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KG Stiles: Taurus Full Moon Astrology “A St ar is Born” November 17, 2013 w/ Universal Heart Meditation

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  • Ash
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2013

      Taurus Full Moon Astrology “A Star is Born”
      November 17, 2013

      astrological_sign_taurus_public-domain-no-known-restrictions_72dpi25º Taurus Full Moon
      November 17th @ 716am PT
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      Let’s talk about the astrology for the Taurus Full Moon on November 17th. This general astrology forecast takes an overview of the collective energies at play. If you have personal planets or points (especially Sun, Moon, MC or ASC) within 1-2º of the Taurus Full Moon you will feel the effects more personally.
      The Sabian Symbol of 25º Taurus is “A large well-kept public park.” Contemplate this symbol to see what insights it may hold for you.
      The 25º Taurus Full Moon is conjunct the Fixed Star of “Algol (The Gorgon’s Head). Much wealth may accrue under the Star of Algol. It is a Star traditionally associated with accumulation of Wealth though there can be much drama associated with the acquiring of riches. To offset this tendency to drama that’s associated with Algol practice being charitable to others. If you are patient, persevering, kind and forgiving much can be accomplished of long standing merit now. The planets associated with Algol are Jupiter and Saturn.
      On November 13th Neptune at 2º Pisces stations Direct. If you’re a Pisces Sun or have strong Pisces influence in your chart you’ll begin to feel stronger emotionally.
      When Neptune is Retrograde there can be a tendency to feel depressed and confused. This Neptune Retrograde in Pisces “effect” as it deepens your intuition and expands your psyche in the watery depths of Neptune can leave you feeling lost at sea. Now with Neptune’s station Direct you’ll begin to make sense of all those new psychic impressions and subtle nuances you’ve been picking up on since Neptune went Retrograde last June.
      You’ll slowly regain your sense of purpose in life (if lost) and know that you are indeed on the right path to your future fulfilllment! If you’ve felt lost or somehow misunderstood by others or not supported sufficiently now you will begin to feel more grounded and able to make sense of the meanderings of your life since last June.
      On November 14th and 15th Venus at 9º Capricorn exactly squares Uranus and conjuncts Pluto. This square aspect can feel harsh and intense. You may feel it for 2-3 days before and 1-2 days afterward. Your most private emotions and what you love is intensified as it conjuncts Pluto.
      So, when Venus squares Uranus (the Awakener) there’s something that may happen that may cause you to react and feel vulnerable.
      A Star is Born!
      Your standing and reputation in the world is changing. Your self concept is being transformed. Your initial reaction might be old patterns of being victimized and powerless, not knowing what life wants from you. You may experience a mini-dark night of the soul. This is brief however. So, breathe through it.
      Pluto is a very controlling planet and you can feel gripped by the fear of standing in your own power.
      There can be tremendous pressure and resistance to the profound change you’re undergoing. It’s a tense aspect that can be taken very personally, so relax and breathe through it if it hits you hard. It’s trying to open something deep within you that’s very resistant to being exposed and healed.
      This Venus conjunct Pluto and Square to Uranus will happen two more times over the coming months as Venus Retrogrades in Capricorn. Generally the first pass is the most intense with subsequent freeing and integration of your new self love. Because indeed that’s what this Pluto and Venus conjunct at 9º Capricorn are about. The power of profound self love to transform and heal.
      This kind of intense pressure and build-up of tension just before a New or Full Moon has been a recurring theme throughout this year. This intense pressure serves to break open an old aspect (characterization or previous identification) of yourself, so that something new may be born.
      On November 17th we have the Taurus Full Moon at 25º Taurus at 7:16am PT. The Moon immediately goes void of course so it’s best to wait until the moon moves into the sign of Gemini later in the day 4:07pm PT. to do your Full Moon Meditation.
      Full Moon public domain NASATaurus Full Moon’s Planetary Alignments
      Just before the Taurus Full Moon is exactly full it forms a loose Trine to Pluto and Venus in Capricorn, a Trine to Mars at 20º Virgo, a Sextile to Jupiter and Lilith and an Opposition to Saturn in Scorpio, a Sextile to Neptune (now Direct) and Chiron Retrograde the wounded healer (Station Direct 11/20th).
      These planets form an intersecting Grand Earth and Water Trines activated by the Taurus Full Moon and making up six points in the sky called a Star of David or a Star of Venus. The Star of David represents over lighting protection and guidance by the feminine Earth and Water elements.
      This six pointed star is also called the Shield or magen of King David. The Hebrew word magen is thought to refer to the horoscope of King David as literally having a Star of David in his horoscope or astrology chart that served to protect him. So, even though King David had character flaws he was protected and able to reconcile his inner “daemons” and redeem himself through the power of grace.
      The Grand Earth Trine is made up of the Moon in Taurus, Pluto and Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo and the Grand Water trine is made up of the North Node, Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter and Lilith in Cancer.
      Something is coming to completion in the area of your life where the Taurus Full Moon is occurring that affects all the other areas of your life where the Earth and Water planets are located.
      The Taurus Full Moon is set to release a Big Wave of emotion, like a tidal wave of feeling this natural movement within you will catapult you forward into your future Self.
      The area of your life most directly affected and visible to others is related to your physical expression, physical appearance, how you affect others and how others see or perceive you in the world.
      How people see and relate to you is set to change dramatically now. This is a grounded and pleasurable change for you and should have a positive impact on your financial well-being and feeling of self worth.
      The Taurus Full Moon energies will be amplified by Chiron’s Station Direct on November 20th. A sense of relief comes as good fortune, sudden gains, support of friends is forthcoming now.
      On this same day November 20th Mercury (now Direct) at 9º Scorpio Sextiles Pluto at 9º Capricorn.
      On November 21st the very next day the Sun enters Sagittarius and you really begin to lighten up and feel free in your emotional life. Whatever has seemed withheld from you will be forthcoming now.
      You will begin to reap the rewards of your hard work and due diligence to make necessary changes. Even if you’ve felt unclear, in the dark and confused about the direction of your life now the clouds part and the sun shines upon you and and serves to light your way forward.
      I will be posting a Taurus New Moon Meditation very soon!
      Wishing you all the best! Look forward to working with you.
      Please leave your comments, let me know how things are going for you.
      Thanks so much for joining me! Until next time…relax and enjoy your life.

      Portrait and product photography:
      ©David Gibb Photography
      Other photos are credited in the source code.

      Taurus Full Moon Universal Heart
      Gratitude Meditation Nov 3, 2013
      Activate the Universal Law of Grace

      Full Moon public domain NASA25º Taurus Full Moon
      November 17th at 7:15am PT
      Keywords: Transcend Law of Cause & Effect (a.k.a Karma)
      Healing Meditation: Universal Heart Gratitude Meditation
      CLICK HERE for Taurus Full Moon Astrology.
      A bit about the Universal Heart (8th Chakra):
      THE UNIVERSAL HEART (8TH CHAKRA) is located just above your heart at the area of your breast bone, midway between your throat and heart.
      The Universal Heart is a trans-dimensional space for healing and harmonizing your personal, ancestral and collective unconscious.
      You may harmonize and heal any event, person, place, dis-ease, or situation that is known or unknown to you through all time, space, and dimension in the universal heart (8th chakra).
      Meditation in the universal heart (8th chakra) is especially effective for harmonizing and healing non-responding dis-ease that has its roots in repetitive ancestral and collective patterns.
      You might say the 8th chakra is your portal for opening, activating and allowing the law grace to flow and operate in your life!
      The law of grace supersedes all other universal principles, and frees you from the effects of the law of cause, a.k.a karma.
      Once your Universal Heart (8th Chakra) is opened and activated you can begin to transcend previous restrictive circumstances that have held you and your ancestors bound through many eons of time.
      If you hold grievances toward any of your ancestors or relations (and of course in a very real sense we are all related) I suggest you first perform Ho’oponopono before performing this Universal Heart Gratitude Meditation as it will serve to empower your results exponentially.
      Ho’oponopono is Hawaiian for “making right with one’s relations.”
      When you are able to connect with the unconditional love and support of your relations/ancestors spiritually and emotionally you will open the floodgates of grace to fully operate in your life.
      KG Stiles photo David Gibb photographerSome of the greatest and most profoundly moving stories of healing come when one forgives and make peace with one’s relations.
      Healing means “to make whole” and brings peace of mind, body and emotions.
      Do you need help with forgiving someone and letting go of something from your past? Do you feel stuck with healing a repetitive pattern or inherited condition? Find out the many ways KG can help you HERE.
      It is said that even just a taste of Cosmic Love’s Divine nectar is all that’s needed for you to experience profound transformation and healing of your consciousness and brings eternal peace.
      25º Taurus Full Moon
      November 17th at 7:15am PT
      As the Taurus Full Moon goes Void of Course exactly at the time of the full moon I suggest you wait until the moon enters the sign of Gemini
      white candle shutterstock images chris mole designWhat you will need:
      A white candle
      Please be in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Allow yourself time to relax (suggested length of time meditation 11:11 minutes). Get into a comfortable position either seated or lying down; your spine is completely supported.
      Inhale three deep cleansing breaths. Breathe out any tension and allow yourself to become still and quiet.
      Focus at the area of your Universal Heart, midway between your heart and throat.
      See a beautiful golden thread of iridescent white light spiraling up from your 8th chakra and opening like a spinning vortex above your heart area. Your 8th Chakra is like the umbilicus connecting you with your soul energy field.
      Imagine yourself bathed in a cocoon of protective iridescent white light. Your 8th chakra connects you with the Heart of the Universal Mother, Consciousness of Divine Love.
      Begin to breathe in this healing iridescent white light containing all the colors of the rainbow. If there is one particular ray of light that seems strongest focus on that ray of light and allow it to bathe you in its healing light.
      Continue to bathe in the Universal Light of Love as you allow your heart to open and expand with feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the experience of being alive.
      Increase your feeling of gratitude and appreciation until it feels like your heart will burst open with the joy of being alive.
      Continue with your Universal Heart Gratitude Meditation for as long as feels right for you (suggested length of time 11:11 minutes).
      When you feel ready, stretch your body, wiggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes.
      Did you enjoy this Meditation? Please share your comments.
      Thanks so much for joining us.
      Until next time…relax and enjoy your life!


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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