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Pleiadedolphininfos: The difference between A wakening and Waking Up – A Pleiadian Perspe ctive By Ishante

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  • Ash
      The difference between Awakening and Waking Up – A Pleiadian Perspective By Ishante Posted: 08 Oct 2013 01:14 AM PDT It is wonderful to connect with you
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2013

      Posted: 08 Oct 2013 01:14 AM PDT

      It is wonderful to connect with you again Ishante. Today we wish to discuss with you the difference between “awakening,” and “waking up.” Sounds one of the same, but there is a definite divide between the two. Let us try to explain.

      Awakening is the exquisite realisation of your heart’s own incredible intelligence and wisdom. It is the awareness that YOU have all of the answers, right there inside you in the small space in your heart.
      “Wake up!” usually followed by the word sheeple (then fill in the blanks) is something entirely different, and with your permission we wish to lighten things up, so to speak, by way of a humorous example.

      As you will come to see Ishante, we Pleiadians love to speak in stories to make things a little less serious when it comes to some of the challenges you face with your current evolution and accession.
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      Posted: 08 Oct 2013 12:26 AM PDT

      As many of you are now FEELing there is a distinct shift in the energies that are now flooding across and within planet earth. Personally the last 12 hours have seen a rapid increase in frequency and a huge expansion of energy. A FEELing of being connected to ALL that goes beyond anything I have so far experienced.

      For many this surge in energy will be perceived as some sort of “danger”, the old earth teachings of “flight or fight” rushing to the surface of your BEing. Couple this with the smoke and mirrors of the old 3d earth that is now fully dissolving and you have the perfect recipe for confusion and anxiety. For many the rush of energy will seek to trigger old belief patterns and trigger the old earth teachings frequency. This is all done at a very unconcious level.
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      Posted: 07 Oct 2013 01:32 PM PDT

      The Wisdom of the Heart – the Light Collective – 5 October 2013
      Channeler: Tazjima / Elizabeth Ayres Escher
      We are the Light Collective, made up of the Archangels, angelic hosts, the Ascended Masters who oversee and over-light this planet and solar system, as well as the lighted galactic councils. There are no borders that exist between our individual and collective consciousness. We exist and function as individuals and in unity with the whole. We serve the All That Is, Creator, and Source. And we gently remind you that we are not overly concerned about titles or offices or being categorized. We serve the One and we are each a part of the One, as are you.
      Today we come to you to speak of the wisdom of the Heart.
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