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    http://www.courtneymilne.com/html/pool_of_possibilities/healing_waters/index.cfm THE HEALING POWER OF WATER AND INTENTION   The Scientific Foundation The more
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      The Scientific Foundation
      The more I learn about water, the more it intrigues me.
      The power of water to imprint information from molecules of other substances was first demonstrated in the practice of homeopathic medicine, which dates to the late 18th century. In this tradition, a solution of water with a measured known substance is diluted many times, to the point where it is scientifically impossible for the final dilute solution to contain any molecules of the original substance. Yet it still has an effect as though those molecules were present. This ability of water to retain this kind of 'memory' is now accepted in most scientific circles, even if the mechanism is not always well understood.
      Water is now considered to be the most important element in all biological processes, including aging. In fact, all communication between molecules in the body requires water. Water molecules can also vary in flexibility and shape, resulting in different biological effects. Some scientific research suggests water may even be the basis for human consciousness.
      The Power of Intention
      Some time ago I came across a series of books by Dr. Masaru Emoto,  including "The True Power of Water". In it, he describes how years of experimentation showed him how water responded to the attention he gave it.
      Dr. Emoto directed energy to the water through meditation, focusing of human attention, or labeling containers of water with various words. A variety of themes were portrayed, such as love, joy, happiness, evil, hate, and fear. For example, he once had a group of people in Jerusalem send positive loving thoughts to a container of polluted water on his desk in Tokyo. He then froze the water used in these experiments and examined and photographed the resulting ice crystals. His microscopic investigations revealed that if the water received the energy of joy or love, it produced beautiful symmetrical crystal formations. On the other hand, water that was hated or ignored produced flat, featureless or distorted and dark forms.
      Dr. Emoto's research has had a profound effect on me, giving me a new appreciation of water as a miraculous substance, especially my pool.
      We Are Made of  Water
      The human body consists of 70-90% water, with the amount varying through the life span and with the health of the individual. Every muscle, organ, nerve cell, and connective tissue is surrounded by water, and every molecule of these structures requires water to perform its specialized function.  For example, for every molecule of protein in our bodies, we have 15,000 molecules of water. Everything our bodies do depends on this watery environment. So perhaps it is not surprising why we, too, flourish when given love, encouragement, and positive stimulation. Dr. Emoto calls this "Hado", the vital energy that water carries. Many of these concepts were popularized in the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know". 
      The Pool of Possibilities
      How does this relate to the water in our swimming pool, the Pool of Possibilities? First, let me set the scene.
      The pool is located in front of our home which is in the middle of 80 acres of aspen parkland, about 10 miles from the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in Canada. The pool is surrounded by flowering bushes and evergreens, birch, and aspen trees, which all produce reflections in the water. It is common for white tailed deer to wander through our front yard in the summer to drink from the birdbaths. In the winter, they come close to the house to rob seeds from the bird feeders.
      A Gift for the Pool
      Over a period of eight years of photographing the pool, I have come to realize the profound effect that the pool and its images have on my psyche and my soul. The beauty created in this watery space is impacting virtually everyone who sees it, either in person, or in my pictures. People are transfixed, stilled, awed, or changed in some way. The pictures often leave people with a sense of wholeness, or feeling a deep sense of connection to nature. Comments include: "the pictures are so beautiful they help me see the depth of my soul", and "they're like a meditation."
      Like Dr. Emoto, I believe water and its images contain a vital energy that resonates with our bodies and gives us a sense of healing. I felt compelled to gift the pool in return, so in the summer of 2006, I directed a lot of attention and gratitude toward the pool. We also installed a healing symbol, a geometric representation of the energy of love and gratitude, under water on one end of the pool.  Within two weeks, people commented on how the water felt smoother and silkier on the skin.  A number of people said they felt a healing peaceful quality when immersed in the water.  Animals, especially deer and porcupine, seemed to be more drawn to the edge of the pool. In November, exquisitely beautiful ice patterns formed on the frozen surface, and in December, the entire pool surface broke out in islands of ice crystals, like miniature fern gardens, not unlike Emoto's most perfect crystals. 
      A Pool Blessing
      In the fall of 2006, in a spirit of gratitude, we invited friends to participate in a pool blessing ceremony conducted by a local shaman, Trent Deerhorn.
      As the winter progressed and snow accumulated on the ice, we were astonished to see that deer would actually bed down inside the pool, sitting for many hours at a time. This had never happened in the past, and we can only assume that something had changed in the energy and ambiance around the pool that made the deer feel safe to be so close to human beings.

      To this day, miraculous events keep happening. I honestly can't discern whether the pool has changed or my perceptions are keener -- or both -- but I do know that whatever the truth, I have the pictures to prove it.
      Let the pool inspire your own miracles. The powerful images and inspiring words of pool wisdom in my e-calendar will help remind you that the true Pool of Possibilities lives within your soul.

      © Courtney Milne 2013. All rights reserved.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'


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