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Divine Guidance - Path of the Soul Tarot: Astral Realms ~ Healing With Intention

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  • Ash
    What is our Heart s Intent? Do we question ourselves? Our abilities? Our gifts? There are questions which are a foundation for us to build, edify and inspire
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2013
      What is our Heart's Intent? Do we question ourselves? Our abilities? Our gifts? There are questions which are a foundation for us to build, edify and inspire us to grow. Those of a strong foundation that exemplifies our integrity of heart and spirit. Then there are those questions which stem from doubts, fears, and uncertainties. We can begin to release and transform those as we come into a deeper understanding and awareness of ourselves, our Nature, our abilities. Healing is very much intertwined within these questions that we present. In that let us remember that when we call upon for assistance it does not mean that we feel nor think that our own abilities are not up to the task. Quite the opposite. We call upon those who are apart of our truest and deepest Circle. Our guides, angels and other beings who are ready to assist us and those souls here who walk upon this earth in human form who are no less Divine and Loving. Amongst all that they share in common one of the key salient areas is their respect, admiration, devotion and love for you. For you gift to them the same loving assistance that they give to you. 

      Know that the process continues to unfold and each of us are stepping into deeper and higher forms of healing and communication. A beautiful synergy that we reawaken, open and embrace our Selves and in that we embrace Life, Love and Source through and with the Earth and one another. As we express Unconditional Love to ourselves and to one another. That is a radiant, all-encompassing beam that transcends religion, politics, mores, and more as we move into a more loving, fulfilling and uplifting Community and Family. Those here and those who walk and move around us in what is, at times, considered "the unseen" yet in Our Heart, Our Soul, we can and do See more clearly with a Vision that grows, evolves and expands just as we do. 

      Open, embrace and step into life with a passion as we relearn and rededicate ourselves to boldness. A boldness of character, of spirit and, like a lion, be the leaders that each of you are. Not in placing ourselves over another but in walking confidently, passionately and lovingly. Being genuine and true knowing that each of us go forth in life with our Hand, Heart, Mind and Soul together to inspire, support and love each other, this world and all worlds unconditionally. *:x lovestruck

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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