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WhiteWolfJourneys: 2014 Moon Cycle and Ritual Book Pre-Order

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        Weave the Web     2014 Moon Cycle and Ritual Book Pre-Order   As we enter 2014 we will be gifted with many opportunities to remember who we are and
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      Weave the Web

      2014 Moon Cycle and Ritual Book
      As we enter 2014 we will be gifted with many opportunities to remember who we are and the purpose of our soul incarnating at this time.  2014 is the year known as “The Seed of Life” as we continue to gain insight into what we have come here to be and the seed we each carry.  After much of the clearing and releasing that continues to take place for all of us in 2013 we are about to embark as seed carriers of the new vision.  This will require us to step forward in our truth.   Through the practice of shamanism and dragon magick one can access the dormant memory of our soul’s purpose.  Shamanic practices and Earth Goddess ritual is as essential to us today in our modern world as they have been for thousands of years. In a cellular memory held within your DNA is the knowledge of an alchemist and a Shaman.  Hidden deep within our past lies a secret that has been long forgotten.
      2014 is a seven year.   Seven is a ‘magickal’ number.  The number of the occultist and the esoteric, alchemy, secrets, myth, earth religion, ritual, understanding,  and ancient knowledge.  A year for one to embrace all that honors their soul essence.   A year for the healer to step forward. The non-conformist to shine as they step into their power.  A year of secret wisdom and myth once hidden now being accepted as the norm.  2014 is a year of action.   The 7 energy has very strong psychic tendencies and we will see more and more people looking for alternative means of healing.  Seven is the number of destiny so we will continue to be pushed to step into our full potential. Seven is an energy associated with sound healing and music.  The dolphin and whale spirit will be strong within each of us as we again find our heart song. 
      The word "shaman" comes from the Tungus people of Siberia which describes one who enters an altered state of consciousness at will to work with the unseen world for the purpose of seeking knowledge, vision and healing to help others. Shamanism is not a religion; instead it is a way of life and must be practiced on a daily basis.  If we are to be the guiding light in service at this time we need to have a personal understanding of our connection to everything and everyone as well as a deep relationship with the spirit world.
      To walk in beauty we must honor the cycles of the moon and celebrate the changing of seasons as our ancestors did in the past.  We must make each step we take, one of respect and integrity honoring all life forms.  It is my hope and prayer that the information contained within this book assists and supports you on your journey as we weave the web of light together.
      Included in this book is information on the sacred, holy days celebrated by cultures all over the world.  Special days that belong to all of us regardless of our religious background or culture.  You will find information on the moon cycles, detailed information on the significance of each of the Full Moons, eclipses, retrogrades and how to create ceremony and ritual significant to these individual moons.  You will gain an insight into the meaning of 2014 the “Year of The Seed of Life” and how to work with these powerful alchemical energies throughout the year.
      I will share with you many different rituals, some of the powerful rituals from the past years that are my favorites and also many new rituals for healing, protection and creating sacred space.  Rituals for love and romance, prosperity and new opportunities.  Meditations to open your awareness to gain insight for your personal journey.
      Each year I add more and more and this year after my journey to the mystical island of Iona, Stonehenge and Merlin’s Cave of wisdom as well as the ancient lands of Tibet and China, there will be tools to awaken the Shaman and magician within. Tools to walk a path of beauty in balance, tools to remember who you are and to awaken you to your full potential.
      As always, those who preorder and pay before October 15th, I will do a personal message in your book for your journey, as we embrace the year 2014.  After this date I will not be able to do a personal message as I will be traveling and guiding Shamanic Journeys in Mount Shasta.    These will be mailed the second week of December, as I know many of you gift these as Christmas presents. (Please click here to pay and order)
      There are three versions available to choose from.  Northern Hemisphere English and German translation and Southern Hemisphere English.  If you are ordering as a gift for someone please include their name for the personal message.
      Any questions please contact Guy at info@....
      If you would like to join our spiritual community Weave the Web and receive updates and future postings please click here.
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