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Sarah-Jane Grace - Newsletter: September 2013 - Inspirations

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      September 2013 - Inspirations    Dear Friends, Thank you. These two words might not be the traditional way to start a newsletter, but they seemed to be
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      September 2013 - Inspirations   
      The Rainbow
      Dear Friends,

      Thank you. These two words might not be the traditional way to start a newsletter, but they seemed to be the most appropriate in the circumstances. I received such an overwhelming response from my previous newsletter; the love, compassion and humanity that oozed from every email and message was heart-warming and life-affirming.

      It is so easy to feel isolated when life feels heavy and cumbersome as it can be hard to take a deep breath and feel the interconnectivity of the Whole, and yet ripples from that newsletter reached out gently and lovingly across the world and touched the hearts and souls of so many.
      As life continues to soar with ups, downs and in-betweens, it can sometimes be hard to find a moment of stillness to pause and re-centre. We can feel like we are being constantly buffeted and tossed around by the currents of life, making it hard to remain upright let alone remain grounded and centred. Yet it is through the turmoil that the clarity comes, after all, we cannot see the beauty of the rainbow without experiencing the rain first.
      Although the rain is wet, there is no way to avoid it other than remaining locked up inside; this is a valid choice of course, but the cost of such a choice is not only to avoid getting wet but also in losing the connection to the rain, the rainbow and the universe because we become disconnected and isolated from life. There are ways to make the rain more bearable: from welly boots to a fetching bright yellow sowester, but there is a lot to be said for enjoying those moments when we are suddenly caught out when the heavens open; instead of running for shelter, sometimes feeling the rain caress the skin is life affirming and life giving.
      Perhaps one of the most wonderful moments in a storm are those moments after the rain has stopped and the world feels still and silent; then the birds start singing and the vibration increases as the wheels of life start turning once again. It is these moments of tranquillity and stillness that matter so much as these act as natural pause moments to breathe deeply and re-align. Of course, such moments do not only come after the rain, but they also come when we consciously choose to pause and re-centre.
      I was sitting in quiet contemplation, perched on a wall allowing the early morning sunlight to dance across my skin when someone sat down next to me. My first thought was that it was a long wall, so why would anyone choose the space immediately next to me, but once I let my human defence mechanisms down, I took a deep breath and smiled.
      As humans, we often smile for a variety of reasons: happiness, anxiety, embarrassment, an olive branch. It can be an automatic reaction that can feel a little hollow if there is no intent or thought behind it, but, smiling speaks a thousand words and transcends the language barrier effortlessly. Smiling is a powerful way to connect to others, so I never do it half-heartedly or without a genuine sense of compassion. I guess this must echo into the smile as it often prompts a reaction.
      This time around, my smile prompted an outpouring of emotion that was both unexpected and unanticipated, although at my stage of life, I should be used to such happenings! Sitting on the wall next to me was a young woman (I say young as she was younger than me, but that doesn't really narrow down the field of possibilities!), she was well-dressed and well-kept but she seemed energetically dishevelled; as though her inner world was windswept and ruffled. Her face looked drawn and there was a hollow look in her eyes as though life had taken its toll on her ability to breathe deeply and smile.
      The content of what she said isn't important, but she spoke about her emotions in such a profound way it was as though she had sat down with a lifelong friend to share the innermost depths of her soul. I gently listened and sat quietly, in fact I never uttered a single word; there were no words to offer her but she needed the space to speak. As she spoke, there was a noticeable change in her vibration as it seemed that the more she let out, the less dishevelled she became. After a few minutes, she paused briefly, gazed up and down the wall and said 'I am not sure why I sat down next to you; after all, this is a long wall!'
      She then said 'You know, being able to speak with someone who doesn't judge me or have preconceived ideas about me matters a great deal. Everyone I know, although they love me, find it so hard to let me be me. Thank you'.
      With that, for the first time she looked at me directly and her eyes were now bright and full of life. She smiled and her smile was life-affirming, rich and warm. Those few moments of connection had transformed her from a state of inner dishevelment to one of equilibrium; I did nothing other than offer her the warmth of my inner smile, but that single act seemingly reached deeply into her heart and soul.
      She smiled one more time, got up and walked away. I remained on my wall, making a mental note to remember to smile more often, not just to others but also within as well. As the silence of that special moment ended, the birds starting singing and the wheels of life started turning again, but I realised the gift of that moment for it gave me a stronger connection to the unity of life and to the interconnectedness of us all...
      Rainbows may only come after the rain, but never feel alone; know that the warmth of my smile goes with you today and I wish you all kinds of wonderful.
      Sarah-Jane Grace

       ¬© Sarah-Jane Grace 2013

      Sarah-Jane Grace | Breakspeare Farm | Dorking | Surrey | England

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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