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The Sanctuary's Samhain Newsletter

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  • Ash
        The Great Mother  I surrender. I receive.   Samhain Blessings to You!       Dear Precious Ones,   We begin our journey with 13 Moons once again,
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      The Great Mother 

      "I surrender. I receive."
      Samhain Blessings to You!  

      Dear Precious Ones,
      We begin our journey with 13 Moons once again, at this potent time of Samhain (Halloween/ Day of the Dead), and the turning of the wheel of a new cycle of transformation Life/Death/Rebirth. In the Goddess, all things begin and end in the dark of the moon.
      Come beloved, sit with me in this darkness....in silence and stillness....allow yourself to become empty....PAUSE....open to receive me.....for I am the Great Mother, Cauldron of Creation, Womb of the Infinite, Shaper of All.
      Surrender as I bathe you in waves of unconditional love. Melt in my arms as I nurture and sustain your being in a rich, burgundy, frequency of embrace. There is nothing you need to do to make me love you. I adore you for just BEING you. Breathe me in. Let yourself receive this love as an infant takes in his mother's adoration. Trust that it is safe here. Feel my presence in your body and blood as our heartbeats merge as one. Know I have always been here waiting for you...for you to spiral back into my womb of creation. Let my love heal your wounds, your fears, your self worth. Surrender to me - anything that is no longer serving you. Embrace all aspects of your shadow and light in this magnificent all consuming love.
      I invite you my beloved, to open to a new birth, a new life! Renewal comes as you walk with this inner knowing of yourself as being held in my love...as the universal love of the One, Mother Goddess. Let yourself be guided and inspired by this love as you continue to practice the wisdom of surrender and embrace in your daily life. Embody my love in every cell of your being. Notice how you can cultivate your own relationship with self-love by listening in empty presence and feeding the feminine first. This is a powerful time on the planet to walk as an embodiment of Love to manifest your intentions and ground your visions.
      In love,
      The Great Mother 

      The following are Sanctuary of the Open Heart events. We create and sponsor offerings rich in the potent energies of the 13 Moon Mystery School. Unless noted otherwise, all are welcome to our public events. If you have an event that resonates with the Mission and Vision of the Sanctuary, please contact us for details on obtaining sponsorship.
      New Moon Gathering & 13 Moon Open House ~ Monday Dec 2nd 
      As we move more fully into the fallow darkness of this season, we'll be still and listen for what seed of intention is wanting to awaken. 
      What within you is seeking the earth for grounding and what is reaching toward the sun for realization?
      Monday December 2 ~ 7:30pm 
      Yurt Temple ~ Berkeley, CA
      There will also be an opportunity to ask questions about Elana's next 13 Moon Circle beginning March 2014. For circle invitation click here
      To schedule an interview to be a part of the upcoming 13 Moon Circle, or to RSVP for the New Moon Open House, contact Elana.
      The first day of winter and the shortest day of the year will be December 21. This holiday signifies the return of light and with it, life.  Let's celebrate all together! We will provide you with a sacred space to reflect on this past year and set your intention for the year ahead, lit by candles and surrounded by loving community.
      Saturday, December 21 ~ 7:30pm
      Sacred Stream Center, Berkeley, CA 
      We DO need a few more hearts and hands to join the planning team. 
      Email Devaa if you are willing to co-create with us. 
      Advanced 13 Moon Sacred Practices Circle Now Forming
      Are you a mystic at heart, ready to dive deeper into the sacred feminine?  Are you longing to regularly commune in a circle of spiritually mature sisters?  Look no further. This Sacred Practices Circle is designed for those who are ready to expand their Priestessing skills to the next level. Together we'll be working with intuition, sacred sound, rituals, worldly offerings, and more.
      This circle is ideal for those who have completed the 13 Moon Mystery School and/or Soulful Women circles. Beginning in January 2014 in Marin, CA. 
      For more Circle details go to Sacred Practices or contact Devaa at 415.793.4483.
      great mother 4
      Power of Prayer 
      Our Prayer Basket
      is one way we embrace the ONE Heart and support our growing community. 
      To have a name added to the basket, please connect with us. 

      The Great Mother
      The Mystic Spiral: Journey of the Soul by Jill Purce 

      The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

      Zaftig: The Case for Curves by Edward St Paige
      105 Ways to Celebrate  Menstruation by Kami McBride
      The Wise Wound by Penelope Shuttle and Peter Redgrove  
      Red Flower by Dena Taylor   
      Her Blood is Gold by Laura Owen  
      Red Moon by Miranda Grey

      The Great Mother
      Movies & Music

      The King's Speech
      Temple Grandin
      Forest Gump
      The Secret Life of Bees
      Moontime, Blood time, 
      Dream Time
      Desert Solitaire 
      by Steve Roach
      Divine Mother 
      by Kathy Zawada
      Let me Inside You 
      by Isle of View
      by Jennifer Berenzan
      With ever-embracing love,
      Begin by going inward, emptying the mind, and focusing on your breath. Draw your attention into your heart. As you breathe, feel your heart soften and expand. You may want to put a hand on your heart. Feel the connection with your heart as you imagine a beautiful, burgundy, rose of the Great Mother in your heart. See the petals spiraling in and feel yourself being pulled into that spiral....allowing yourself to fully surrender inward down, down, down, with the beating of your heart....continuing to breathe as you take all the time you need to travel on this spiral descending down as if into the heart of the Earth. 
      Any time the mind or any thoughts come in, thank it and come back to the spiral path of love. Just allow yourself to be in empty presence and let any awareness arise directly from the belly and the heart - noticing if any images, words, or messages bubble up from the empty place without attachment to them. Meditate on the spiral within. Stay here for as long as you can. Hold the field of awareness of empty presence. When you feel complete allow yourself to journey back up the spiral, back into the rose in your heart. Bow to it in gratitude and using your breath feel yourself come back into your body aligned and present. Blessed be.
      MORE Sanctuary Of The Open Heart Offerings

      A special weekend workshop for women
      Master Teacher Vajra Ma has taught for 25 years, beyond the confines of tradition and doctrines, guiding women to align with their Natural Spiritual Authority. For more information read Tantric Dance of Feminine Power
      November 16 & 17 ~ Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 5pm
      Yurt Temple ~ Berkeley, CA

      REGISTER with Janice via email or by phone 808-346-1838. 
      Please note: PRE-REGISTRATION is required and space is limited to 15 women.

      COST: $275
      More information on FacebookHosted by 13 Moon Priestess Janice Craig. 
      Find out more about Janice at AlohaNamaste

      Soulful Women Certification begins 2014


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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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