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Spiritual Dynamics Newsletter: Conscious Level versus Location Level

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        Spiritual Dynamics Newsletter Spiritual Growth, Vitality and Wellness Conscious Level versus Location Level by Owen K Waters One of the many metaphysical
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      Spiritual Dynamics Newsletter
      Spiritual Growth, Vitality and Wellness
      Conscious Level versus Location Level
      by Owen K Waters

      One of the many metaphysical topics that cause confusion today is the concept of ascension to a higher level of existence.

      Many teachers have said that we have had opportunities in recent years to ascend to the fourth "dimension" (higher-physical fourth density) and even the fifth "dimension" (nonphysical fifth density.) And yet, here we are, all standing around in third density. No one has ascended, none of our friends have suddenly disappeared into higher realms of existence, and it can all end up sounding like empty promises.

      The promises actually weren't empty; they were valid concepts that were simply misunderstood by the teachers. On our 2012 gateway course, for example, the pathway into fifth-density, soul consciousness was opened wide to those who participated in the daily attunements. Although we were teaching people how to reach soul consciousness, we didn't suggest that anyone would physically disappear and relocate into a higher realm. With the enormous support given to all of us by the ascended masters, the 2012 course was a roaring success in helping people establish access to fifth-density, soul-realm consciousness.

      Let's look at some new terminology that will clear away the confusion. Attendees on that course now have the ability to reach 5D soul consciousness at any time. That means reaching the 5D CONSCIOUS LEVEL while their physical bodies are still located in this 3D LOCATION LEVEL. Conscious Level and Location Level are often two different things.

      Even though your physical body is stationed in the 3D Location Level, your Conscious Level can vary from minute to minute. You can be focused on a practical challenge requiring 3D thinking one minute, then go into heart-centered 4D consciousness the next minute and then, with some training, launch even further into 5D soul consciousness.

      Here's another example of Conscious Level versus Location Level. Bear in mind that all things in Creation have some form of consciousness because everything in the universe is composed of consciousness. Energy is no exception; it is composed of consciousness in a compressed form.

      At the lowest density of awareness exist the building blocks of the physical universe - basic chemical elements like hydrogen, copper, calcium and silicon. These basic elements exhibit a 1D (first-density) Conscious Level, yet they exist with us in this 3D world. Their Location Level is 3D even though their Conscious Level is 1D.

      A little further up the scale of consciousness is the plant kingdom in the 2D, second-density Conscious Level. Again, their 3D Location Level is different to their 2D Conscious Level. In fact, there is no Planet Earth in manifestation below our 3D level of existence.

      The primary consciousness of Gaia, the Mother Earth, exists in 7D seventh-density consciousness, which is the first layer of the cosmic realms of awareness. Besides her root consciousness in 7D, Gaia maintains a presence in the 6D angelic realms, the 5D soul realms, the 4D subtle realms, and the 3D physical realm.

      So, when do we get out of 3D and physically move up into the more subtle physical world of 4D? No one on the planet has ever known the answer to that question but, when it happens, it will be looked back upon as the main event of The Shift. So, even though we refer to these changing times as The Shift, they are really leading up to the big event of a migration of all matter into 4D, which may occur either suddenly or gradually.

      When it happens, The Shift into the 4D Location Level will include everyone. There will be no early ascendees disappearing from 3D and moving into 4D ahead of time. The reason for this is simple: No individual can invoke enough of the energy required to transform their physical body from 3D into 4D. The planet has the energy required and, when she transforms her physical body from a 3D Location Level to 4D, our bodies, like all physical matter, will go along for the ride.

      The rapid changes leading up to The Shift have been accelerating since the 1960's. As part of the ongoing evolution of the galaxy, the Earth is required to move up in vibration. Rather than respond to the Divine directive immediately, she chose to spend several decades preparing humanity with higher energies. When humankind is sufficiently ready to make the transition into a higher physical density, she will vibrationally "move up in the heavens" and we will then be located in the 4D frequency band of existence.

      In the meantime, the doorway is open for you to experience higher states of consciousness than ever before. You can tune into your 5D Conscious Level of soul awareness, gaining valuable insights into how you can transform your life for the better.

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