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Pleiadedolphininfos: Suzanne Lie ~ Back On The Mothership Part 2

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  • Ash
        Suzanne Lie ~ Back On The Mothership Part 2 Posted: 10 Sep 2013 10:17 AM PDT Back On The Mothership Part 2 -- THE VORTEX 9-9-13 The Vortex
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      Posted: 10 Sep 2013 10:17 AM PDT

      Back On The Mothership Part 2 -- THE VORTEX


      The Vortex

      Mytria and I did go to the mess hall after our meeting with the Arcturian and had a wonderful reunion with all our friends. Afterward we settled into our joint cabin for a much needed sleep when our cabin suddenly filled with a light so bright that we could not see. We knew that the light was an actual phenomenon, but we were not sure if we were in our dream state or our fifth dimensional lightbody state. However, it was clear that we were merged into our ONE being of divine complements.

      We surrendered into the light and instantly knew that we were traveling at the speed of light. We were unaware of our destination, but had learned to relax into these experiences. It was then that we realized that we were in our lightbody as there was no distinction between the light and us. Therefore, there was no sense of travel, but we knew that we were over-lighting planet Earth. This Earth was very different than the one that Mytria and I had visited.

      For one thing, the planet appeared to be much larger and radiated an aura filled with unconditional love and pure joy. We felt that it would be helpful if we thought of an area we would like to visit. We thought of the small town surrounded by mountains where we had last seen Sandy and Jason. Instantly we saw the town beneath us, but it was no longer a sleepy town. It had become a major hub of intergalactic travel. We also observed that many non-human beings were working peacefully and effectively with the humans.
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      Posted: 10 Sep 2013 10:15 AM PDT

      Let us begin this missive by thanking you all for the tenacity you have all shown these last few days. Much seems to be in turmoil now, and it can be very hard indeed to keep the balance in all of this heaving to and fro. For the energies are churning around now, and as they do so, much will come to the surface that has been hitherto hidden. Some of it may be seen as a nuisance, while other things will be seen for the true treasures they really are. Remember, you all carry within you a real treasure trove of spiritual knowledge and power, and now, much of this will be washed out much in the same way that grains of gold are washed out from a pan of sand.

      So again we say, even if times are challenging in all sorts of ways, do not forget to look at yourself and see the deep well of knowledge, power and wisdom that you harbour within. Again, this may become more than obscured by all of the noise that is being emitted at the moment, both from your own physical body, but also from the world at large. So let us take this opportunity to once again remind you of the same old advice of remembering to connect with your own true core as often as you possibly can. For if you do, you will feel the true strength you carry within getting ever closer to the surface.
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      Posted: 10 Sep 2013 10:10 AM PDT

      Uploaded on 9 September 2013 by Ascension Guide Sandra For services and Ascension support, visit http://www.sandrawalter.com 

      Posted: 10 Sep 2013 09:58 AM PDT

      Amam_camp_-_Flickr_-_Al_Jazeera_EnglishA hiking  trip is what we all are upon in this journey of our lives in the now.  That trip leaves al sorts of experiences and paths open for you even in this last phase of our trip. Still the trip will lead eventually  to that one space.  Know the door is open even if you got hiking on the separation path instead of the path of neutrality, balance and the being in center. 
      You might have made or even make still mistakes and that is perfectly alright. Do not forget to come back on trail without having negative attachments , grouches or still separation belief structures  that keep you from being just YOU centered. The whole circus is now on te road to give you learning lessons about what separation WAS in your life, so you can let go. The more you see unity you will see also what separation is and was and therefore  see the neutral zone appearing.  Personally I reached out a lot of times to those that chose to get hiking on a separation trip and even I have been sometimes of course myself.  I respect the choice of anyone who decided to disconnect.  I  still do not get the construct of  separation even when labelled as  love or oneness or whatever term you give it. A circle in the sand is still an enclosure.
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