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Quado's Garden ~ Power Animal of the Week: Be Love Today ~ Gorilla

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  • Ash
    Indeed let our focus be on love. Today and for each day that follows. Accept Love. Embrace Love. Be Love. This truly is a gift that we give to ourselves for as
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      Indeed let our focus be on love. Today and for each day that follows. Accept Love. Embrace Love. Be Love. This truly is a gift that we give to ourselves for as we open to Pure, True Unconditional Love we are Opening to that Divine Source which lives, breathes, and moves within all life. When we truly Look through the Eyes of Love we can see more and more of the inherent beauty in all of life. In that moment we touch heart upon the Creation. Where we can experience a wholeness and acceptance that nurtures, soothes, lifts, heals and illuminates. What does not emanate from Love release it. Simply release without a second thought. Allow ourselves to be changed in that moment and to remember that we truly are The Change we have searched for, yearned for, called for. That has never been but a heartbeat, a thought, a breathe away. When we gaze into the eyes of those who cherish us, adore us, respect us and support us we are truly looking into the Eyes of Love. Cherish those closest to you. Hold them precious and as you do remember that as you experience this you are also giving yourself that same gift.

      Love is a gift that continues to give birth to peace, serenity, courage, wholeness, health, joy and so much more. As the gorilla returns for this week simply hold to the message of Love that permeates there as well and everything else flows into place. As the squirrel with their joy and resourcefulness, the strength and protection of the bear, the constitution and healing of camel, and from more of each and every totem, guide and being there is within our lives, human and otherwise, their guidance, teaching and support all are rooted in the Love of Life.

      Love is the Source of Strength, Intelligence, Heart, Wisdom, Courage, Passion and Compassion. As you feel your heartbeat feel that flow of Love and as you Open up to receive it, be transformed by it experience the Joy and Wonder as you begin to understand more fully and deeply that this comes not from a source outside of you. Rather it is the floodgates and doors opening wide from within you as that Divine Spirit/Source that you are and always apart of begins to glow and grow illuminating your life as you remember that You Are Love. There is nothing more Divine than Love and as you experience this share it with others freely. Allow Love to made and created together and we will transform ourselves, one another and our Beloved Earth together. For nothing is impossible to achieve with Love. *:x

      Be Love Today

      Today, our focus is on love.  Today, I wish you to realize that the love you give to others is also a gift you are giving yourself.  When you fill your heart with love, even toward those who have hurt you, then you have the healing benefits of a heart full of love, pumping love to all parts of your body.  And love is a soothing and healing nutrient, stronger than any other.
      And so, today, give yourself the gift of forgiving and loving others.  Release yourself from the prison of resentment, anger and judgment.  Let yourself walk free into the place of love and light.
      Just let it go.  All of the old thoughts, all of the bitterness, just let it go.  Release everything that is not love.  Let it float off you like a heavy, heavy burden you have carried for too long.  And in its place, let love fill you.  Fill yourself with a deep love of yourself, of life itself, of all people in all of their struggles, no matter where they may stand on their path. 
      Fill yourself with a warm embracing love which contains complete forgiveness. Let that flow within you.  Feel the warmth and healing power of love as it heals you and connects you to all that is good and wonderful in this world.

      The Gorilla
      Leadership          Strength          Intelligence

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the gorilla fill you. Click here to listen to the Gorilla's Song.

      Welcome the immense power of the gorilla into your life.  Feel the confidence pour into you as you rise to your full potential.  Nothing is too much for you to handle, for you are the gorilla.
      The gorilla is highly intelligent and a creative problem solver, able to utilize tools to achieve his purpose.  Call his spirit to you when you wish to find practical solutions to life's challenges.  Feel how the problems give way instantly as your mind clears and the pieces all fall into place.
      The gorilla is a leader, commanding a group through strength of will, decisiveness and mediation of conflict.  With the gorilla within you, you will uncover your own powers of leadership, learning to command through personal presence.  And with this leadership, you will learn responsibility, for the gorilla always takes full protective responsibility of those within his command.  He understands that a good leader is a leader who serves the needs of the followers.
      The courage of the gorilla is yours.  Feel it beating within your heart.  Feel the power, the strength, that this glorious animal brings to your life.  You have the power to marshal the strength of many to your cause.  There is nothing you cannot accomplish.  You are the gorilla.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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