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Expect Wonderful: VICTORY is here. Claim it.

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  • Ash
              The Earth is in a New Harmonic. Our bodies have been elevated. The dimensional access to all dimensions made available, opened up. VICTORY has
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      Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth     
      The Earth is in a New Harmonic.
      Our bodies have been elevated. The dimensional access to all dimensions made available, opened up.
      VICTORY has happened.
      And with this, joy IS here. In abundance.
      As is money, clarity, ease, happiness, beautiful relationships, delightful communities, deeply fulfilling work, amazing inspiration and creativity, incredible opportunities for fulfillment and expression and even just being in bliss, awe and expansive peace.
      Are you feeling it?
      Does it last? Is it sustained? Is it real FOR YOU?
      We had a lot of life before this all happened.
      And we were so key to all this happening, in fact, we co-created this, most definitely, and yet, so many of us are still trying to sort out how to get it right, how to finish the clearing, how to tap into the juicy stuff we sense is here, and for a lot of very tired Light Bearers, it's not yet happening.
      With this, Archangel Michael has suggested that we do new kinds of things together. Ways to come together and FOCUS regularly, and entrain new ways of being present and just show up and receive.
      To come together and FEEL the love of our community and our connection with each other. To have an ease-filled way of discovering our own pathway into the New Earth.
      So that you may be richly supported,
      so that you may know how loved and precious you are, and be reminded of this, regularly.
      Archangel Michael & I
      invite you to 
      let yourself be lifted up
      with grace and ease
      by the 
      Soar Fest! 
      just have to claim it. 
      And EVERYONE is included.
      Can you love yourself enough to just let yourself have some grace and ease and loving support and caring encouragement and even, dare I say it, some FUN after all of this?
      Why not enjoy and discover the immense beauty of being YOU?
      You, in your non-physical energy are calling you into the fulfillment of life that is entirely natural to you.
      Can YOU let it be easy? 
      Can you allow your higher self to give you so much more then you have ever received so far?

      Can you allow it to shift, to open, 
      to change, to move past everything that has been so hard, so disappointing, which has distorted your true sense of self? To enlarge into the potential of

      Just show up and let your heart re-orient.
      Let Archangel Michael & your Higher Self, your Soul Self, Your Cosmic Self, your Universal Presence, re-define, purify and broadcast a more accurate, clear and true understanding of YOU.

      And I promise. If you come, you will like it.
      It will FEEL good.
      And there is no reason to NOT come,
      because it's available to you, at ANY PRICE, or FREE.
       21-days starting September 10,
      the Self-Love,
      Falling in Love with YOU
      Soar Fest
      with Archangel Michael! 
      Click here for all the details and to claim your VICTORY:
      Be a thriving version of you.
      For more information about all events, retreats, workshops, programs, readings and to access channeled messages and articles, visit Expect Wonderful online.
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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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