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Pleiadedolphininfos: Suzanne Lie ~ Back On Ascending Earth Part 4 - Researching Our Dream ~

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  • Ash
        Suzanne Lie ~ Back On Ascending Earth Part 4 - Researching Our Dream ~ Posted: 28 Sep 2013 02:14 AM PDT 9-27-13 Back on Ascending Earth Part 4
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      Posted: 28 Sep 2013 02:14 AM PDT

      Back on Ascending Earth Part 4

      Researching Our Dream

      Fortunately, we are both were self-employed now, but we did have to take care of some business before we could focus on further deciphering our dream. However, since I was already on the computer for my work I had some time to research the Internet. I started my search by looking for articles on DNA and webs of light, which was re-defined by my research to be called energy fields.

      I found fascinating information and was just compiling my research when Sandy walked in the door. She was excited to hear what I had learned and made us some coffee while I put my research into a sequential fashion so that it would more understandable. We drank our coffee and talked about our day so far. After relaxing a bit, I was ready to give my presentation. Sandy was all ears and eager to understand what we had experienced the day before.
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      Posted: 28 Sep 2013 02:05 AM PDT
      23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)
      My child, it is important that you also accept. You can not always just give and give and not receive. This interrupts the flow of energy and just blocks everything. So please, the next time when life gives you something, in whatever form, take it. Be grateful for what you get and rejoice in it. How then can the universe provide you with something, if you just say no and always close the door? How can it then deliver your goods for you? It is called ‘give and take’, not give, give, give. In your own interest, for your own good, accept what life wants to give you. If you order something at your merchant you take it, too, my child. ~
      Your Divine Mother
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      Posted: 28 Sep 2013 02:03 AM PDT


      White Cloud – Storm Clouds on the Horizon, via Tazjima, 27 Sept 2013 –
      Long ago, when I was embodied as a Native American, I used to love to walk along a cliff, feeling the rising air currents flowing over me. I knew when the weather was about to change; it is changing now for many people. There are storm clouds gathering on the horizon of many people’s lives; whether or not those clouds bring refreshing rains or lashing floods depends on how people can remain in neutrality during the coming months and years. Your world is about to undergo a tremendous period of transition.
      The year 2013 has been challenging for many; the next two or three years will be even more so, especially for those individuals, institutions and governments who are unwilling or unable to adapt, to change and to be flexible. Now is the time to be like a willow and bend in the winds of change, not the brittle oak whose great branches fall to the ground with a mighty crash.
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      Posted: 27 Sep 2013 04:59 PM PDT

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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