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News and the Existence of Being by Master Kuthumi| Natalie Glasson | Om Na

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      Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na

          Welcome to the Sacred School of Om Na with channelled wisdom, light and love through Channel, Author and Spiritual Mentor, Natalie Glasson.You are greatly appreciated and loved unconditionally in this very moment, light and wondrous blessings are sent to your heart and soul, you are honoured as your true self.

      Dear Shay,
      This week's channelled message is from Master Kuthumi focused upon the practice and exsistance of Being.    
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      Many blessings, Natalie

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      The Existence of Being by Master Kuthumi
      Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 05-09-13-www.omna.org
      Beloved ones, I extend the golden light of the Christ into your being to illuminate the beauty, love and luminosity that you hold. We are all the Christ energy and hold the Christ’s aspect of the Creator within our beings. This symbolises that we are all conscious love beings, consciously attuned and aligned with all that is the Creator. Do you give yourself complete permission with each day that you awaken upon the Earth to be a conscious love being, attuned and aligned with all that is the Creator? In this golden era of the Christ where conscious love is required and present within your being to be experienced, it is now time to permit yourself to be and experience yourself as the beautiful being that you are.
      Where there is conscious love, there will always be flow, purpose, truth, awareness, clarity, healing and divine experience. It is now time to consciously give yourself permission to exist as a conscious love being upon the Earth; alert to the actions, reactions, interweaving and manifestation of love. This is a dispensation that is being shared with all Ascended Masters and Archangels so that we are encouraged to share the same with you, reminding you of your divine right which is so essential for you to obtain and accept in your current physical reality. We encourage you to accept your own divine self and to remain in conscious integration and merging with your divine self for a more complete experience and manifestation.
      Do you remember your first experiences upon awakening into your spiritual journey? Do you remember the connections you made, the understandings you received, the pain that you released? Such experiences continue in your physical realty each day whether you are aware of them or not, there is a purpose to each spiritual or self-exploration experience that you create. The purpose is that you are asking yourself to BE in and as your divine self, to BE in and as your conscious love and to BE in and as the Creator. When you meditate you are asking yourself to BE in and experience the peace within your being with an awareness of your body, physicality and spiritual essence or soul. You are asking yourself to slow down so that you can take time to be conscious of all that you are and all that is occurring within your being. Your complete energy is often labelled a BEING, this is to symbolise and describe to you that when you are in greater awareness of your entire energy you are B EING; you are existing in conscious communication, awareness and alignment with yourself. BEING could be likened to allowing yourself to be happy, to radiate or to relax; you can be all these aspects as you move gently through your reality.
      When you begin to accept yourself as a BEING and your purpose also as BEING you begin to erase the purpose and attention of Doing, which is to be active without being conscious or attuned to your divine self and the Creator. As you read my communication, do you feel as if you are Doing or BEING? Are you completing an action by reading or are you allowing yourself to be in conscious integration with the words and energy. In many ways it is your perspective that may need to alter in the way that you perceive yourself in achieving and experiencing your reality.
      By allowing yourself to BE in each situation and moment of your reality you are centred, aware, alert, conscious, attuned and aligned with all that is occurring within and around you, in truth all that is the Creator. You are open to the divine flow of the Creator; you experience and become the divine flow of the Creator. In truth you are existing with the divine flow of the Creator. The Creator’s energies are ever flowing and evolving; your energies are the same because you are an aspect or representative of the Creator.  BEING is to exist, but there is a need to determine what you choose to exist with or as. Many people hide behind their personalities, create characters or habits that they believe identifies and symbolises them, therefore their character, personality and habits create and define their existence. When you allow yourself to BE, you are allowing yourself to exist as nothing but also as everything that is the Creator, it can be described as onenes s or unity existence. There is nothing that truly defines you and yet you recognise yourself existing as, with and in oneness or conscious awareness with the Creator.
      With this existence there is no longer anything that needs to be done in your reality whether goals or mundane actions that needs to be executed. This means that nothing requires you to disconnect from your conscious existence of oneness with the Creator but you are asked to move through experiences and actions allowing the Creator from within you to achieve all, this is to BE. Being present with conscious awareness of the Creator within you in every situation and experience within your reality means you are always following the guidance and divine will of the Creator. Everything begins to move, be performed and achieved with tremendous ease because you are aligning all of your experience, including yourself, mind, emotions and actions with and as one with the Creator.
      Allowing yourself to BE you are encouraged to realise that there are certain aspects of yourself and ego which you will be asked to surrender or let go of because they cause conflict with your existence with and as one with the Creator. The process of surrendering heightens your awareness of the Creator within you while clearing space for you to simply exist, breathing the divine light of the Creator. BEING isn’t about stillness in the body or reality, there is no need to hide yourself away from humanity, it only asks you to emanate your inner stillness whatever you are experiencing, even if you are dancing wildly. Your inner stillness is a result of your conscious awareness of the Creator within you, flowing through you, guiding you and being of service to and through you.
      There are many ways to make a shift into a BEING existence rather than a Doing existence, most of these shifts will come from your own exploration, contemplation and inner insight. It is important to realise that it is most likely that a person focused upon BEING will achieve far more than a person focused upon Doing as they will automatically call upon the universe and the Creator to work through them and inspire them to be in the right places, with divine timing, holding the most appropriate knowledge and attracting all that is needed.
       It is also important to realise that you are not missing out on anything, lacking in anything or being punished for anything. When you can be content in your existence but connected to the divine love, abundance, miracles and magic of the Creator then anything is possible and you experience a deep overwhelming contentment. Again you are allowing yourself to exist in the vibration of the Creator with an awareness of all that is the Creator.
      The process of BEING can be obtained through an awareness of your centre, bringing your attention back to your centre. Your centre can be a simple feeling of love or joy that you are able to return to no matter what is occurring around and within you. Your centre then expands to return healing, alignment and clarity to all aspects of your energy. You can practice cultivating a feeling of love five times in your day which will allow you to grasp the experience of being as one with the Creator.
      Another practice is to ask yourself upon waking from your sleep, ‘What shall I BE today?’ or ‘How shall I exist as one with the Creator today?’  You can also ask yourself what you need to do or achieve today but then contemplate how you can achieve this with conscious awareness of the Creator within you. It may be that you need to connect with the Creator energies within you asking for guidance or support.
      You may also wish to state to yourself with determination and joy, ‘I now permit myself to exist and BE in conscious oneness with the Creator.’
      Over the coming week call upon my energies, Master Kuthumi, let us together contemplate the process of BEING in existence and oneness consciously with all that is the Creator within every moment of your reality. I am ready to inspire and assist you. To BE is also to exist in openness and acceptance.
      From my divine BEING to your Divine BEING,
      Master Kuthumi
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      Divine Feminine Magic
      The Arousal of the Divine Feminine Wisdom and Power
      A Major Shift for the Divine Feminine
      With Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Grandmother Anna
      Channelled Workshop  through Natalie Glasson
      Saturday 12th October 2013
      Chalice Well Meeting Room, Glastonbury, UK
      At the foot of the Heart Chakra of the Earth in Glastonbury, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Grandmother Anna will return presenting themselves through Natalie’s Channel to usher forward a deep heart awakening of the divine feminine for the planet and for your divine self.
      Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Grandmother Anna will work as a sacred trinity of light to bring forth new dimensions of the feminine vibration into the Earth and into your consciousness. Accessing sacred wisdom, codes, symbols and energetic patterns from their existence on the Earth during the period of Master Jesus, they will bring forth a light vibration so abundantly charged with the new divine christed feminine vibrations to seed into the Earth, while conveying valuable insights from the Goddess realms. Each of these beings holds a strong connection with the Christ vibration, the Holy Grail and the magic of creation itself, which they wish to share with you and remind you of. Powerful Masters and teachers in their own right they bring forth sacred practices, teachings, inspiration and techniques from their past and the divine Goddess present to aid your ascension pathway, healing and greater understanding of your divine self. They ask you to step into the power of you r divine feminine thus shifting into a state of deep alignment with the Creator.
      Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Grandmother Anna wish to familiarise you in the practices of Creation and Creation Matrix Alignment to aid manifestation and attunement.  They will guide you to work with powerful matrix alignments of the Earth and inner planes while activating your divine Goddess body and revealing its sacred spiritual skills.
      With your support they wish to raise the vibration of the entire presence of the divine feminine upon the Earth, creating a pure bridge with the cosmic Goddess to allow new Goddess wisdom to surface and anchor into the consciousness of all. This will be a major shift for humanity and a significant awakening shift within your being.
      In an intimate setting these sacred feminine masters will recall memories from their time with Master Jesus and their own lifetimes to inspire divine activation and remembrance within your being.
      Join Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Grandmother Anna and Natalie for a day filled with channelling, meditations, activations, remembrance, heart vibrations, healing, awakening, planetary shifts and the divine presence of the Goddess magic and creation.
      Become your Goddess Power as you be of service to the Earth and yourself.

      Celestial Portal of Sanctuary and Ascension
      With the Celestial White Beings
      The Opportunity To Acquire All You Need For Your Current Ascension!
      Co Create with the Celestial White Beings!
      Sunday 13th October 2013
      Chalice Well Meeting Room, Glastonbury, UK
      The Celestial White Beings step forth in order to honour and truly support your ascension process upon the Earth in this New Era. Their greatest purpose within this workshop is to provide you with what you truly need in order to unlock bonds hindering your growth, encouraging you to progress forward with ease.  They will activate a celestial portal within the Heart Chakra of the Earth for the benefit of your spiritual ascension. With such high vibrational frequencies flowing with intensity into your being and the space of the Chalice Well you will have the opportunity to acquire all that is essential to free your divine self.
      The Celestial White Beings wish to focus upon
       Healing - offering you the opportunity to heal anything you wish within their high vibrational celestial frequencies
      Manifestation - encouraging you to use and bathe in their energies to co-create what will serve you and propel you forward along your spiritual and physical path
      Celestial Dimensions- encouraging you to explore and access sacred wisdom and light vibrations within the celestial levels of the Creator’s universe, and connecting with the Celestial White Lions among other celestial beings.
      Ascension Shifts - as the Celestial White Beings offer celestial wisdom and insights to inspire and awaken the mind, heart and entire being further.
      This is a very personal workshop designed by the Celestial White Beings to focus upon your personal connection and exploration of yourself, creating a safe environment for you to achieve shifts and ascension patterning at a celestial level that your entire being has been waiting to achieve. The Celestial White Beings more than anything else wish for you to experience the energy  as you exist in their portal, working inwardly with their support to accelerate your ascension and put into place all foundations that are needed for this new era of divine love. Some of the workshop will be focused upon personal meditation in silence or supported by sound within the energies to aid your further integrating; Natalie will also channel the Celestial White Beings to guide you further.
      The Celestial White Beings in Atlantis worked energetically, marrying the physical and inner plane worlds to bring forth supreme healing and awakening. This is a very different workshop where the Celestial White Beings give to you responsibility of your spiritual growth as they lovingly support you, co creating with you that which is within you.
      The Celestial White Beings hold the vibration of the Multi Universal and Cosmic level of the Creator. They have been sharing their energy and consciousness since the creation of the Earth and now wish to envelope all in love. Their presence was very strong at the time of Atlantis where they held a healing temple devoted to spiritual growth and awakening. Due to their high vibrational frequency and love for humanity they are known as powerful healers.
      Join Natalie and the Celestial White Being for a light enthused day.

      Angelic Synthesis and Embodiment
      With Mother Mary and Archangel Michael
      London Workshop Recording
      A Powerful Angelic Journey of Activations, Exploration and New Angelic Frequencies
      Permit yourself to journey through the Angelic  Dimensions with Mother Mary and Archangel Michael guiding your way. Enjoy a day immersed in the angelic frequencies of the Creator to heal, rejuvenate, enlighten, empower and awaken your inner sacred essence.
      Embodiment of the Creator's vibrations is now becoming immensely vital within your reality. In this new era you can allow yourself the space to truly experience and discover the Creator through your incarnation on the Earth. The Angelic Kingdom hold the pure vibrations of the Creator's heart chakra, they can awaken sacred unknown truths from within your being as well as inspiring a magnitude of shifts and transformations.
      Let yourself embody the angelic vibrations of the Creator by realising your angelic chakras, activating your angelic star gates within your energetic systems, attuning your being to all angelic dimensions, receiving downloads of Angelic consciousness while experiencing the rainbow spectrum healing elixir of the Angelic Kingdom. Discover new Angelic beings who present themselves in service.
      For a long time now we have felt the presence of the Angelic Kingdom with us as we walk the Earth, but in this new era what can they share with us and show us on the inner planes so that we may deepen our understanding of the angelic kingdom and their role in our ascension paths? New dimensions and ashrams are opening up within the angelic kingdom to accelerate ascension and bring forth heightened vibrations and chambers of concentrated awakening for us to experience. The Angelic Kingdom wish to remind you of their presence, their world and to demonstrate the shifts that have occurred within their dimensions.
      Mother Mary known also as an Archangel, divinely as one with Archangel Raphael often represents the angelic kingdom, working closely with their energies and healing vibrations. Archangel Michael holds the powerful vibrations of protection and divine will for the angelic kingdom and humanity. Both, Mother Mary and Archangel Michael invite you to experience a sacred journey of Angelic embodiment with and through the dimensions of the Angelic Kingdom through meditation, activations and sound.
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      Capsule No
      Solar Level Activation
      For Strengthening Body and Light
      with Archangel Metatron
      3rd September 2013
      Archangel Metatron brings forth an activation connected with and working with the Solar Level vibrations, Helios and Vesta and the Solar Level Angels. Archangel Metatron in this capsule encourages you to strengthen your physical and energetic bodies, to stabilise your being, amplify your light and receive the consciousness of the Solar Level light. Archangel Metatron wishes to assist and support your physical body in these times of advanced and enhanced light anchoring and activation.

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