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Fw: Thursday, August 23

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  • Polly Menendez
    Thursday, August 23 vi 1 Mayan Calendar: 12 Chicchan, 8Uo www.paoweb.com 12 is letting go of the past and moving into a new beginning. The Keyword is
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      Thursday, August 23 vi 1

      Mayan Calendar: 12 Chicchan, 8Uo


      12 is letting go of the past and moving into a new beginning. The Keyword is cooperation. Chicchan is the paradox of integrity versus the temptations of desire. The keyword is life force. 8 begins to give form to the outer realm through intentions and realisations. Uo is a time to listen in silence and hear the oracles of heaven


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer

      The Moon enters Scorpio at 5:50 AM, ending yesterday�s lunar void cycle.

      Mars sextiles Uranus at 5:56 AM

      Pluto stations direct in Sagittarius at 6:58 AM.

      Pluto in the Sign of the Pathwalker represents the Earthly Disciple and the field of Service is Humanity.

      The transformative energies of Pluto are greatly intensified during its station. This stationary period affects the planetary energies for several more days.

      The influence of Pluto causes us to relinquish our attachment to form and causes the Higher Self and personality to work as one unit. Pluto is bringing about the end of the hindering factors and all that is preventing synthesis.

      "By understanding the evolutionary intent of the Soul, we will be able to identify the evolutionary lessons that are represented in this life for any individual... By understanding the collective evolutionary past(humanity), we will be able to understand the collective present, and the choices that humanity faces that will create the future",

      Astrologer Jeff Green, Pluto-The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul

      The Moon is allowing us to attune to the energies of Scorpio emotionally and intuitively.

      The energy of Scorpio influences the turning point in the life of Humanity and the life of individuals. Desire leads through the transforming process of life experience to aspiration and finally the relinquishing of desire in Scorpio.

      Humanity is the divine Messenger to the world of form, bringing light and life to other divine manifestations.

      The coming process of planetary service is now becoming truly effective as ever greater numbers individuals enter the Path of Discipleship.

      The present Plutonian transformations are leading to group consciousness and kindling of the desire for world Service in Humanity. The energies of Scorpio, Pluto and Mars help us to better understand to process of Discipleship, stabilisation and right direction. This influence provides points of crisis and moments of reorientation, stimulating the sense of outgoing spiritual adventure and desire for progress.

      This leads to stabilisation and right direction in the human kingdom, allowing us to tread the Path of Return.

      Scorpio carries the tests of Discipleship all the way to the physical realm. The nine tests in Scorpio concern the three aspects of the human being(mental, emotional and physical) as they fuse and blend upon the physical realm. The tests of appetite involve the right use of sex, physical comfort and money which is concretised divine energy. The tests of fear, hatred and ambition relate to the emotional realm. The tests of pride, separateness and cruelty relate to the mental realm.

      When the mind reaches a certain stage of unfolding, every national instinct, every unconquered situation or fault rises to the surface to be transmuted and healed in order to be integrated into our Higher Self. the Keynote for Scorpio is Triumph and the result is Victory of the Spirit over the servitude of form.

      Political changes and statesmanship are affected by the invisible realms, causing various political figures and ideas to come in an out of prominence.

      The ability to organise the converging and conflicting interests of many people in practical arrangements for mutual benefit is a major function of the Plan. The Second Ray of Love-Wisdom is the main influence behind this convergence on all levels.

      Group integrity helps in the development of each individual because the ideals of an inner life are given outer manifestation through a self imposed responsibility. Each of us joyfully performs our part in the One Work in the unfolding the Divine Plan.

      World Servers are getting an ever clearer vision of each emerging opportunity in the unfolding of the Plan for Humanity.

      The Second and Sixth Rays are strong.

      The Second Ray energy confers wisdom, generosity and compassion in order to bring about Universal Love. There is a strong sensitivity to others and as well as patience and tact. Emotional and mental attitudes of self-pity, over-sensitivity, fearfulness and lack of assertiveness could be coming up for healing.

      The Sixth Ray energy gives enthusiasm, loyalty and devotion with the idealism and humility to inspire others. Emotions and mental attitudes of fanaticism, gullibility, rigid idealism and over-emotionalism could surface now in order to be transmuted and healed.

      The Moon squares Neptune at 5:25 PM.

      The Moon trines Jupiter at 8:36 PM.

      Neptune confers innate sensitivity which leads to the higher vision and the recognition and understanding of opposites. We become sensitive to world conditions, increasingly free from personal desires and inspired to take part in World Service. The Soul is involved in form. The Soul is also evolving and unfolding through our activity in the physical realm. Attunement to the energy of the Heart of the Sun brings vision, sensitivity and spiritual intent, leading to at-one-ment with our Soul-purpose.

      Jupiter gives fulfilment of desire and on another level radiates the outgoing expression of Love-Wisdom. This expression of Love-Wisdom attracts magnetically to itself whatever is desired for the good of the whole.

      "Love is fallen and blinded when desire is rampant; desire vanishes when love triumphs."

      Jupiter brings about fusion by bringing Soul and form together in a functioning relationship. It combines head and heart to confer wisdom.

      The successful and wise use of the form nature is essential for the purpose of the Plan.

      Love is a relationship to divinity and wisdom is a relationship to form and these two aspects lie behind our Soul�s intent. When we become involved in Service, the form no longer hides the Soul but the Soul shines through the form, magnetically affecting and energising those around us and our environment.

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