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Expect Wonderful: New Beginning: A New Leading Edge

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                news from the ideafrontier 7 november 2013   Hello Splendid One,   As one person recently said to me in an email, we need new language
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      Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth    
      news from the ideafrontier
      7 november 2013
      Hello Splendid One,
      As one person recently said to me in an email, "we need new language to describe intense energies." Yes.
      We are being polished. Refined. It's still quite surreal to me what we're doing here. Even with the work I do. That I am becoming a different energy structure, and that this is happening while I'm living my life. But the realization that I AM DIVINE? That's easy. That is so obvious to me. So completely how I know myself. Clearly the energies are working in uplifting and opening up how we know ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. Which is wonderful. 
      The Eclipse on Sunday, Nov. 3 was the most magnificent energy transmission we've received yet. The emissions from our Sun, fueled from the Great Central Sun made this possible. The message from Archangel Michael to the Soar Fest members during our Nov. 3 Daily Message channeling talked directly about this and I've transcribed it today so I could share it with everyone. 
      Click the title below to read Archangel Michael's new message:
      The Soar Fest ended yesterday, which was also the cross quarter day -- the mid-point between the September Equinox and the December Solstice. Time flying for you? The Eclipse Cycle was a true wormhole, beyond time and space and so powerfully transformative. Michael also told us recently that our gifts were transportations devices. That opening to them would shift our presence onto new timeliness.
      We're moving into, and opening to a new experience of expansive creativity. And this is no small thing. the Eclipse Cycle was spoken about, as ushering us into a Renaissance! A cultural re-birth.
      I've often felt that revising our civilization and culture was the way we would express our new state of being and more and more I see that we are being primed from within tho do this. We're begin opened to loving ourselves which dissolved the illusion of duality and opens us to powerful alignment. This alignment allows the fullness of our being to embody and expand our presence. This expansive high-frequency presence is increasingly influential and powerfully creative. We're learning to work with our consciousness and Michael speaks of STRENGTH being the ability to consciously focus, thus setting our standards (what we used to think of as "protection") and creating our experience. And in this integration of more joy, more happiness and now the bliss-energies? We're vibration and flying higher and higher energetically, becoming more able to resonate with Universal momentums, and create in alignment with Divine Will. Do you see how it's all building to position us as powerful creators in very new ways? It's incredible!
      The energies from Sunday's Eclipse will unfold for decades, is what I've been told. So there's no need to try and understand or make sense of the transmission. It can be strangely freeing to just let your wise body integrate and for you to use your attention in creating. What is it you wish to create?
      I'm dreaming of painting again, having a studio. Writing more poetry. Writing more in general. Decorating my house. Thinking about how nice it would be to eat and sun myself in Maui for a week in the winter. I'm not doing anything yet about any of this, but I'm starting to wake up and feel truly excited and filled with anticipation for the day. I haven't felt that in a long time. And I'm doing yoga regularly now, which I didn't have energy for before. So I'm noticing these signs of expanding life in my world. I hope you are finding yourself encouraged by what's emerging for you.
      The Soar Fests are proving to be a profound way to build our energy, understand the changes taking place and to co-create. The regular focus is building our strength. The incredible questions and focus of such a large group, is summoning amazing transmissions. I feel our next Soar Fest gathering in momentum, and it seems like it might be about Sovereign Relationships ... or Relationships in the New Harmonics ... we'll see. I look forward to that.
      Many people are feeling a deep connection with Michael and opening to this through the Soar Fests. If you'd like to build your relationship with Archangel Michael directly, please consider joining the Legion of Michael. This is an intimate group that meets regularly and received individualized transmissions of energy from Michael and the Legion supporting our ascension and co-creating.
      Meanwhile, at whatever level of experience you're energized to participate in, be YOU! Be the EPITOME of you, would you? It's so beautiful when you are.
      To the expanding experience of being ONE 
      May all beings tune and gracefully open to their innate fulfillment.

      Love + Happiness,
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