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Era of Love Pioneer by Master Lanto | Natalie Glasson | Om Na

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      Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na

          Welcome to the Sacred School of Om Na with channelled wisdom, light and love through Channel, Author and Spiritual Mentor, Natalie Glasson.You are greatly appreciated and loved unconditionally in this very moment, light and wondrous blessings are sent to your heart and soul, you are honoured as your true self.

      Dear Friends,
      This week's channelled message is from Master Lanto speaking of the Era of Love.
      Archangel Metatron's Latest Capsule of Wisdom is now Available to Download.
      If you missed the Healing Webinar with the Celestail White Beings you can download and listen now, Download Now
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      Hope you enjoy.
      Many blessings, Natalie

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      Era of Love Pioneer by Master Lanto
      Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 27-09-13-www.omna.org
      Dear and gentle souls of the light I greet you with honour and truth. I am Master Lanto, an ascended master and Chohan of the sixth ray of light replacing Master Jesus in overseeing this sacred expression of the Creator. I come to you with the purpose of encouraging you to enhance and discover the light of your being while also intensifying your inner devotion.
      Upon the Earth you are moving from fear into love, from darkness into light, from duality into oneness, this is such an amazing transformational process that is occurring within your being and projecting into your reality. Such transformations require you to be gentle, loving and patient with yourself. You will see aspects of yourself emerging from within your being and from within others, you may dislike that which you recognise as emerging but there is a need to not take the tremendous releasing process occurring so personally. Do not allow yourself to become attached to what emerges from within you whether it is of a negative or positive vibration. The greatest tool that can be used at this time of ascension is observation. When energies or even your perspective shifts from darkness to light or negative to positive within your being this si gnifies a great clearing and a deep awakening of the Creator within you. That which emerges may be habits from your past or pain from past lifetimes. It is important to value each realisation of yourself, actions and perceptions as powerful and treasured shift into the Era of Love. We are all existing in the Era of Love now, even the ascended masters on the inner planes. This symbolises that there is now the opportunity to experience complete and absolute love in your reality and as your reality. It has never before been so obtainable to exist in love eternally upon the Earth and so it is a supreme and great gift to be given and to accept from the Creator and Mother Earth.
      You have been granted such an experience because you contracted to be a pioneer of love on the Earth. There are always souls who are required to pave the way in new eras, to demonstrate to others how one can utilise the tools, gifts and possibilities of the new era. There is also a need for pioneers to clear away all the unwanted energy of the past so that false beliefs and vibrations of previous eras do not contaminate the new era.  You are now a pioneer for the Era of Love, you consented to be here at this time with your awareness and divine spiritual abilities to move the consciousness of humanity and the Earth into the central vibration of the Era of Love. We realise that the Era of Love may be a new experience, a time to exist in the love of the Creator without fear, judgment, suffering or pain , because it is a new experience it seems therefore unknown. Uncertainty and unfamiliar energies can cause suffering and confusion, this is why you have been selected as a pioneer of the Era of the Love to move yourself, reality, perspective and all that you recognise yourself to be into the centre core of love to experience the abundance of the Creator’s love therefore demonstrating to others the purpose of this era and the joys that can be experienced. It is important to remember that love is the most familiar energy to your soul. Fear may feel familiar and secure but it is a false creation which has no foundations from which you can accelerate into the soul of the Creator. Observation allows you to realise the energies that are truly familiar to you and those that are false and unnourishing.
      If you allow yourself to observe all experiences, not allowing yourself to becoming attached to the light or to fear you will then be able to make your choices and take your action from a place of balance and neutral ground which will fill your being with contentment and an aspect of completion. As we move from fear into love, balance is always required, balance will continue to be of importance once you have accessed the Era of Love. There is such potential in the Era of Love, it is like a treasure chest waiting to be opened. You have already explored one era extensively, collecting all the valuable treasures and lessons of growth, now there is a need to discover the treasure and valuable lessons of the Era of Love. At this time you are all still in transition adjusting to the energetic frequency and vibrational change while also overseeing t he transitions within your body and being. There will come a time when you are then ready to experience the abundance of the Era of Love. You will recognise this time, you may feel clear and strong in your energies, peaceful in your mind, love constantly in your heart and the truth of the Creator emanating from your being into your aura. At this time you will find that like a capsule exploding love will truly explode into your life. The love of the Creator will bathe you completely, because of your preparation you will be able to recognise this true integration with the core of the Era of Love, it may feel like you are being blessed with overwhelming love in abundance in all areas of your reality and being.
      The Era of Love is just the start, like a foundation of the Creator that will open you up extensively to the experience of the Creator. The Era of Love is a powerful marker in the fact that it heralds a time of experience of the truth of the Creator. You have always been experiencing the Creator but now you are able to experience the truth of the Creator. It is important to realise that everything whether negative or positive holds the vibration of the Creator but this doesn’t necessary mean it is the truth of the Creator. In this time once you adjust and merge with the era you have the opportunity to experience the truth of the Creator. The Era of Love will act as a powerful foundation as you explore new eras, you will also not have to wait so long for new eras to dawn. Such eras as the Era of Peace, Golden Platinum Era, the Era of Soul Power, the Era of Divine Truth, the Era of Unique Love will enter into your consciousness as levels of experience and integration of the truth of the Creator.
      Every day allow yourself to seek a beautiful and loving experience of the Creator, seek a moment being embraced in the love of the Creator, observing the beauty of the Creator, recognising the truth of the Creator. Seek this moment of experience alone, with loved ones, in nature, with animals or with strangers but first let yourself observe and release any expectations that you may hold when you contemplate an experience of the Creator in your everyday life.
      Through observation of yourself and the shifts you are achieving you no longer believe the energies of fear or negativity to be you but simply an overflow from a past era. With attachments released you will then discover that there are powerful energies within your being such as your light and your devotion. I can share with you in truth that your devotion to the Creator is strong because you are on the Earth experiencing and seeking all that is the Creator on behalf of the Creator. Your devotion doesn’t need to be built in this lifetime because it emerges from that moment of release from the womb of the Creator into your journey of ascension. Your devotion is your driving force to return to all that is the Creator, it only needs to be recognised in this lifetime and enhanced. Your devotion doesn’t mean that you will hide yourself away from others contemplating the Creator at all times but means that you will awaken a constant and secure alignment and attunement with the Creator which is unwavering and fortifying.
      Your light is akin to the aura of all the divine and sacred qualities and awareness that exists within your being. Your light was also born when you emerged from the womb of the Creator, your light is a representative and a combination of your power and the holy truths held within your being. Your light is your shield, your nourishment and also acts as a representation of yourself and soul.
      If your light represents your power and truth, while your devotion represents your sacred connection with the Creator you can be aware that you have two powerful tools to support you in this time of awakening into the Era of Love. Now is the time to access your light and devotion to steer you into the core of love, your light will always illuminate your way while your devotion will confirm and guide you in the correct direction. You are never alone or helpless you are equipt on this journey with all that you require to be a pioneer and discover the era of love to encourage others.
      I wish to share a practice to support you in connecting with and realising your light and devotion.
      Allow yourself to gain a meditative state.
      ‘I call upon Master Lanto to be present with me, supporting my greater awakening to my light and devotion within my being. Please, Master Lanto, place your energetic hands upon the base of my spine and the back of my heart chakra, enthusing my entire chakra column with your consciousness and energy vibration. I know that you hold high and pure frequencies of light and devotion, I accept that which you share with me and experience a deep integration with your energy.
      I am Devotion and I am Light. I clear my entire being of all that hinders and blocks my experience of my devotion and light allowing the birthing and awakening of my devotion and light into my current reality and being.
      I now allow myself to recognise, observe and experience my divine light and devotion. Thank you.’
      Remember that all aspects of your being are sacred so imagine that from the base of your spine the energy of your light and devotion is born into your entire being, filling every cell and awareness with supreme powerfully emanating light and a deep sense of devotion for the Creator.
      This is also a deep clearing, purification and empowerment for your being, just focus on your breathing for as long as you wish.
      With radiant light and my constant support,
      I am Master Lanto

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      Divine Feminine Magic
      The Arousal of the Divine Feminine Wisdom and Power
      A Major Shift for the Divine Feminine
      With Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Grandmother Anna
      Channelled Workshop  through Natalie Glasson
      Saturday 12th October 2013
      Chalice Well Meeting Room, Glastonbury, UK
      At the foot of the Heart Chakra of the Earth in Glastonbury, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Grandmother Anna will return presenting themselves through Natalie’s Channel to usher forward a deep heart awakening of the divine feminine for the planet and for your divine self.
      Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Grandmother Anna will work as a sacred trinity of light to bring forth new dimensions of the feminine vibration into the Earth and into your consciousness. Accessing sacred wisdom, codes, symbols and energetic patterns from their existence on the Earth during the period of Master Jesus, they will bring forth a light vibration so abundantly charged with the new divine christed feminine vibrations to seed into the Earth, while conveying valuable insights from the Goddess realms. Each of these beings holds a strong connection with the Christ vibration, the Holy Grail and the magic of creation itself, which they wish to share with you and remind you of. Powerful Masters and teachers in their own right they bring forth sacred practices, teachings, inspiration and techniques from their past and the divine Goddess present to aid your ascension pathway, healing and greater understanding of your divine self. They ask you to step into the power of you r divine feminine thus shifting into a state of deep alignment with the Creator.
      Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Grandmother Anna wish to familiarise you in the practices of Creation and Creation Matrix Alignment to aid manifestation and attunement.  They will guide you to work with powerful matrix alignments of the Earth and inner planes while activating your divine Goddess body and revealing its sacred spiritual skills.
      With your support they wish to raise the vibration of the entire presence of the divine feminine upon the Earth, creating a pure bridge with the cosmic Goddess to allow new Goddess wisdom to surface and anchor into the consciousness of all. This will be a major shift for humanity and a significant awakening shift within your being.
      In an intimate setting these sacred feminine masters will recall memories from their time with Master Jesus and their own lifetimes to inspire divine activation and remembrance within your being.
      Join Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Grandmother Anna and Natalie for a day filled with channelling, meditations, activations, remembrance, heart vibrations, healing, awakening, planetary shifts and the divine presence of the Goddess magic and creation.
      Become your Goddess Power as you be of service to the Earth and yourself.

      Celestial Portal of Sanctuary and Ascension
      With the Celestial White Beings
      The Opportunity To Acquire All You Need For Your Current Ascension!
      Co Create with the Celestial White Beings!
      Sunday 13th October 2013
      Chalice Well Meeting Room, Glastonbury, UK
      The Celestial White Beings step forth in order to honour and truly support your ascension process upon the Earth in this New Era. Their greatest purpose within this workshop is to provide you with what you truly need in order to unlock bonds hindering your growth, encouraging you to progress forward with ease.  They will activate a celestial portal within the Heart Chakra of the Earth for the benefit of your spiritual ascension. With such high vibrational frequencies flowing with intensity into your being and the space of the Chalice Well you will have the opportunity to acquire all that is essential to free your divine self.
      The Celestial White Beings wish to focus upon
       Healing - offering you the opportunity to heal anything you wish within their high vibrational celestial frequencies
      Manifestation - encouraging you to use and bathe in their energies to co-create what will serve you and propel you forward along your spiritual and physical path
      Celestial Dimensions- encouraging you to explore and access sacred wisdom and light vibrations within the celestial levels of the Creator’s universe, and connecting with the Celestial White Lions among other celestial beings.
      Ascension Shifts - as the Celestial White Beings offer celestial wisdom and insights to inspire and awaken the mind, heart and entire being further.
      This is a very personal workshop designed by the Celestial White Beings to focus upon your personal connection and exploration of yourself, creating a safe environment for you to achieve shifts and ascension patterning at a celestial level that your entire being has been waiting to achieve. The Celestial White Beings more than anything else wish for you to experience the energy  as you exist in their portal, working inwardly with their support to accelerate your ascension and put into place all foundations that are needed for this new era of divine love. Some of the workshop will be focused upon personal meditation in silence or supported by sound within the energies to aid your further integrating; Natalie will also channel the Celestial White Beings to guide you further.
      The Celestial White Beings in Atlantis worked energetically, marrying the physical and inner plane worlds to bring forth supreme healing and awakening. This is a very different workshop where the Celestial White Beings give to you responsibility of your spiritual growth as they lovingly support you, co creating with you that which is within you.
      The Celestial White Beings hold the vibration of the Multi Universal and Cosmic level of the Creator. They have been sharing their energy and consciousness since the creation of the Earth and now wish to envelope all in love. Their presence was very strong at the time of Atlantis where they held a healing temple devoted to spiritual growth and awakening. Due to their high vibrational frequency and love for humanity they are known as powerful healers.
      Join Natalie and the Celestial White Being for a light enthused day.
       Book Now

      Capsule No
      Cell Exploration and Renewal
      Connecting with Your Divinity
      with Archangel Metatron
      18th September 2013
      Archangel Metatron brings forth a communication speaking of the importance of your cells and how through accessing your cells you can enter into the divinity and sacred vibration of the Creator to bring healing and awakening into your entire being. Archangel Metatron guides you to renew and rejuvenate your cells and being while connecting you with the Creator and the Universe of the Creator more fully. This is a deep healing process that supports further awakening and a rise in vibration.

      Missed the Webinars? Catch Up Now
      with the Celestial White Beings
      Online Webinar Workshop
      Channelled through Natalie Glasson
      Join the Celestial White Beings and Natalie for three sessions focused upon Healing!
      The Celestial White Beings understand the importance of focusing upon the vibration, consciousness, expression and experience of healing qualities and energies, especially when you are moving through such accelerated spiritual growth. The vibration and focus of healing can benefit your entire being, bringing everything into perfect harmony with the Creator. Healing can support you in letting go of all that no longer serves you whether you are conscious of it or not, while also assisting you in making much needed shifts in your initiation process. In a time when many ascension strains can be felt allow yourself to be supported by the healing vibrations of the Celestial White Beings.
      The purpose of the Celestial White Beings in these sessions is to surround you in their healing vibrations, to activate deep healing vibrations within your own being while maybe even supporting you in discovering healing techniques held within your soul. They wish to nurture shifts that are occurring and are waiting to occur, while supporting you in comprehending the purpose, meaning and process of healing in this new era for you, others and the Earth. There will be many opportunities to experience healing energies and participate in sharing healing with others and the Earth.
      What is healing and how can you experience it? This is something the Celestial White Beings wish to work with you upon to bring a purer intent and a confidence to your healing abilities and experience of healing vibrations.

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      New Capsule of Wisdom Available

      Capsule No
      Solar Level Activation
      For Strengthening Body and Light
      with Archangel Metatron
      3rd September 2013
      Archangel Metatron brings forth an activation connected with and working with the Solar Level vibrations, Helios and Vesta and the Solar Level Angels. Archangel Metatron in this capsule encourages you to strengthen your physical and energetic bodies, to stabilise your being, amplify your light and receive the consciousness of the Solar Level light. Archangel Metatron wishes to assist and support your physical body in these times of advanced and enhanced light anchoring and activation.

      Twelve Rays of Light
      A Guide to the Rays of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy
      By Natalie Glasson

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