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Selacia's Article: Prepare for 9/21 Equinox Gateway

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      Selacia's Article:
      Prepare for 9/21 Equinox Gateway
      - understanding energy gateways -

      with invitation to 9/21 Equinox Gateway
      Global Meditation Event with The Council of 12
       (use this powerful gateway to catalyze positive shifts) 

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      Dear friends,   
      Equinox officially occurs on 9/22 - the gateway is being celebrated 9/21 with a global meditation I'm offering to help people connect with higher frequencies and move through the gateway in the most beneficial way. Adding to the intensity and beneficial potential of the weekend is the 9/19 full moon, amplifying effects of inner work and meditation. Connect with our 9/21 Equinox global meditation HERE. May you have a beautiful day! 
      Love and light,
      Prepare for 9/21 Equinox Gateway 
      by Selacia

      The upcoming Equinox is one of the key energy gateways left in 2013. Other gateways include November's solar eclipse at the new moon.  As you experience each of these gateways, you have an opportunity to greatly accelerate your spiritual growth and to find a new balance in your life.

      Understanding Energy Gateways  

      What is an energy gateway? It's a powerful window of time when you can perceive more about yourself and your world.

      It's a time when you can connect more tangibly with spirit and benevolent unseen forces - receiving helpful insights about your life direction.

      It's a time when you have expanded levels of help in moving through your obstacles and in clearing old stuff no longer serving you.

      Leading up to one of these energy gateways, it's common to experience a roller coaster ride, feeling on top of the world some days and other days feeling in despair about your next step.

      You also can have headaches and other unexplainable, uncomfortable physical symptoms just before or even on the gateway date.
      If this happens to you, understand that you are processing energy, and as you do this, you may feel tired or have temporary discomfort.

      As an experienced practitioner, you learn that these temporary symptoms are not cause for alarm. You understand that you will move through them more easily when you go within and participate in spiritual processes designed to raise your frequency.

      Feeling okay this week, but still dizzy from the recent ups-and-downs?  Here's some perspective.

      Read More HERE

      Equinox Gateway Global Meditation with The Council of 12
      Cosmic Consciousness Earth  
      Join Selacia and The Council of 12 for this Equinox event, designed to help you step into the higher frequencies and balance your energies in these uncertain times.  
      Looking for a way to boost your energy and rise above mundane concerns triggered during these roller-coaster moments? 

      Equinox - celebrated by us on September 21, Saturday (Sunday if you're across the international dateline) - will be a powerful energy gateway. The Council of 12 will be working with you, even now as you preregister ahead, to prepare you and to begin opening up your energy field to receive the higher-vibrational frequencies.

      We will record this on mp3 - provided complimentary to all registered at the website.

      Please Register HERE
      spirit gateway
      Teleclass (phone/skype):        6:30 to 8:30 pm Los Angeles time
      On Site (Santa Monica, CA):    6 to 10 pm

      Workshop Fee:                     $30 teleclass * $40 on site


      Coming soon - Council of 12 global meditations on Sept. 21, Nov. 2, Dec. 7. Schedule.

      Stay in touch with Selacia - you may connect with me through emails, private DNA healing sessions, astrology life readings, and events, and via my Facebook pages: Selacia Sel (personal profile), 'Selacia, The Council of 12,' and 'Explore Living Fragrances with Selacia.' To receive ongoing articles and updates - including my annual predictions message - please join my mailing list at Selacia.com.

      Selacia & The Council of 12 | Selacia | Communication for Transformation | 171 Pier Avenue #284 | Santa Monica | CA | 90405


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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