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Aluna Joy: Immortally / Longevity / Rapid Transformation

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        Our newsletter database is automated... THANK YOU for your support and kindness! I meant to add this announcement to the newsletter I sent out yesterday
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      Our newsletter database is automated...

      THANK YOU for your support and kindness!
      I meant to add this announcement to the newsletter I sent out yesterday with the new message - THE HEALING OF THE HOLY GRAIL WITHIN  - Chalice Well, Glastonbury, England on 7/16/13 - Message #2
      Raphael and I had a strong calling to travel the entire Hwy 1... Yes ... all the way up the sacred and incredibly beautiful California coast . . . from Santa Barbara to Crescent City. We were stunned by each and every hair pinned curve in the road. Each corner revealed yet another vista of beautiful, ragged cliffs and unending oceans with vacant beaches. We felt as if we were at the worlds end. We were reminded many times of our experiences in England in 2012 and 2013. It was like we were back in Tintagel. In fact, many people of Celtic heritage come and live on this powerful coast line to feel at home.

      Durning inland jogs in the road, we were dwarfed and awed by the wisdom and power of the the ancient redwoods. We came upon a rare white (albino) redwood tree in Big Sur that really spoke to us. We were so blown away that we searched for others . . . but they did not reveal themselves. It was a gift to us, and we were unequivocally asked to make a pure white, redwood sacred site essence.

      This journey has surely ruined me. My eyes are addicted to the Earth's beauty, and my soul is now being fueled by pure, unplugged nature. We camped on beaches and in forests, and just allowed our souls to be filled with peace and purity. This allowed our souls to recharge to their familiar vibe while being totally unplugged. For this addiction, I will search for no cure; nor will I allow for any intervention; nor rehab. I am happy to be forever anchored in endless, deep blue waters and stretched by upward towering trees that touch the Sun.

      But that which the soul wants forever, in reality there comes another day. I know that in order to return home to my red rock paradise, I will have to cross hot, barren desert and lands that are polluted by misuse and air filled with unseen technology. All I ask from Spirit today is for it to receive my unending gratitude as I emerge from our natural earthly paradise of forest and sea. I ask that this memory stay anchored solidly inside my heart as gentle, earthy peace and harmony, so I am able to take it back to other ancient lands that need it now... Egypt is calling.
      Our New Sacred Site Essence

      Rare Albino Redwood, Big Sur

      Immortally / Longevity / Rapid Transformation.
      Boldly accelerates our adaptation into the energies of the new world.
      In a complex and confusing time, where at the very core of what made us a human being is changing, we are searching for a life boat to navigate the strange void yet energy of a new world. By pure synchronicity we had our first encounter with a rare snow white Albino Redwood tree on a spontaneous road trip up the Big Sur Coast. We could feel its strong energy of adaption, and determination and persistence vibe surrounding the wisdom of longevity, and even immortality.

      Albino Redwoods are the only white evergreens in the world, and are extremely rare. Their locations are closely guarded secrets. There may be as few as 60 in the world, all scattered between the Northern CA coast and Big Sur. They are thought to be the most adaptable plant on earth by being able to change their genes and complex DNA readily and as needed. Since albino redwoods lack essential chlorophyll, they can't make their own energy but have learned to thrive in a world that is not wired like they are. Most plants produce their own energy/food. Without chlorophyll, albino redwoods are unable to engage in photosynthesis in the normal plant way. In humans and other animals, albinism is not necessarily such a big deal. But albino plants are unable to do the very thing that makes a plant a plant.

      Today we are being asked to exit worn-out programs, perspectives and even relationships, geographically locations and livelihoods. We have identified these old energy fields as those which made us human. Now we are arriving into a new frontier where we will understand, navigate and thrive in new energies. We are rapidly transforming into a new self-contained form. This form is the next level/evolution of a conscious human being.

      Use this essence for assistance in accessing your own self-contained power source and light that is connected to the great central sun. Through resonance learn to embody longevity, immortally / rapid DNA transformation and Thriving on the LIGHT Within. It was a powerful privilege to deeply commune with such a unique and special tree! We hope you enjoy it as well.
      You can order this essence here....
      Note.... All Essence orders placed between
      Oct 1st and 20th will be filled after Oct 22nd.
      OUR NEXT ADVENTURE! We invite you to join us.
      March 18 - 31, 2014
      Join our family in anchoring the new Light Grids in an
      Eco-Conscious Pilgrimage for a new Earth and Humanity.

      From wild jungles to the turquoise Caribbean Sea...
      we will visit the Maya Sacred Sites of Palenque, Yaxchillan, Bonampak, Agua Azul, Misol-Ha, Calakmul with rare stele of the Mayan Divine Feminine, Chicanna, Balamku, Xpujil, Becan, Kohunlich,
      Coba and integration at the Caribbean Sea.

      Experience . . . Ancient Memory and Soul Retrieval . . . Opening to our Sixth Sense and more . . . Rejuvenation and Soul Healing . . . Re-connecting with our Star Family . . . Activating the Kundalini . . . Bringing Forth our New Abundance Codes . . . Accessing the Codes of Spherical Dimensions . . . Finding a New Cosmic Balance . . . Reconnection to the New SUN . . . Owning our Starry Heritage . . . Learning to live in a world without duality.
      Our group is signing up for this pilgrimage here.
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      Our newsletter database is automated...

      THANK YOU for your support and kindness!

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