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Pleiadedolphininfos: Accessing Higher Dimensional Perspectives by Mary Magdalene Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 04-10-13

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  • Ash
        Marlene Swetlishoff ~ HILARION S WEEKLY MESSAGE October 6-13, 2013 ~ Posted: 06 Oct 2013 10:42 AM PDT Beloved Ones, The process of the re-evaluation of
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      Posted: 06 Oct 2013 10:42 AM PDT

      Beloved Ones,

      The process of the re-evaluation of your lives and what is important for your greater health, well being and happiness and the letting go of all that does not serve you has been uppermost in your hearts. Some decisions are difficult to make as it means a resetting and reformulating of your former priorities and goals. Asking yourselves some hard questions has been helping you to see with more clarity those areas and ways of being that hold you back from moving forward with enthusiasm and joy. Just remember that the bottom line in each choice that you make is: does this make you feel good about yourself, does it bring more expansion and empowerment to you, do you feel inspired and uplifted, and do you feel a greater sense of freedom when you contemplate the value of a relationship, goal or desire in your everyday life.
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      Posted: 06 Oct 2013 04:35 AM PDT

      We come again to say how much we admire your resolve and work for the light. We know how seriously you all take this Earthly assignment, we know that you will never fall to the dark side and we know that you are and will remain pure love and light in pretty much any circumstances and environment.
      You have accepted your mission for the light, regardless for the consequences to your Earthly life. You have been placed there, sometimes in the most difficult circumstances or in war zones so that you can bring your loving vibrations with you to Mother Earth, so that you can inspire those around you and that you can lift their spirit and bring them hope and light, where before there was none to be found.
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      Posted: 06 Oct 2013 03:32 AM PDT


      Moving through times of tremendous changes, alterations and shifts allows for magnificent experiences of connection with the Creator and the wealth within your being. These are beautiful times for exploration because once you let go of the solidity of the physical world and 3rd dimension within all aspects of your being you are able to awaken your experiences moving into a space of limitless experiences.

      Can you imagine your reality without the rules, judgments, restrictions you place upon yourself? Never mind about the restrictions placed by others but observe the rigidity that you create for yourself. Allow yourself to observe the limits that you place on your abilities, your goals and your belief in yourself. Lack is a consciousness that is ingrained within the general consciousness of humanity. Have you noticed that you are always lacking in something, whether it is food, clothing, abilities, support, love, energy? Or maybe it is that there is always something that you require whether it is emotional, physical, material, mental or spiritual? Allow yourself to determine what you believe you are lacking in or where you belief you experience lack.
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      Posted: 06 Oct 2013 03:04 AM PDT

      Thanks to: lucas2012infos 
      Sandra Walter Ascension Guide
      I AM the Emergence of Crystalline Secrets, the Source Wisdom Interface, and the Unconditional Lovelight of the True Self Renewed.
      And so are You.
      Blessings Dear Light Tribe,
      I received clarity on New aspects of my service work and my personal Ascension process. I AM very excited to begin creating the New! It will take time, and my intention is to welcome in this New Light with honor and JOY.
      In order to accomplish this, I will be taking a short sabbatical. I have a home through December 15 (Hooray! Deep gratitude for the recent donations, thank you!), so I need to take advantage of this opportunity to create without interruption.
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      Posted: 06 Oct 2013 02:44 AM PDT


      The lesson is to value yourself. Money is an energy exchange but as you know it does not exist in the higher dimensions, just as time does not exist here. You said today “time is money”… that is a third dimensional paradigm that time is money; notice they go hand in hand. As you begin to transcend the third dimensional mindset, for you are already “in” the 5th dimension, you just have to upgrade your operating system to “view” or “be” or engage with it.
      Your body and brain are used to being in the third dimension but your mind or consciousness is now in the 5th dimension. So your brain – which is a physical organ inside your body – we know you know this but sometimes your brain thinks it’s more than that – and your body are in the process of upgrading now. You are moving into and transitioning into the ability to use higher dimensional abilities of telepathy, bilocation, teleportation, and all the higher abilities we have spoken of in the past.
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      Posted: 05 Oct 2013 02:32 PM PDT


      Greetings beloved ones we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to continue our support of ALL as you now begin to move in frequency and begin to naturally dissolve the lower dimensional timelines that you previously resonated with. For many of you the dreamtime platform may be especially vivid at this time, the human logical brain trying to understand when you are awake how the “dream” could be so real and so intense and yet still a dream and we guide for you to see past the 3d overlay that is the dream. The old 3d earth continually teaching that the landscapes walked in the dreamtime are but dreams and are not real. Many of the timelines that are now being illuminated for you can only be processed by your human vehicle within the dreamtime landscape for within this landscape the logical mind does not walk. Much is filtered out at human conscious waking mind level that would serve no one so it is introduced where the logical mind cannot walk in order to illuminate for you and for you to work further with it. Do you understand our guidance beloved ones? for you cannot dissolve something that you cannot see. Many of you are recognising the landscapes at a deep level but then filtering this out and detaching from this at conscious waking mind level, the SOUL working at all times to help you remember in order for you to release and begin the healing process.
      Not all your incarnations were human beloved ones and many of you walked in the deepest and darkest of the dimensional timelines that exist in the lower dimensional realities. They can no longer hide within your energy signature for they are no longer within the “band width” of your energy signature and the frequencies that it resonates with. So they seek to trigger in order to lower your frequency, this is not supported under the New Earth paradigms and so they are sought out by your SOUL and illuminated clearly for you to dissolve and to work with.  Take note of all that is referenced to you in your outer waking world at this time beloved ones, for your SOUL is helping at all times the remembering process.
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      Posted: 05 Oct 2013 02:05 PM PDT

      As you have already noticed, the roller coaster is indeed picking up speed, and for many, it will feel like they are being tossed to and from on this unpredictable ride. It may seem very chaotic, but please believe us when we say that even if it might not seem like it to you, everything is under control.

      For we see what you do not, and we know what you have yet to be made privy to, and as such, we will always be on hand to keep you updated on the proceedings. We know it can be more than frustrating to be fighting this feeling of being left out in the cold as it were, but again, you are not left out of anything by ill will. Rather, you are in the loop in everything you need to be in the loop about, and the rest is not only out of your control, it is simply under the management of those in charge of overseeing this whole operation.
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      Posted: 05 Oct 2013 01:59 PM PDT
      (Translated from original language german)
      My child, right now, where you transform so many low energies, whether you energetically cleanse yourself or your environment, help your body to eliminate these transformed energies from it. I have already advised you to ground yourself every day. Use this to get rid of the transformed energies. Imagine how they are released from your body and flow through your root chakra or your feet chakras into the earth. Feel lighter, you can even reduce your weight with it if you want to. You’ll feel better and Gaia can use this converted energies for herself and for the benefit of all. So it is helping all, my child. ~
      Your Divine Mother
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