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Divine Guidance ~ Path of the Soul Tarot: Gentleness ~ Ascension

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  • Ash
    There is a quote which we most have often heard: A gentle spirit is not easily provoked . The message of gentleness returns as we enter into the last Mercury
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2013
      There is a quote which we most have often heard: "A gentle spirit is not easily provoked". The message of gentleness returns as we enter into the last Mercury Retrograde for this year. One of the areas which is often spoken on during this Retrograde are misunderstandings and miscommunications. In retrospect we often come to understand how a simple misunderstanding can be a reactive catalyst for confrontations and conflicts. Most especially within this period let us take the time to breathe and be gentle with ourselves and with one another. This is not "walking on eggshells" nor being evasive. Gentleness is not evasiveness nor does it indicate a fragile heart and nature as we rediscover its intricacies. Gentleness is one of the foundations of peace, serenity, and wisdom. Those in turn are elements of our knowledge, intuition and discernment. There is how we carry the gifts of acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness in love. Love of and for this Earth, for one another, and for ourselves. Allow this to remind you of the Divine Soul that you are and know that we can come through those experiences which would 'push our buttons' and transform them. Remembering the beauty and joy that lies within you, that you are to live, breathe and Be the Authentic Loving Divine Soul that You Are.

      That is apart of the message of Ascension. Are we the forerunners working together for the elevation of the consciousness of the planet? Yes and where that begins is inside of us. Relearning the unity in diversity. That we each have a uniqueness that bears fruit in our abilities which compliment one another and our Beloved Earth if we will simply choose to be Open to this. Without a doubt when Open to this Vision we are Opening ourselves that the presence of Spirit that is within us and reminding us that each and everyone of us is truly a vibrant, vital soul in the Matrix of Life. We are the Love that we have yearned for, the Answers that we have sought and the change that we have hoped for within our hearts, minds and souls.

      Are some of the life experiences be how we will perceive as challenging? Yes again yet it is also important to keep close to your mind and heart that these are not designed to hinder, discourage, dishearten nor diminish us. Rather these become tools which we can use effectively to transform, transmute and, yes, to change. That is apart of how your true Beauty begins to blossom, shine and expand. For when we begin to truly See the Divine Beauty of our Soul then we are parting the curtains to See that same radiance in the eyes, hearts and lives of others as well as that same Divine Beauty in the Earth as well.

      There is no select 'few' who are doing the work for everyone. We are the doing the work within us and as we love one another that support, that network is apart of the life blood that flows throughout this Universe. There is a saying "When one is healed all are healed". How true. We can inspire one another to tap into that Reservoir inside and come together in Love. That is the Touch of Spirit that flows from that well inside of us. The well that is apart of us and always has been. Love your Self and Love each other equally, passionately and unconditionally. Through that Love we all shall evolve, ascend, grow and change together. *:x lovestruck

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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