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[Womb of Light Newsletter] Clear the way for your 2014 vision to unfold...

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        [Womb of Light Newsletter] Clear the way for your 2014 vision to unfold... Womb of Light: The Work of Bethany Webster Embody the Sacred Feminine. Give
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      [Womb of Light Newsletter] Clear the way for your 2014 vision to unfold...
      Womb of Light: The Work of Bethany Webster
      Embody the Sacred Feminine. Give Birth to Your Divine Self.
      Hello, Shay!
      December is here!
      2013 is coming to a close and 2014 is on the horizon!
      The upcoming weeks offer an amazing opportunity to reflect on your passion and purpose by creating a vision for 2014.
      The exercise of creating a new, inspiring vision for the coming year is a powerful practice, as it puts your intention in alignment with your truth and deepest desires. 
      Shay, what is the boldest, truest vision you could create for 2014?
      We must first be able to imagine ourselves living the life we desire in order for it to come into being. And getting clarity is an essential step to creating a vision that represents your next big leap.  
      Check out the feature article below on how to craft a potent vision for 2014. It offers you tools on how to get the clarity essential to creating a powerful vision that inspires, energizes and excites you!
      Wishing you your most fulfilling and transformative year yet!
      Love and Blessings, 
      P.S. In addition to creating a new vision for yourself, consider creating a new vision for humanity and for the earth itself! Play with all the positive potential scenarios you can imagine! :)

      Feature Article: 
      Exercises on Clearing the Way for your Vision to Manifest
      We're all familiar with the idea of de-cluttering our living spaces in order to make room for the new. Don't you love that feeling of a space that has just been de-cluttered and re-organized? It's easier to focus, to feel inner peace and to be creative and productive. This is true not just for outer spaces but also our inner space as well.
      If we want to manifest a vision and create new experiences in our lives, we must de-clutter our mental/emotional space to make room for the new!  Here are two powerful exercise to do just that. I've used these exercises over and over throughout the years with great results. These are writing exercises  so grab your journal or some sheets of blank paper and your favorite pen!
      1. Reflect on something that is ending in your life. Ask yourself the following questions:
      • What did I experience in this situation that I do not want to experience again? (This question helps you hone in more clearly on what you really DO want to create.)
      • What did I experience that I would like to experience again? (What would you like more of?)
      • What have I never experienced before that I would like to experience? (What new experiences are you desiring?)
      These questions are powerful organizers of intention, particularly for situations like a relationship ending, a job ending, or having to move to a new home. For example, in the context of the ending of a  relationship, what aspects of that relationship would you like to experience again? Perhaps honest communication or a common life goals. What would you like to not experience again? Perhaps unclear boundaries or lack of firm commitment. What have you never experienced before and want to experience? Perhaps the ability to travel long-term together or purchase a home together.
      2. Reflect on your ideal life. Envision yourself in the future living that life. Ask yourself the following questions:
      • As your future self enjoying this life, what old beliefs did you have to release and let go of in order to make room for this new life? Perhaps certain beliefs, such as beliefs in scarcity, beliefs about not being good enough, cultural views on what is possible, etc.
      • How would you demonstrate to yourself that you have released those beliefs? What things would be different? How would you feel different? What different choices would you make? How would you carry yourself differently?
      • As you future self, what new beliefs do you have that support this new life and made it possible to manifest? Try to get as specific as possible. What are those new beliefs and how would you demonstrate that those new beliefs are operating? What new choices would you make? How would you behave differently?
      As you move through these questions, you are carving out your specific desires from all the possibilities. The clarity you create lives within you as a vibrational signature that you radiate and thereby magnetize your desired reality to you. After doing these exercises, I recommend you take some time to sit and visualize the new vision you have created. Allow that energy of expansion and joy to seep into your every cell of your body. In the days and months after completing this exercise, tap into this energy at least once a day, even for just a minute or 10 seconds. By doing so, you are anchoring in the energy of your vision. Trust that whatever situations or challenges arise are there to assist you in making room for this energy to manifest in physical form. 
      Latest Blog Post on Womb of Light: 

      Releasing the Need to Struggle

      One of my biggest turning points came in the form of exhaustion. I found myself repeatedly exhausted-not the everyday exhaustion that comes from being busy or frazzled. It was a kind of existential exhaustion that seemed to permeate every cell of my physical and emotional being.

      I realized I was exhausted because my underlying approach to life had been primarily formed by the energies of striving and struggle. Struggle, as in the expectation that things would be difficult, that I would have to brace myself for inevitable loss, that I must labor tirelessly for what I desired. Although it was always cloaked in optimism and enthusiasm,  I realized this approach to life was burning me out. I reflected on how striving and struggle had helped me achieve so much, however, it was no longer serving me the way it once did. I was against a wall-I saw that my life-force had been muscled into striving and I could not continue that way anymore. .....Read more
      About Bethany Webster:
      Bethany Webster is a writer, international speaker and what you could call a midwife of the heart. Her work is focused on supporting women in realizing their true identity as consciousness, claiming their brilliance and embodying their truth with fierce authenticity and self-love. Her signature workshop is called "Healing the Mother Wound." Her message is that our wounds are doorways into our mastery.
      Visit her blogs:
      Contact: info@...
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      Issue: December 10, 2013
      23 Center St. #3, Northampton, MA 01101, USA


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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