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News from Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki ~ September 3, 2013

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        I hope you enjoy our new newsletter format to help us stay in touch. I welcome your thoughts about content and format. Always remember that I enjoy
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      I hope you enjoy our new newsletter format to help us stay in touch. I welcome your thoughts about content and format. Always remember that I enjoy hearing from you too!

      Tania Marie on Alchemy
      September 3, 2013
      In This Issue
      Who is Denise Sheehan?
      Sage Spirit Mission
      Tania Marie on Alchemy
      What is Sage Spirit?
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      Denise Sheehan is the Conscious Evolution Coach - a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Trainer, Writer, Conscious Channel and Facilitator. She supports Conscious Evolution Journeys through individual and group life coaching, Reiki sessions and classes, and through other trainings and resources.

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       Sage Spirit Mission

      Sage Spirit Logo
      At Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki, our passion and purpose is to create a space where everyone fully expresses their potential, identifies and creates their authentic path, lives their wildest dreams, and contributes to a healthy, vibrant, joyful new way of being in the world.
      Dear Friends ,
      Tania Marie
      Tania Marie on Personal Power & Alchemy
      Today we have another guest blog post, created originally from a facebook post, from Tania Marie, whom you may remember from a former post on "Mirror Reflections: Integrating Spirit and Form" and "Do You Wear a Spiritual Disguise." Tania is a truly gifted artist, channeling beautiful paintings, portraits, murals, tattoos, jewelry and more. We also studied Reiki together and have enjoyed a beautiful friendship ever since, even though we rarely see each other. Our spirits are joined as sisters-of-the-heart and sharing a meal and conversation with Tania truly delights my spirit. I hope you enjoy these timely and empowering thoughts on alchemy.
       The more you practice your personal power and connection to the abundant and creative Source of your beingness from which we all are connected to, the more you will learn to refine your skills and connect with the alchemy you are naturally attuned to at the core.

      You have never been more supported and loved than you are right now to reclaim the power of your purity.
      Read more.   
      Spring Flower What is Sage Spirit?  
      Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki supports your conscious evolution by unleashing your vital wisdom and promoting your vibrant health! How would our world shift if we all learned to offer our unique gifts, raise our vibration and happiness quotient, and come from a loving heart? This is the path to our evolution and to creating heaven on earth! Life coaching boosts your personal power so you achieve greater manifestation of your goals and dreams. Reiki, a form of energetic clearing and balancing that promotes healing, also removes barriers and challenges, while empowering goals.
      At Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki, we promote purposeful, joyful, creative lives, where we fully embrace personal power, passions, and potential. We experience freedom from stress-related health imbalances, survival- and scarcity-consciousness. We co-create and enjoy harmonious relationships. We embrace increased intuitive capacities, joy, love, and passion for life. 
      Call 775.970.5476 or email to learn more about Sage Spirit. Please forward this to your friends and colleagues as well, especially those experiencing transitions or seeking more meaning in their lives. I really value your assistance in sharing word about Sage Spirit.
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      Denise Sheehan, ACC, CPCC, RMT, Shaman
      Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki 
      PO Box 8854
      Reno, Nevada 89507

      Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki | PO Box 8854 | Reno | NV | 89507


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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