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Quado's Garden: Observe ~ Power Animal of the Week: Camel & Elephant

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  • Ash
    Today is perfect in all its unfolding. How true that declaration is for this is a reflection of ourselves whether we conscious are aware or not. You are
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2013
      "Today is perfect in all its unfolding." How true that declaration is for this is a reflection of ourselves whether we conscious are aware or not. You are perfect in all of the myriad of your aspects and experiences. You are a breathe of the Divine that dwells within you that continues to unfold and grow. In that unfolding observe. Observe within yourself and around you. That combination of those energies flowing from within you and that flow toward you are apart of that sublime, beautiful Divine Matrix. Actively Listen and Observe: Where we release reactions and become proactive when the time comes for us to make a decision, to make a choice and this quiet observation is not indecision. It is a sign of the wisdom that lies and grows within you. How you are choosing to embrace life and to move forward. By staying alert, see all that is beneficial and for what is not the wisdom to discern what is transmutable and transformational and those cords which call to be totally severed. All in all to being released. All to the benefit of this Earth, to one another to ourselves.

      We observe those doorways which we truly do become apart of creating and manifesting. We make our decisions more and more from a place of patience, confidence, serenity and compassion. Each of these born from genuine, unconditional love which is never separate from any aspect of existence through the outer and inner worlds. You can sustain and grow from the resources that are within you. This is not suggesting that you are 'an island unto yourself'. Rather that we grow into a healthy interdependence that emphasizes a vibrant synthesis of our individual and collective growth. Our self-worth can and will reflect the same value that we can and do create together as a society, a community, a family and that is a Divine Reflection of Our Earth and that in how we manifest this Vision. We heal ourselves, one another and the Earth in the process.

      Here, and in many other areas, Camel and Elephant guide and remind us of our inner strength and to remember that to see our strength deepen and grow we must utilize that strength. With patience, confidence, compassion, love and wisdom. Grounded, focused and a vision that expands, shifts and embraces fresh and new directions while honoring the wisdom of those before us and carrying that together to create a bold, new, loving future that begins right now within each of us. Our Purpose can, does and will grow with a crisp clarity.

      Let us remember to continue to breath in deeply and that our Breath is the Breathe of Source that lives and moves within us, through us and has always been apart of us. Observe Life unfold and Know that you are apart of this Life that blossoms eternally in Love.


      Today is perfect in all its unfolding.  Today it will unfold as it will unfold, a combination of your energies and the energies which are coming toward you, a combination of things already set in place and things that will occur just in the moment.  All of this will be unfolding and your job is to create wonderful, positive energy, which encourages those things that are beneficial to you and to be very alert and observant, responding to things as they are in the moment.
      Listen closely.  Watch closely.  Be open and receptive and willing to make great shifts to your previous ideas of how things should be.
      Opportunities are most often missed when you are trying to fit the circumstances into a preconceived shape.  Let things flow and be as they are.  Let life take shape as it will.  Just step back and watch and listen before you act.

      The Camel
      Creativity          Self-Sufficiency          Healing

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the camel fill you. Click here to Listen to the Camel's Song.

      The camel is a wonder of self-containment and self-sufficiency, able to survive long periods of time just on what is contained within.  Camel energy will bring to you this ability to be your own best resource, able to pull out your talents and skills with ease, always finding everything you need just by going inside.
      With camel energy within you, you will find you are a deep well of creativity and capability which never runs dry.  You will be able to produce solutions to situations that are original and creative, yet highly practical.  And you will do this easily, as a natural part of being who you are. 
      Camel energy is infused with health and vitality, giving you a vibrant immune system and the power to heal yourself.  As your closeness with camel spirit increases, this healing energy will begin to extend to others as well, as you develop your skills as a healer.
      Healthy and long-lived, a hardy, self-sufficient survivor with a deep well of creativity and strength, you are the camel.  How blessed you are!

      The Elephant
      Strength          Wisdom          Purpose

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the elephant fill you. Click here to listen to the Elephant's Song.

      Ah, what power is yours.  You are a tower of strength.  Your heart is full of courage and you know that you can do and be anything you care to.  After all, you are the elephant.
      With the elephant spirit within you, you will be able to command attention and hold power without saying a word.  When you are this strong, when you have this much power, you can do and say little and still have great impact. Your power is absolute; there is no need to talk about it.  You command the situation simply by being.
      Your elephant energy will also increase your memory and allow you intuitive access to the wisdom of the ages, teaching you as the elephants have taught each other, generation after generation.  As you walk the old elephant pathways of knowledge, you will find that solutions will come to you with a sudden knowing.
      The elephant energy is very social and affectionate and will allow you to build a strong support system of loving friends and family, loyal and devoted.  Close interactions with others will come naturally as you become more comfortable with elephant energy.
      Whenever you need to, just breathe in deeply and let the elephant power pour into you.  Then go about doing what you wish to do, quietly and with purpose, knowing that you cannot help but succeed.  For you are the elephant and the universe bends to your will.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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