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  • Skye Coe
    Aloha Family of Lightworkers!  At Shay s encouragement I m posting this for all at loving pure love.  If like, please drop us a line and we ll add your name
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2013
    Aloha Family of Lightworkers!  At Shay's encouragement I'm posting this for all at loving pure love.  If like, please drop us a line and we'll add your name to our mailing list.  Intended to be educational as well as offer goodies that relate to Crystal and Mineral Use, Chakra Balancing, Andara Crystal Glass, Aura Quartz, The Lemurian Culture and much more, please feel welcome to explore and download whatever is of interest to you, as well as offer comments & suggestion.  We'd love to hear from you.  To visit entire site directly please go to www.HeartofMaui.com,  Mahalo Nui Loa!  Namaste!  Lovingly . .   )'(  Skye & Team


    MAHALO NUI LOA! for having been part of an exciting and wonderful year of growth for us at Heart of Maui!
    Wanting to connect more with those serving w/higher levels of light-bearing intention, meant giving more attention
    to our website and much love and effort has been given to this effort by awesome WebWeavingWonder Julia Fairchild.

    No longer displaying at the Maui Swap Meet, we have found that connecting with you on a more personal level
    by having those interested in private selection of the Andara and other goods visit my home, more gratifying.  Many 
    of you we connect with only through our website and we are grateful to great legion of Andara Lovers that connect with us
     instantly when new Andara arrive, some of you knowing intuitively which ones are calling to just you! Links to pics of 
    the newest Andara are found below. Just click on underscored text to view/purchase items at site.



    NEW GOODIES ADDED include AromaStone EO CHAKRA BLENDS, masterfully created for us by Patricia 
    Gail McClary of AromaStone Wailea.  Available in Drops, Roll-Ons and Spritzers each is intended to open, activate, 
    clear and energize each chakra used for. Info on ingredients and use of each is available at the site. Many of you reading 
    this are massage  therapists and/or reiki practitioners.  We are offering an ongoing 10% Discount on these for holistic 
    practitioners and a 15% discount for all licensed LMT's.  Thru September FREE mini-samples .25ml of any 2 of blends
     are available at no cost to anyone responding to this email along with your snail mailing address and names of 
    AromaStone Chakra Blends chosen.  A FULL SET of 1ml samples of all seven is available from $77. Not yet
     listed at site, see attached for sample sets details. Great reviews from all who have purchased!


    ELEGANT SHIMMERING 8-POCKET JEWELRY POUCHES are now available in many NEW colors including
    Lavendar Gold Shimmer/Tourmaline and Turquoise & Lime Green Shimmer.   All 12 beautiful and elegant combinations
    are available in three sizes, making them perfect for protection or storage of wide range of valuables from earring and jewelry 
    during travel, to enclosing your valuable crystals, Andara, massage tools and essential oils.  These are same pouches available with
    our Crystal & Mineral, Sacred Geometry and AromaStone Chakra Blend Sets, but many are purchased separately for gift giving, too!
    Their durability has made them long time favorites of many long before we have offered them.  We've seen these 
    offered at much higher prices, so are pleased to be able to offer them at $10, 12 and 15 each.


    SEARCHING FOR A GREAT WAY TO EASILY ADD beauty, color and meaning  to any environment?  
    Look no further. Karuna Arts Prayer Flags & Banners make that very easy, with their  beautifully detailed, hand-batiked
     in Bali-Goddess, Peace, Children's, Chakra and Nature Prayer Flags and Banners! Printed on rayon, a quick drying, tree by-product
      that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these are great way to add feng shui energies to office, children's play, holistic practice, garden,college dorm or any living area  for personal enjoyment or as a gift!  We offer them at prices 10% below the suggested retail. 
    Each comes with detailed information on historical meaning of each individual flag, giving them what we call 'new age chic!
    Here are three of this summer's great new designs!  Visit here to view size, price details 
    on all 30 Flags & Banners that we offer and or place an order!  


    BUTTERFLY MINI  $21. Set


    OTHER NEW ADDITIIONS to our Tools for Transformation and Conscious Evolution choices include:
    This simple, but wonderful and amazingly responsive 'Lemurian Seed Crystal' Pendulum is a great buy at $22 Each.
     Cut from Lemurian Quartz, on a simple attractive Sterling Silver chain, in pretty organza pouch, w/free How to Use Pendulum Guide. 


    RECENTLY ADDED have been some quietly powerful Golden Healer Lemurian Quartz  
     and Synergy Quartz.  To view new Golden Lemurian and Synergy Quartz arrivals, please visit here.
       For details on individual pieces click on each image and details on sizes and prices will appear.  
    To purchase or for more details either email us or give us a call at 808-280-3682.


    FOR THOSE OF YOU anxiously waiting for newest shipment of Andara . .  they are here!
    Maika and I will be organizing, weighing and blessing them and have them ready for sending by Thursday!
    Pictures of individual pieces larger than 1.25 oz. have been posted below.  To purchase any of those not marked sold,
     please contact us by email at info@... or give us a call at 808-280-3682. There is still one Set of 20 smaller Andara
    available at discounted price of $188.  All orders are filled using a pendulum for best choices for you. If interested in having us select 
    a set of seven for you for a 10% discount give us a call at 808-280-3682.  We are continuing to offer thru September an 
    Akashic Records reading by Gracie at ($5 value) no additional cost for each Andara purchased.  Free shipping is
     offered on all orders $100 and over.  All major CC/DC gladly accepted. 

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