eclipse is energizing the divine expression of love, justice, freedom to follow inner guidance,unity, happiness and
     true spiritual morality as they express through mystical behaviors.

    This may express through outer appearances such as clothing and hair styles etc. in addition to ways of behaving and gestures.
    This emphasis on mystical behaviors will be in effect over the next 6 months to 19 years.

    More and more people will release customary expected ways of being, interacting and presenting themselves
     and will more and more embrace behaviors that express the unique divinity within their spirits and souls.

    Let us look at the north node of the moon, for the north node, where the moon sets, indicates dharma, or right action.

    As you can see, divine health is the goal of this eclipse cycle.

    This means our relationship to ourselves and the outer world is now being geared toward manifesting the
    original divine blueprints of perfection.

    "The last enemy to be overcome is death."

    29 degrees Libra
    The Angels of Health
    Also known as 
    The Angels of
     We have inspired mankind with the sense of orderliness and cleanliness.
    Everything connected with hygiene comes under our competence.
    We inspire and protect everyone working in the fields of health.
    This Golden Age is a time when supreme happiness manifests in all created worlds.
    The healing of physical and psychosomatic causes of disease in the physical body and in the environment
     requires the Children of Light to see everything inwardly and outwardly through 
    the eyes of love, to transmute all in the inner and outer worlds into divine perfection. 
    We teach how seemingly miraculous cures become commonplace.
    It requires maintaining beauty, cleanliness, harmony, and orderliness in being, will, mind, emotions, sensations inwardly and in the outer worlds.
     Now is the time that all physical creation, from the smallest to the largest, in individual bodies of Children of Light and also entire outer 
    universes come into perfect alignment with divine blueprints and Divine Mind.
    Health is manifested by aligning being, will, visualization, thought, feelings, and sensations with all original divine qualities and ideas. 
    This alignment on every level, releasing for transformation all imperfections, is the meaning of the first four letters of our name Filakon.
    Everything that is experienced as self, everything that is willed and everything that is thought creates feelings.
    Feelings are magnetic and attract new realities into physical form.
    In the time of Heaven on Earth, feelings are respected for the powerful magnets that they are, and everything is done to create 
    the most beautiful feelings possible in each moment and each situation for self and others.
    We are the originators of the knowledge that many diseases are caused by infection, and we have inspired the ways to recognize them and protect against them.
    We can be found with all bacteriologists, toxicologists, and everyone researching bacteria, bacilli, and virus etc.
    The Alpha and the Omega is a time of out picturing the perfection of Creation, a time when people embrace the purity and beauty of original divine blueprints of creation.
    Earth lit up ascension
    If fate allows, a diseased body can go into spontaneous remission as a person comes into harmony on all levels with divine qualities.
    The original OMNIPOTENT WILL and faith to live with original Divine Perfection is the meaning of the letter K.
    The virtue of transmutation through cognition that is brought about by seeing through the eyes of flowing divine love is the virtue of umlaut O, eu.
    Attunement to the divine laws of harmony and justice is then awakened, bringing success and satisfaction, and this is the meaning of letter O.
    Physical bodies in a state of divine perfection vibrate with supreme and blissful happiness.
    This happiness is the meaning of letter N.
    As people master the unbreakable continuum of energy that is being, 
    will, mind, emotions, and sensations, the prevention and cure of disease is perfected. 
    It is at this point that seemingly miraculous cures become commonplace.
    As the being, will, mind, emotions, and sensations of the Children of 
    Light are attuned to divine virtues, bodies are capable of immortality and eternal youth.
    “The last enemy to be overcome is death.”
    This is the 233rd degree of the zodiac.2+3+3=8.
    NUMBER EIGHT is the number of the mind, the intellect, and thus the number of knowledge. 
    It is analogous to the planet Mercury. 
    The octagon is a symbol of the number eight. 
    All knowledge, actual or theoretical, is a part of the eight vibration.
    F…The first letter of our name is the divine virtue representing the 
    legality and harmony of all visible worlds in creation, both in both the microcosm of the human body and the macrocosm of the greater universe.
    By using this virtue, a person comes to know legality as the most 
    perfect harmony, and furthermore, to see the operation and the laws of analogy of the macro- and microcosm in their truest form.
    The saying, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is an analogy of this sort.
    In the intellect, this virtue gives complete understanding of the interdependence of will, thought, emotion, and form.
    The color of this virtue is light green, it is the earth element so it 
    has the sensation of weight. It has the musical note of F-sharp and the left hand is formed from it.
    I… The letter I represents the law of cause and effect in the ancient language.
    It has a light opal color, the musical note of G, radiates from the left kidney, and has the sensation of earth and weight. 
    By mastering this virtue, the faculty of a perfect memory and conscience is gained.
    Also the ability to control both the breath and the connection between emotions and the physical body is gained.
    Because all life is connected as a unified field of energy, whatever is willed, thought, felt, or done has repercussions throughout the entire 
    web of life, both inside the microcosm which is the human body and the macrocosm, which is the outer universe. 
    “As above, so below.” 
    L… The sound of this letter is the sound of the Divine Virtues all taken together. 
    This letter represents the highest divine virtues that may be described by words, irrespective of whatever sort they may be.
    This letter oscillation is used to comprehend the Divine Majesty and the greatness of God in the form of the purest virtues. 
    >From this comes the faculty of comprehending true morality as seen from the highest point of view.
    This will lead you to the borders of saintliness. On the feeling level true equilibrium of character occurs and mastery of flooding the emotions with the highest light is attained. On the physical level you will gain perfect health, youth, beauty and harmony and you will become absolute master of your own vitality. It is to be imagined as the color of olive green. The musical note is F, the element is air, so it has the sensation of ease.The spleen is formed from this virtue. A…This letter represents wisdom and enlightenment.  Becoming one with this virtue enables one to access the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind. The understanding of the human body as a temple of Divine Spirit becomes clear. Meditate intellectually on this virtue, aligning your will and intent with this in Divine Mind. At the same time, imagine this virtue as Light Blue light filling first the chest and then all of inner space within your body with a feeling of ease, and the musical note of G. [A as in ahhhh]
    Accept yourself, love
      yourself, be who you are and vibe in your own energy. From that
      place of peace and love, you will always spark change even with
      your most simple interactions
►www.collective-evolution.com/2013/01/10/accepting-yourself-for-who-you-are/ To quote from a Quaballistic text:…the student advances on to no longer getting the light blue color oscillation of letter A into his chest by breathing it in through his mouth or nose,  but through the circumference of his/her chest region, similar to breathing through the pores. Also, the student must try to achieve sufficient dynamics by repeatedly using his imaginative faculty. The student must be capable of drawing any letter oscillation into the respective region of the body and emitting it again, inductively and deductively, in a simple or condensed state. These exercises have to be repeated until such a proficiency is achieved that the student can do all the quabbalistic tasks mentioned so far with effortless ease. The intent is to fill first your chest and then all of space with the highest wisdom and highest illumination that may ever be lavished on a human being: Enlightenment. This divine virtue gives eloquence, artistic gifts, and mystic powers of clairaudience, clairvoyance etc. and control over the beings of the air. The musical note is G, the element is air, so it has the sensation of ease.The lungs are formed from this virtue. umlaut A, ae,… The realization of wishes regarding physical matter is subjected to this virtue. The sound of this letter, the long A, ae, in the cosmic language is the virtue of the origin and mystery of life and death regarding their transformation. By meditating on this virtue, a child of God becomes convinced that in reality death does not exist, for the so-called death is only a transformation from one state into another. Also will come enlightenment on the cause of this transformation.  With this comes the ability to master all negative spiritual beings in all spheres and planes with regard to their scope of action. The purpose for which negative beings have been created becomes clear.  Since, in the original principle all beings are alike, each having been created by Divine Providence to fulfill a certain task, there is no dissimulation of negative beings, for from the enlightened person's point of view everything is pure. jeshua Here the saying: "to the pure one everything is pure" becomes plain.  If there were no negative beings, it would be impossible to distinguish between good and evil; and if there were no passions, there would also be no virtues. This virtue confirms the words contained in the Bible: "through night to light", the deep symbolic meaning of which now becomes clear. In the intellect the ability is gained to 'see through all thoughts, actions and wishes concerning matter, and of becoming their absolute master. In the feelings, this virtue represents desires, passions, and the inclination to self-satisfaction etc.  A person who masters this virtue in their feelings becomes absolute master and ruler of all desires and passions. Also, a person is able to not cling to mental, emotional, and material virtues and objects. This means complete independence and freedom and fulfills the saying "bind yourself and you will be free". On the material level this virtue is one of the most materialized.  No matter whether you evoke it in the mind, the feelings, the akasha, or the material world, the earth is influenced by it to a larger extent. The ability to infuse matter with divine virtues is heightened. The color of this virtue is loamy brown. The musical note is C. The element is earth so it has the sensation of weight. The anus is formed from this virtue. K… The sound of this letter is the virtue of omnipotence. In the akasha, the subtle pre-matter, it is the highest and purest light and is analogous to the original fire, or desire principle. In the mind, it manifests as the state of faith. This is the faith that was spoken of in the Bible that moves mountains and “does all things”. In the soul, which is also called the astral or feeling body, this virtue manifests as endurance, toughness, courage, and the ability to remove any feeling of fear within yourself or within others. This virtue gives one courage to face the fear of disease and the unknown and attract the cure. This is also the faith that stimulates the body’s immune system to produce whatever is necessary for health in any situation. Since it is the fire and air element, it has the sensation of warmth and ease; it has the musical note of B, and the color of silvery blue. Umlaut O, eu…The virtue of transmutation through cognition that is brought about by seeing through the eyes of flowing divine love O… The sound of letter O is the sound of the initiation into the original principle of divine justice. Justice is Harmony and Harmony is Justice. Maintaining harmony in will, mind, emotions, and physical form brings health. You will have a high power of judgement and the ability to comprehend spiritually any legality, any interference by Divine Providence for the sake of justice. You will never be able to condemn anyone unjustly. This will bring about the abilities to create any change in the emotional situations that you find yourself in and to have absolute success and happiness on all levels. The ability to control emotions is the ability to control the element of water. We inspire you to charge the element of water with the emotions that stimulate the immune system to heal any disease. This virtue has an ultramarine blue color, the musical note of C, and is the earth element so it has the sensation of weight. It formed the throat and windpipe. N…This sound in the ancient language is the virtue of flowing feelings of delight, of Supreme Happiness.  By meditating on this virtue, the intellect begins to master the connection between mind and heart, or thought and emotions. Feelings contain compressed information. The information contained in supreme divine happiness causes cohesion and is similar to gravity.  This information contains the key to accessing solutions to any problems from out of the omniscience of Divine Mind, which is also omnipresent, and omnipotent. Mastering this virtue gives control over any other being, and on the emotional level,one gains mastery over the drive for self-preservation. The drive for self-preservation guides each child of the Divine to embrace ways of health and immortality. “The last enemy to be overcome is death.” On the physical level mastery over cohesion, or the power of coherence or gravity is gained. This virtue has a deep red color, the musical note of A, is of the water element of emotion and has the sensation of coolness.The liver of all beings was formed by this virtue. MIRACLES

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    The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah, which is a very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world's religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

    Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host in the zone girdling the earth, and the angels who work with him or her.
    Thebeing and the angels share the same name. Thisname is a key to their powers and influence.

     Names, phrases, and sections,  in the angel messages are quoted or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon.

    Information of the heavenly hosts of the zone girdling the earth is referenced from
    THEPRACTICEOF MAGICAL EVOCATION,ISBN 3-921338-02-6, and Information of the divine virtues and the letters are referenced from THEKEY TO THETRUEQUABALLAH, ISBN 3-921338-12-4]. Publisher is Dieter Rüggeberg, Wuppertal/W. Germany. T
    hese books have very important information for these studies.

    Thebook " Initiation into Hermetics" ISBN 3-921338-01-8, is a preparatory book for the others. Franz Bardon's last autobiographical book, "Frabato the Magician", gives historical background and was compiled by his German publisher from notes written by Franz Bardon. T
    his book is most important for understanding present day political issues.

     Ifyou have these, read Frabato the Magician first, with appendixes, and then read appendixes from the other three for background.

    If you have questions about how to meditate on the divine virtues or what the angel messages are about, go to the archives at the lovingpurelove egroup in Yahoo. * Previous messages contain instructions on the method of meditation for the divine virtues.

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    We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

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    {Note:  Theentire process of recapitulating and healing wounded emotions is elaborated in detail in a new book in process, “Healing the Past for Good” being written from the teaching materials of the late Dr. Michael Schlosser, Ph.D., to be published in the future.}

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