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Pleiadedolphininfos: Yeshua: You Are The Strongest of the Strong ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ October 15, 2013

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  • Ash
        pleiadedolphininfos ________________________________ 10-15-13 Bill Ballard ~ Cosmic Magnetics ~ Ascension ~ Twin Flames ~ Current Fractals Posted: 16 Oct
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2013
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        Posted: 16 Oct 2013 12:37 AM PDT

        It appears our Sun has shifted magnetic polarities and is firing up again. We currently have 4 “M” class CMEs aimed at us from solar flares these past days. They will be incoming 1 per day these next days. I will be willing to bet that we will see some X Class flares occurring really soon as things heat up. Between our Sun/Helios and those of us activating on Earth… WE are really LIGHTING this little blue planet up! Yeeeeehaw….. Ascension is underway FULL FORCE NOW!

        It is interesting how it is affecting those of us consciously raising our frequencies and going through our ascension process. It is also interesting how the fractals are also occurring on a local, national, global and collective scale. It’s also going on with our Twin Flames whether we are with them or not or whether they are consciously going through their ascension/enlightenment process or not. The magnetics affects ALL, and NOTHING will be left untouched. There is a process of magnetic mechanics unfolding.

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        Posted: 16 Oct 2013 12:14 AM PDT


        Greetings beloved ones, we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support as the New Earth energies now begin to blossom upon and within planet earth.  These energies are now allowing for the manifestation of the dreams that reside within the heart space and we ask for you to allow ALL to unfold and to LET GO in TRUTH. For many of you at this time there may be huge frustration as you allow the old 3d earth to try to teach that your dream is being snatched away from you and we guide for you to TRUST in the process that is now unfolding for your SOUL is guiding at all times. Under the old 3d earth paradigms you were taught to plan and to logically pursue any “dreams” that you harboured and we taught deeply that the embracing of said dream involved much “hard work” and “energy”.  Many at this time are filtering out the delivery of the manifestation of their dreams due to this highly distorted teaching. Beloved ones as the New Earth energies begin now to anchor and blossom then you will begin to align fully with the new frequency of Mother Earth. This will see  new way of living and BEing birthed upon and within the planet earth and birthed within SELF. For the movement of the LOVE that IS into and through your human vehicle will see you in the FLOW. This is where the manifestation becomes akin to breathing. For in TRUTH you are BEings of vast energy who have been taught to ignore your own power and strength.
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        Posted: 16 Oct 2013 12:05 AM PDT

        This years Gathering of She 2013 is a cosmic summit nestled in the safety of the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. This Gathering of She embraces a powerful timeless healing energy that awaits our combined lights to announce itself. A quickening calls to us and we feel it in every cell of our body. Every action and non-action counts double.

        This years SHE Event comes to fill your heart with a soft powerful feminine light that heals and gently guides.  Each guest speaker houses symbols of illumination that will stimulate the Divine Feminine DNA within, allowing you access to ancient and future truths. 
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        Posted: 15 Oct 2013 11:15 PM PDT

        Welcome, sweet ones. It gives us great pleasure to be with you in this month of October as you experience this sacred Cosmic Fire of Illumination through the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta, your Solar Logii and God Parents for this Solar System.

        So let us start, sweet ones, by setting a sacred space as we tell you more about this beautiful Cosmic Fire of Illumination, and what it brings for you at this time. Wherever you are in your sacred space simply bring an awareness to the body ~ breathing deep into the body, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out. Have a sense of the vibration and energy matrix of your energy bodies, sweet ones, of your aura ~ how it extends, as you come into a deeper sense of stillness. As you come deep within your heart you experience now this beautiful golden, diamond and white Flame of Divine Love, bringing through the energies of your Beloved I AM Presence and all the Beings of Light from On High. And as your heart chakra activates more deeply now in this beautiful Flame of Divine Love you have a sense of taking this beautiful Flame of Divine Love into your energy field, through your chakras, and now to all those within your circle, your family and friends, sending your Love and receiving this Love.
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        Posted: 15 Oct 2013 11:11 PM PDT



        Hello my dearest ones, my beautiful friends. I come before you today with so much love in my heart for you and so much hope in my heart for you, and I see so much promise in you. You are the elite of the stars – starlight, every one of you. Your mission continues and it proceeds in ever-illuminated glory.
        You may be experiencing a lull right now in what you deem as your purpose, in what you deem as your mission, in what you deem as your path. But do not forget dear ones, that you are ever-solid in your endeavors, and are ever-solid in your missions.
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