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Walking Terra Christa November 2013 Newsletter - The Solar Eclipse

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        Walking Terra Christa November 2013 Newsletter - The Solar Eclipse Walking Terra Christa ACADEMY OF NEW EARTH MASTERY Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah
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      Walking Terra Christa November 2013 Newsletter - The Solar Eclipse
      Walking Terra Christa

      Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah and Mike Hayden
      Walking Terra Christa
      The Solar Eclipse Ignites a Portal of Light for Self-Mastery

      Stepping into the Unknown Creates Mastery

      This year has proved to be the most powerful and energetic experience of our lives within the Pathway of Mastery.  The accelerations have been consistently pushing us to be better by purging and accepting new elements from the many timelines that our soul's have endured.  

      On November 3rd, 2013 at 7:49 AM Pacific, 15:49 GMT we will experience a new doorway of opportunity with the Solar Eclipse.  It falls within the New Moon energies of Scorpio and is directly related to the Lunar Eclipse of October 18th during the Fall Moon.  These energies will stay with us for at least another six months and possibly more.  We knew this would be the year of synchronization and the upcoming gateway will provide the availability to be more in synchronization with the Heavens as the grand doorway is being opened for us to move further within our pathway with our highest Soul's essence.

      Yes, it is finally arriving.  During the Fall Equinox GAIA infused within her the Blue Ray of Will and Power which means that the energies are now being focused not on the power struggles but with the essence of great strength and courage within our world.  Infusing this light within us is imperative as it will help others to receive it but a new beginning has been forged.

      The Solar Eclipse is giving us the pathway to step into a new existence within ourselves.  This means it will push us into higher accelerations through our initiation process so that there can be more interaction with our Higher Self, Monad, and I AM Presence.  It does not matter where you fit on the scale of your ascension, you will be pushed to be more to your physical essence from your Higher Self energies.

      During this time the Ray of Inner Devotion of the cosmic level is going to be infused within each of us of the Ruby Red with Gold to allow our inner self to be the most important factor within our lives.  This means the ability to forgive our past moments (from our many timelines) with deep Love and Grace.  Going into the depth of our despair as been an important factor, but no longer.  

      Maybe now you can understand why you have been challenged with balancing your four-body system in the last few months.  Each of the accelerations that we have received is preparing us for the new step of our journey.  By utilizing this Ray of light we come to a place of selfless devotion and adoration just as we have for so many others but now we impart it to our own pathway that has been riddled by darkness and deep emotional pain.

      The energies are being ignited within the Great Central Sun into Gaia.  We will be opening up our Monday evening teaching of the Clarion Temple of Oneness with Helios & Vesta, our Solar Logos as they bring to us a special ceremony for the Eclipse and New Moon energies.  This is open to all individuals and is a free class although donations are truly appreciated through http://walkingterrachrista.com.

      It must be understood that even though we are receiving these wonderful dispensations, the hard work must still be done.  Unless we know within our four-body system what is happening to us, then we cannot be healed or assisted through the process.  We just posted the New Earth Frequency Update in which the Unified Whole Command shares some thoughts on how to help ourselves in this process of walking through the Gateway.  The link is shown on this newsletter.

      The process of understanding the mastery pathway can be complicated so it is imperative that we take this opportunity to work with our Higher Mind and Heart to fully understand the process that each of us is going through presently.

      Mel and Mike are providing new updates each week with classes and proposed teachings to help an individual to allow the higher essences to be embodied within the physical. This is essential for a 5th dimensional existence, and we must not skip any steps in the process.

      We hope you will join us for some of our amazing programs, check out our latest blogs, and share with us your own pathway of Light.

      All our Blessings in Oneness for your Journey into Mastery,

      ~ Blessings in Love & Light,
      Mel & Mike


      Tuesday Nov 4th, 2013
      5 PM Pacific, 8 PM Eastern,
      24:00 GMT
      Guest Speaker:  Helios & Vesta, Our Solar Logos
      Stepping through the Portal of As Above, So Below


      Tuesday Nov 5th, 2013

      5PM Pacific, 8 PM Eastern, 24:00 GMT

      Monday Nov 18th, 2013
      5PM Pacific,
      8 PM Eastern, 24:00 GMT

      Please register on our site to receive the conference details
      (if you have already done so last month, this is not necessary)
      If you have not participated recently in our monthly group gathering to celebrate the Full Moon, we can humbly tell you that you are indeed missing out on some wonderful balancing and healing energies.

      As one of our favorite teachers Native Medicine Woman NO-EYES often tells us, "nothing is at you think it will be". When we take shamanic walks in nature, she teaches us that 'A walk is not just a walk" but a true adventure into so much more than you could have imagined. These Tele-teaching calls are no different.

      For those of you who are able and love to show gratitude and appreciation for the energy and blessing you receive on these monthly teachings, we love your financial donations as well, so please remember to visit our site page to offer what you feel is appropriate.



      We put together a special collection that will really assist you in Raising Your Vibration and keeping it there.

      To fully realize the power and deep knowing of Self Love using the Higher Level Frequencies

      To open up and embrace your talents and gifts. As a result of our current conditioning in a third dimensional worldview we are typically harder on ourselves than we are of others.

      To take the Higher Frequency Vibrations that you are learning to bring within your four body system of the mental, emotional, physical and etheric and ground them through you into Mother Earth.

      For actively removing timelines that no longer serve your pathway.

      To bring in the power of laughter to address any specific issue or just experience the pure joy and essence of your true original nature without the third dimensional patterning.

      To tap into deep seated fears and angers that may keep resurfacing and require clearing.

      An extended Bonus Track in the form of a Teaching Meditation Attunement from Mother Mary using the Blue-Green Ray.



      Walking Terra Christa Logo
      Have you visited the website recently?  Lots going on there as we post blogs entries a few times a week sometimes!  We are the premier website for your 5D Body Ascension Science teachings, meditations attunements and more to assist in your acceleration.

      The Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery


      "There is so much more to our teachings than you think."

      How Are You?

      We know the energies of these solar and cosmic events are not easy.

      We gather like-minded Lightworkers together 3x a week as the family of the New Earth to assist making the transitions with more grace and ease and understanding.

      Why gather together? Because it activates that group collective divine energy in each of us so that we can feel it, touch it, breath it.

      Why not join us in person to get that direct connection?

      You will feel it.

      Join us on as few - or as many - of the 12 or so tele-teachings we typically do each month for just $11 for the entire month

      JOIN US
      That is correct. The OPEN HOUSE PASS is just a one time exchange of $11 for anyone who is not a current member and wants to find out why our gatherings are so transformational.

      This month we have an OPEN Tele-Teaching for the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE on Monday the 4th.

      Then on Tuesday the 5th we have an Introduction to the Diamond Heart Essence which is accessing the I AM PRESENCE to accelerate connecting with the HIGHER SELF.

      On Monday the 18th we have a FULL MOON CELEBRATION
      to attune ourselves to the Higher Frequencies of Light that come with this gateway.

      Our normal schedule:

      Monday the Clarion Temple at 5 p.m. PST / 8 p.m. EST
      with an Ascended Master or Light Being teacher and the Cosmic Great Central Sun as Divine Mother Father God.

      Wednesday New Earth Consciousness Circle of Light at
      5 p.m. PST / 8 p.m. EST
      with Lord Adama of Telos as we visit each of the 22 Etheric Golden Cities of the New Earth.

      Thursday Lord Adama Discourses (Nov. 21) 
      at 5 p.m. PST / 8 p.m. EST as we get to talk intimately with Lord Adama about what energies are coming toward us and how we are reacting.

      A Special Message From Helios & Vesta,
      Our Solar Logos



      Greetings My Dearest Ones,

      This is Helios and Vesta along with RA the Sun God.  It is our divine pleasure to work with you in these moments.  This Full Moon and Solar Eclipse is a grand opportunity for energies to be in place upon the planet that have not been there before.  Let us go back a little bit and reflect.

      The Lion’s Gate prepared individuals more fully to be able to step into this new essence.  Then the Fall Equinox allowed the frequency to be in place on earth.  You see, it takes mass consciousness to hold the frequency upon the planet and we are now at a 50 % level of individuals awakening more into themselves than was previously thought.  It does not mean that they are on the mastery pathway ~ that number remains to be seen but probably 5 % which truly is not much.  What we need to assist with is gather as much information as possible on mastery within the confines of the human understanding.

      The last eclipse of the moon was the start of an opportune experience for those that felt the energies to go deeper into their higher self essence which is a perfect opportunity for the Etheric body to be awakened into the amount of debris that it has been holding.  So even if people are just waking up, they will be accessing the timelines in order to allow the full healing to occur within an individual.  This means more deaths may occur through the process but so much more healing on an individual basis.  Most of humanity does not understand how to get from one space to another, say the unawakened to the realization that life can be created from their higher essence.

      As we stand in this New Moon and Solar Eclipse, it allows individuals to fully embrace their essence in a completely and different manner.  Think about it – purging has been going on and now a new gateway opens.  The opportunity is being given for a soul inhabiting the human body, hence the higher self, to experience more of who they are from the higher realms and not the lower thoughts.  We call this Gateway, the Doorway to the Soul’s Essence.

      What if every person upon the planet was given the opportunity to find more out about themselves than they ever thought they could experience?  This gateway represents a three-day excursion into the world of the higher essence of the Soul’s existence through the physical body.  This represents the ability of each person on this earth to have a glimpse of their higher essence to assist them in their pathway of experience upon the planet.  It is a portal of light that will allow each individual to travel into the core of the Great Central Sun to become acquainted with their higher self.  

      Now you say, is this available to each person, even the unawakened ones?  Yes, it is.  

      It is all by design, you see, to allow the frequencies of the Great Central Sun to be aligned with the energies of GAIA.  During this three day cycle each person will experience the NO TIME ZONE as if they are without a body.  This means that the role of humanity will shift into a higher dimensional experience to allow for the expansion of the light upon the planet.  There will be an unveiling of each Soul’s Essence to be revealed through the human conditioning.

      At the end of the 3-day shift, individuals will have within them pieces of their puzzle through their meditations, and dream state so it is imperative for each of you to allow their higher mind to be the key in their awareness.  Journaling thoughts, pictures, drawings, writings, and expressions of their essence is encouraged.

      This will allow each light worker upon the planet to go deeper into their own Self-Mastery skills.  Ones that have not stepped into the mastery pathway will find themselves wanting to question more; others that have already stepped into this world will go into a deeper connection with their Monad and I AM Presence.  It is now time for the planet to be reflected within the Self Mastery pathway which takes individuals into the ascended mastery journey.  The mastery must be within the self first.

      Individuals will find that they want to delve deeper and understand more of themselves.  Their higher self’s will be available to work with them during this three-day period so if they have not done so before it will be a miraculous experience.  Those that have been doing so will accelerate within their initiation process.  Now all of this is contingent upon each individual to delve deeper.  

      After the onset of the energies, past November 6th, the ones that are not stepping into their own dark side to find the light which will be encircled with those darker elements coming within them.  Some people just may not be able to accept this higher light frequency within them which will cause illnesses to occur along with traffic accidents, and being in places that incur danger for them.

      This gateway is likened to someone that has had a near-death experience and finds the illuminating light within them to make changes within their life.  It will be a life-altering experience for every individual no matter where they are in their progression upon this planet.

      This is being given to assist the planet to accelerate more into the higher realms along with all of her inhabitants.  The Source of Oneness (144th dimensional frequency of Light) has decided it is time for individuals to experience Oneness within themselves personally so that elements can be changed through the process.  It is a Moment In Time that will always be remembered.

      The light that each individual incorporates within them will expand outside of their field to others.  So that the more people that can bring forth these energies into themselves and ground it into GAIA, the more the planet will receive.  It is important at this time for individuals to meditate and ground the energies during the three-day cycle.  This will assist in bringing forth more light frequencies within the planetary structure and assisting GAIA in her ascension process.

      The planet is now changing from the religious structured-base into a consciousness of Oneness through each individual.  The planetary ray in the color of Indigo, Spiritual Idealism and Devotion, represented the separate identities between spirituality and religious views which started to leave the planetary structure at the time of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.  It was at this time that individuals started to learn self care within their spiritual aspects as represented with the term “Oneness”.  It is at this time that the Ruby Red and Golden Ray of Inner Devotion represented by the Cosmic level (49th dimensional frequency) is being accepted by GAIA.  This represents the ability for individuals by step into self devotion of forgiving love and grace by learning how to worship and adore the power of their higher essence within the physical.  It takes away the selfishness and jealous acts that have been in place on this planet and replace it with Inner Truth, Serenity, Balance, and being able to sacrifice the Self for the greater whole.

      This ray energy is now available to all human beings upon the planet for themselves and all of humanity.  This is a huge activation which will help to make more changes within the structure and belief systems in all individuals that will occur after the onset of the Solar Eclipse so it is imperative for people to concentrate on this ray being active within their world.

      So the message to each individual is to accept your Higher Self to guide you through the Portal of Light, feeling the energies, accept the information being gathered from your Higher Mind and not your physical mind, be still and embrace the essence that you are.  You then embody the Ray of Devotion of the Ruby Red and Gold by allowing it to blend within your Solar Plexus, feeling your inner power, as the physical and the spiritual merge within you.  Then expand it through your field of light into others and the world around you.

      Utilizing this ray along with the Blue Flame is going to assist the planet greatly.  It is a gift that it can be implanted into GAIA presently and we have to thank each of you for doing such powerful work.  Without you doing so, this would not be happening.

      You are going to experience the essences of light that were thought would happen on 12-21-12.  It is just a beginning but it is very massive.  We ask you to continue the work and we will achieve our goal of the 5th Dimensional Essence within GAIA as she meets her higher essence, Terra Christa.

      We are very excited to share this information with you as it will help many individuals to understand the process that they have been undergoing and to take responsibility for the health and well being of GAIA as we take this moment in time to be ONE with each other.

      In Oneness of Light,
      We Are, Helios & Vesta, and RA, the Sun God, at your Divine Service.

      Hi there! We will do our best to assist you in walking the New Earth. ~ Mel & Mike (Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden)

      Our mailing address is:
      Walking Terra Christa
      404 Mt. Shasta Blvd. #339
      Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

      Copyright (C) 2013 Walking Terra Christa All rights reserved.

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