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The Radiant Rose Academy: Join our Day of Prayer for Earth and Nature on Tuesday

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        Radiant Rose Newsletter The Untouchables Clarion for Earth and Nature Tuesday, September 10, 2013 Greetings Beloved Students and Friends of the Radiant
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      Radiant Rose Newsletter
      Radiant Rose Academy Teleconference World Decree Newsletter
      The Untouchables Clarion for Earth and Nature
      Tuesday, September 10, 2013
      Greetings Beloved Students and Friends of the Radiant Rose Academy!

      Tuesday, September 10 is a day of Prayer for Earth and Nature. We will each dedicate 60-70 minutes to pray for the Purification and Resurrection of Earth and Nature, in a 24 hour wave from over 30 countries!

      Our Radiant Rose Academy Earth and Nature Prayer Day attracted the attention of one of Mexico's Top Ten Traditional Singers: Luna Itzel, an Indigenous woman. When she heard about our service for the Earth, she was so supportive that she translated the words of her song from Spanish to English JUST FOR US-so that we can sing to the Earth and the Water Element before we start our prayers! Check out her short video below:

      Canto al Agua Subtitulos (Song to Water) on Luna Itzel’s website site here

      Our goal is to have hundreds of signups by Tuesday so that we can create a HUGE shift for Earth and Nature!

      This is not a "live teleconference" but we will all make it come alive through our own voices on Tuesday at a time that is most convenient for each one of us. Our Messenger Excalibur has prepared a beautiful (optional) recording that we can use along with the new prayer calls. The recording can be found here.

      Participation is cost free, due to student donations of time and funds.

      Beloved Jesus Christ Emanuel said, "Where two of more are gathered in My Name (I AM), there ‘I AM’ in the midst of these". We desire to have at least 2 people for every hour, to ensure continuous decreeing.

      What a beautiful gift back to our Earth we shall give together on Tuesday!

      Easy Participation Tips

      The sign- up sheet is designed for one hour slot registration. The prayer calls take an hour but we included visualizations that extend the actual service to about 70 minutes. This is because we were given so many new prayer call requests.

      Mother Mary said that our visualizations, images that we offer up during our prayers, create blue-prints, designs, cups that the Heavenly Host can fill with Electronic Force and Sacred Fire. Our collective service is made sweeter, joyful and effortless through the visualizations that Excalibur provided in his recording.
      • We ask that students commit to making calls for the 60-70 minutes represented as an hour on the sign-up form in the chosen 24 hour time period. If the “hour” overlaps into 70 minutes and one desires to repeat the session, trust that it is all Divine Timing. If you cannot commit for the full hour, choose a few prayers and do what you can, knowing that you are one with us in our collective unified Heart-Consciousness.

      • While it is not necessary to sign up on the Radiant Rose Academy website, it is very helpful to us so we know all the relay slots are full or if some time periods still need more signups.

      • Click here to sign up for one or more time slots (There are no limits).

      • Prayer Calls for Earth and Nature are available as a "pdf" file that you can print or save and read from your computer. You can also download the optional recording that matches the prayer calls here.

      • For ease of dealing with 24 hour timing around the globe, we chose Vancouver time (Pacific Standard Time) as the starting point of the prayer calls. The first hour starts at midnight on September 10, and then continues for 24 hours. To translate your chosen time to the Pacific Coast Time Click here to go to the worldclock converter website.

      • Questions? Contact our "Tech Angel" student volunteers by sending an email to: rrateleconferences@.... In your email please include what type of computer you are using, your location (city, country) and phone number. Allow time for a response.

      • Click here to access the Ascended Master’s Context for all of our prayer calls.

      Note: Let us all add our voices to Pope Francis' Day of Prayer for Peace in Syria on Saturday, and let’s keep it sustained with our daily prayers.

      "The Untouchables' Clarion"
      "The Untouchables' Clarion Calls" is the name for this ongoing program as we, untouched by the discord in this world, rise in service and create a continuous 24 hour relay of prayers.
      This information is being sent out to students on the Academy Newsletter. Please spread the word to students who you think may not be receiving this information.

      May the Miracles of the Christ unfold in our service to the Light, as we hold the vision for visible, tangible manifestation for the Purification and Resurrection and of Earth and Nature!

      The Radiant Rose Academy

      Radiant Rose Academy Logo


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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