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White Wolf Journeys: Virgo New Moon September 5th

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  • Ash
       Weave the Web   September 4, 2013 Virgo New Moon September 5th     We are entering the time of the Virgo New Moon, which brings a tremendous
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       Weave the Web

      September 4, 2013
      Virgo New Moon September 5th
      We are entering the time of the Virgo New Moon, which brings a tremendous opportunity to experience wholeness and the integration of everything we have learned about ourselves this past year.  Being one who chooses not to listen to the news and feel the impact of the fear based messages we are being bombarded with I am finding there is no way of escaping the chaotic energies we are being fed without making a personal commitment to each and everyday find the time to cleanse and purify your thought forms.    New Moons always provide us with a new canvas to create and begin again.  Another opportunity to become clear on the dream and discover what we still need to weed out of our life to increase the energy for manifestation.  An opportunity to perform sacred ritual seeding new opportunities, new visions and new ways of being with love and light.   The only way we can affect change in our world is to live by example and to practice on a daily basis our spiritual beliefs.   Honoring the cycles of the moon and performing sacred ritual is one way to create positive change both individually and globally.  Yes we can make a difference.
      We have all been going through deep shifts as we birth ourselves into our true identity.  Its time to live life by loving what we do instead of doing what is expected of us by others.  You are encouraged to cleanse your body, mind, heart and soul. Embody more of who you truly. Remember if we are feeling fear, jealousy, greed and separation then we are living life from the ego.  This will only keep us earthbound.  Until we learn forgiveness, humility and compassion, we will not fully transcend our karma.   With a new moon in Virgo we will feel a strong desire to reach our highest level of purity and perfection. We need to remember that our perfection lies within our imperfection and our ongoing life lessons. New Moons are a blank page on which to speak your dreams out loud as they symbolize creation, manifestation, birth, and rebirth. The new moon phase is an optimal time for planting and seeding your intentions. Remember, seedlings need a period of gestation before they break through the soil and reach for the sunlight.
      As the world waits with a hesitant heart to see what action will or will not be taken in Syria, it will be incredibly important to use your light as a source of bringing greater awareness to those entrusted with making decisions and choices that will have a huge impact on our global community. There is tremendous power in holding the light through  prayer. With the New Moon energy, once again set intention for all beings coming together in oneness.  If you have a map of the world (you can easily print one from the internet) with the New Moon energy, place a clear quartz crystal on the land of Syria and visualize sending love to this region you can also fill a small bowl of water and place a pink rose in the vessel placing it directly on the land of Syria.  Both water and crystal serve as conduits for changing consciousness and raising energy.  Place another crystal on the land of Japan and visualize sending love and healing to the land and the waters that are being impacted with radiation.  A simple prayer asking for forgiveness of the ignorance of humanity and a desire to be an expression of peace and love can have a huge impact with this Virgo New Moon.
      With this Virgo new moon we are in Ireland, beginning a wonderful journey with those who have answered a stirring in their hearts to return to the enchanted lands of Ireland, Scotland and England to continue to reestablish the alliance between the unseen world and the human world.  We have come to awaken the dragon within ourselves and within the landscape where the dragon spirit has laid dormant.   The dragon is the guardian of the ancient wisdom of transformation and all of us are undergoing a huge life transformation.   Even if you are not physically with us we are all journeying together through the heart.
      For those in our spiritual community living in Switzerland who wish to experience working with dragon magick as well as gain a deeper understanding of the huge benefits one can achieve with vibrational healing, working with sound, aligning  with  whale and dolphin intelligence through their sacred song, I am offering two workshops in Zurich, on Saturday, September 27th and Sunday, September 28th.  Space is limited so I encourage you to register as soon as possible.  I will also be sharing guidance and insight as to what we can expect and how to work  with the energy available to each of us in 2014.
      Those of you who have my 2013 Moon Cycle and Sacred Sabbat Ritual Book there are several rituals for the New Moon located in the back of the book.     I will be taking preorders for the 2014 Moon Cycle and Sacred Sabbat Ritual Book shortly.  Those who preorder will receive a personal message regarding the energy of 2014.  I will send out more details regarding this in the next few weeks.
      Wishing you a magickal New Moon.
      Love and dragon cuddles from the lands of enchantment, Robbyne
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