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One World Puja Network: What Would Create More Joy For YOU?

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        What Would Create More Joy For YOU? For the October show lineup, please click here. Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. What
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      What Would Create More Joy For YOU?
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      One World Puja Network
      What would create more JOY for YOU?

      One of the concepts that came up in my Bringing Back the Joy! call last week was the idea that joy really isn't valued very much on this planet. If it were, we'd have JOY University and JOY Continuing Education classes. Mothers would brag about how Joyful their son or daughter was, instead of how much money they make. When someone laughs out loud because the JOY just can't stay inside anymore, we would celebrate that and laugh along with them.

      But instead, most people tend to think of JOY as this fleeting energy that comes and goes in our life like a butterfly flitting onto a flower. It's never expected to stay. Most people never even consider asking it to stay. I think it's because most people don't know what to do with that much JOY. Or they assume that the world will think they're crazy for having it.

      What if JOY is not what we think it is? What if JOY is the energy of every living thing? And what if we only let ourselves feel it for that tiny bit because we don't know how to live in that energy fully?

      I've been looking at some really different choices for myself and my life this week. It all started when I asked whether what I've been creating is what I want to create in my life. (Be sure to only ask that question if you really want to look at it!) Anyway, what was so interesting was that I realized that it's so easy to fall for the old formulas that we've been taught about what will make us happy or bring us JOY. Formulas like "If you have a lot of money, you'll be happy," or "If you have a family, you'll be happy", or "When you achieve ___________, you'll be happy".

      Then I asked myself this simple question: What would create more JOY for me?

      I was shocked at the answer. There were dozens of things that showed up. Here are just a few of them: Simplify my life. Spend more time with my hands in the Earth. Write. Laugh. Teach classes. Spin. Explore more. Breathe. Dance. Invite more friends over for dinner. Make wonderful food for my body. Sing louder. Take more walks. Build an indoor garden. Challenge everything I think I know. Enjoy myself.

      When the last one showed up, I paused. How had I not been enjoying myself? And just as quickly I was filled with all the things that was. It was just as shocking. How much time had I been spending doing things I really don't enjoy - and haven't enjoyed for a very long time? The list was filled with things I thought I would enjoy, but never did - and I just kept doing them as if someday I would enjoy them. It was CRAZY!

      What a great AHA. Let the fun of re-arranging for JOY begin!

      Speaking of joy...there are a lot of great shows this week. Marlise Karlin and Eric Pearl have created an unforgettable healing show that you'll not want to miss, Asara's video interview on the New Empowered Human is available all month for viewing, DeAnne has a great show on shifting values in a changing world, and Blossom has an entirely different way to transcend the slings and arrows of judgment that we all receive that I'm JOYFULLY looking forward to!

      Thank you to all the hosts for all that you offer every week to our listeners. The wisdom and energy that you offer is changing the world. And thank you to all the listeners who make this network everything that it is.


      Cynthia Torp
      Director, The One World Puja Network

      These links connect directly to your favorite hosts: Blossom Benedict, DeAnne Hampton, Esateys, Gary Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer, Hans Christian King, James GillilandKerrie O'Connor, Marlise Karlin, Mas Sajady, Matt Kahn and Julie Dittmar, Sarah De La Mer, Dr. Steven Greer, Suzanna Kennedy, and Tamara Younker

      Here is this week's lineup:

      Tuesday, October 1, 2013 : 12:00am Pacific
      On "Lightworkers of the New Earth" - Hosted By Asara
      Steve & Barbara Rother & Asara - The New Empowered Human
      This show is available for free viewing all month of October!
      Join us on this rare video interview, with spiritual power couple Steve and Barbara Rother, to explore the current and upcoming changes for humanity.
      Steve and Barbara Rother have been a channeling couple since 1996, with Steve as a channel for "The Group." There are five time presenters at the United Nations on two continents, and as far as they are aware, they are the only people to have taught a channeling class at the United Nations.
      Steve's work has now added 3 different Beings of Light, who are part of The Group consciousness, which he will introduce in this show.
      In the past month, many of us went through a very strong longing to go Home and Steve and Barbara will explain, why we were going through this and is offering clear and profound solutions to this issue.
      At the end, Steve is channeling "Elra," one of the Beings of Light, he is currently working with for us.
      ~Asara~ is a trance-channel for Adama of Telos and Archangel Michael, who are offering to the audience three free gifts, "Three Ways to Increase Your Inner Light and Co-Create Your New Reality." To receive these powerful gifts visit www.TelosChannel.com
      Find Out How to Awaken the Ascended and Angelic Master Within With The 12 Activations of Light! Click Here
      Tuesday, October 1, 2013 : 12:30pm Pacific
      On "The Sheila Show" - Hosted By Sheila Gale
      Rudy Hunter - Energy Healer

      Rudy Hunter started life as a professional dancer & magician until a back injury curtailed his career and prompted him to become a bodywork expert and teacher so he may help fix his own back.
      He became a Touch for Health Instructor, then went on to train many lay people, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors his great bodywork skills. Rudy soon found great results working on all kinds of animals.
      Rudy successfully developed The Phoenix Technique for the head, neck and face, Sacred 8 Healing for helping others heal and the amazing self-care technique called H.E.A.R.T. (Hunter's Emotional Alignment Rescue Technique) for gently re-setting your emotional upsets in under 3 minutes.
      During this call you will receive fast energywork processes that unlock blocks to money, health, relationship & other issues. The energy will be embedded on the call for replay. People and animals respond to this energy work.
      Wednesday, October 2, 2013 : 11:00am Pacific
      On "Empowerment" - Hosted By Kerrie O'Connor
      Kerrie O'Connor - Energy Forecast for October
      I lost count of the amount of clients, friends and family that contacted me after feeling the energetic shifts of September. Most were frightened, depressed and ill while experiencing the energies of endings that was the "theme" throughout September. October will allow us to start, gather, consolidate and pull our multidimensional selves together.
      Join Kerrie as she guides you to be able to work through these energetic waves. These "waves" are another word for the ascension process. You can learn how to evolve with "grace and ease".
      Topics to be covered:
      • Navigating through chaotic energies
      • Emotional "tidal waves" releasing ancient past
      • Mental mind games, get off the gerbil ride
      • Attunement that will ground and center yourself into the NOW
      Wednesday, October 2, 2013 : 2:00pm Pacific
      On "The Lightness of Change" - Hosted By Blossom Benedict
      Blossom Benedict - How to Transcend the Slings And Arrows of This Reality
      This is a live call-in show starting at 2:00pm Pacific / 5:00pm Eastern.

      While my target is to create a world with no judgment... Judgment doesn't seem to be on the brink of disappearing just yet! It lurks around every corner, is connected to every success and seems to intensify the more you show up.
      What would it take to allow adversity to fuel you instead of stop you? What would it take to be free from hiding from controversy? It is time to transcend above the insanity and show up?
      For a list of upcoming classes visit: www.joyofbeingalive.com
      To sign up for Blossom's free video series visit: www.blossombenedict.com
      Thursday, October 3, 2013 : 11:00am Pacific
      On "Real Power | True Peace" - Hosted By Marlise Karlin
      Marlise Karlin & Eric Pearl - Unimaginably Powerful Abilities

      What if you could experience a super charged healing transmission offered by two renowned energetic teachers simultaneously?
      Something very special happens when you bring together the key ingredients for transformative healing -- and you are an essential part of it!! Even the air is charged with excitement when Marlise and Eric come together -- you will be blown away!
      This is the program everyone will be talking about, that you will listen to again and again. If you thought you knew who this internationally recognized healer is, think again. Dr. Eric Pearl, featured in The NY Times, CNN and the Dr. Oz Show, offers new wisdom and insight that could change how you think about your life and what you are capable of.
      Join Marlise and Eric for this rare opportunity
      and discover how this expanded conscious Energy
      transforms your innate abilities.

      Each Real Power | True Peace Show includes time spent in the experience of Marlise's Stillness Sessions® where the Energy of infinite intelligence expands the power of healing and awareness in you.
      You can find out more about Marlise's global teleclasses, live events, audio & video courses, listen to her powerful Stillness Sessions and get her latest book, The Power of Peace in You at http://www.MarliseKarlin.com -- where you can also get your FREE Gift to begin the journey NOW. Eric has partnered with Marlise to give away a signed copy of each of his books: The Reconnection and Solomon Speaks
      Register for your chance to win:
      Thursday, October 3, 2013 : 2:00pm Pacific
      On "The New Human" - Hosted By DeAnne Hampton
      DeAnne Hampton - Why A Changing World Means Shifting Values
      Deep, core level issues of identity continue to be the focal point of all spiritual activity and ascension movement at this time. Various aspects of relationships, be they family, business, friend, intimate or casual acquaintance have been tested and held up to a new frequency of light and transparency through the month of September, especially so. And now, as the layers of outward identity continue to be peeled back and the Authentic Self, new human aspect begins to strengthen and be empowered in this now -- it is not uncommon to discover a new set of values taking precedent in our lives as we make very new choices and decisions in shaping the future of our world.
      Friday, October 4, 2013 : 9:30am Pacific
      On "Conversations in Consciousness" - Hosted By Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer
      Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer - When Do You Actually Choose For You?
      What would it be like if you actually acknowledged that choosing for you was not choosing against others? How do you get from choosing against others to choosing for you?
      Friday, October 4, 2013 : 11:00am Pacific
      On "Heart to Heart" - Hosted By Sarah De La Mer
      Brian Hunter - Reinventing The Wheel

      Brian Hunter was always told he was beyond his years and called an old soul. As early as 9 years old, he was the one other kids went to for advice and counsel. However, only in recent years has he more fully developed his abilities and put them to greater use.
      Today, Brian Hunter possesses strong psychic talents in various areas including the ability to sense thoughts and feelings from others (Empathy), the ability to communicate with the departed in the spirit world(Medium), and other abilities such as Dream Interpretation, Healings, and some Clairvoyance.
      Brian has focused much of his talents on helping others by providing emotional and spiritual counseling in many areas including depression, suicide prevention, life coaching, conflict resolution, death/loss, spiritual guidance, and many other issues.
      More recently Brian has developed strong links with The Saints as Guides and Healers. Through accessing the ancient mystical powers and wisdom of the Saints, Brian accesses a data base which brings profound help, renewal and healing for his clients.
      Brian's diversity and natural discretion has allowed him to help celebrities, business leaders, teens, adults, and the elderly, all in different places around the world. Brian has been described as a wise old man in a young man's body, or a boy with an old soul. This is why he relates well to the very young and very old.
      Brian is open minded in dealing with all types of people from all backgrounds. Much of his experience has been with VIP or celebrity clients as well as teens or college age, but any and all are welcome.
      Through school Brian built a background in pre-med, social sciences, psychology, and business. Today he uses his own experiences and abilities to help others.
      Brian is a cast member of the TV show called "Missing Peace" currently in production, which uses his abilities to help solve cold cases. But his primary focus has been and will remain, his personalized counseling and guidance he offers individuals. Brian also makes various guest appearances on CBS Radio, BlogTalk Radio, and Para-X Radio. Brian is an honored Celebrity Psychic Advisor with Best American Psychics.
      Brian works on the phone and internet so it does not matter where you live in the world. DO think about availing of his services if you have hit a road block in your life...
      Access the Magic of YOU once again.
      Access Brian's web site for appointments and a wide variety of services:
      Brian on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/brianhunterhelps
      Brian on Twitter: www.twitter.com/brianhunterhelp
      Part one of this recent radio show which explains Brian's work clearly is posted at:
      Friday, October 4, 2013 : 12:30pm Pacific
      On "The Heart of Awakening" - Hosted By Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar
      Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar - The Emptiness of Being
      Whether occurring as a sudden flash, or as a revelation unfolding gradually over time, an awakening of consciousness celebrates a transition out of attachments to form and into the discovery of your true formless nature. As this occurs, emptiness is no longer a feeling of isolation, or a sense of disappointment you feel when outcomes don't go your way. Instead, emptiness acts as a direct recognition of your true eternal nature that allows you to embrace the miracle of experiences, instead of trying to control them.
      Join Matt and Julie for a life-changing exploration into the emptiness of being, where the light of the soul can be celebrated throughout every form.
      We have found that since these teachings are offered through a transmission of presence, powerfully aligning the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies for a transformative and deeply sacred experience, it's best to listen in a relaxed and uninterrupted space, with tissues handy, and a glass of water, for hydration.
      Whether you're interested in receiving the transmission of energy that comes through the words being spoken, or simply wish to rest in the recognition of your true infinite nature, we welcome you.

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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