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Divine Guidance ~ Path of the Soul Tarot: Empowerment ~ Light Within

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  • Ash
    Empowerment is a gift. A gift that is seen in the eyes of others and within that reflection we peer into that Spirit which resides within each of us. An
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 17, 2013
      Empowerment is a gift. A gift that is seen in the eyes of others and within that reflection we peer into that Spirit which resides within each of us. An opening, a calling, and yes a willingness to act responsibly and genuinely with true compassion and love. To others, to the world and most especially to ourselves. At the deepest and highest of levels it is the measure that we give this love, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion to ourselves that will be reflected in how we live life and love others. That is a dynamic synergy between the spiritual and material world. The conscious and subconscious. Do we feel that we are 'wandering in the dark bereft of light or guidance'? Let us remember we are not alone and that when we are in the dark let us shift our perspective and remember that the darkness of the womb is where the seed of life begins. It is not lacking in life and when we may feel at our most difficult and challenging of periods we are but a breath and thought away from the fullness of life ready to begin new, fresh and divine within us. That Divine Seed which we nurture with kindness, patience, compassion, acceptance and love. We Are that Seed and We Are that Progenitor, that Creator. Give yourself permission to feel, experience, Know and Be Love. In that permission we will discover that being in that 'dark' place we have rediscovered ourselves and the illumination that is reignited is not from an outer source coming to 'light our way'. It is from that very core and essence of our Highest Self/Source which we are opening to. The beings who have been with us giving us comfort and guidance: They are not the ones who do this. You Are. We Are. They assist us in building our confidence, restoring our passion, being a comfort when we may think we are not able to go on. They are encouraged by us as we begin to step into this place where we let go of judgment, condemnation, worry, fear and doubt for we can transmute and transform those through that unconditional love we give to ourselves and allow to remold ourselves and reconnect to that Highest and Most Deepest and Divine Source that we have always been apart of.

      That support and encouragement also comes from those who walk with us in the same human bodies. They are no less of an encouragement and inspiration. To those who have touched you the most, truly inspired you and shown you the value of love cherish them, embrace them, and love them with that same passion and devotion. For each of you add to the Light Within which glows each with their unique vibrancy and also create a special ray as you come together. Knowing that Light is Knowing your Heart, Knowing One Another and walking this Earth and beyond sharing, creating and expressing Love always. *:x lovestruck

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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