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Simion Transmission September 2013_PURIFICATION

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      The Transformation Series September 2013 THE GREAT PURIFICATION SIMIONthrough Amariah
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      purified heart
      The Transformation Series

      September 2013



      We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.   Many will look back upon this year of 2013 as the year of purification, personally and globally.  It all depends on how you look at the events, of course, but if you are paying attention, you may notice that this year has been and will continue to be one that sees a great deal of cleansing in your life and on a planetary level.  The cleansing has many faces or ways of occurring that you may not have thought of.  What you do with these occurrences will be what matters in the end.  We will discuss what you may be experiencing and how you can see the situations from a higher view to allow them to be cleansing for your soul, and to open you to a more encompassing view of your reality.

      purifire of mind body spiritWhat we mean by cleansing or purification is the shedding of stagnant frequencies from your body, mind and spirit that are holding you back from true spiritual evolution.  This is happening individually and collectively.  Whatever you no longer need is rearing its head so that you can face your so called demons and banish them from your vibrational experience once and for all.  This is only done with your willingness to move forward.  Thus, the more you resist, the more the lower frequencies will persist.  The more you embrace the demons, the easier it will be to love them away and watch them dissolve and transform. 

      Everyone, and we mean everyone, has been faced with themselves this year and will continue to be.  Those who refuse to see their disruptive aspects, will find them amplifying in their life.  As you ignore your dilemmas and put the responsibility and blame on the terrible state of the world, or your mate, or your upbringing, or the weather, or whatever, the more you will find these things infringing on your reality.  No surprise for most of you, but easy to forget as well. 

      We have expressed to you in our book that Earth vibrations will be shifting and frequencies becoming finer.  Well, you are in the midst of this now, and it will accelerate.  As it does, the denser energies or thoughts and emotions will become amplified, which gives you the glorious opportunity to face them head on and to hopefully say your final goodbyes.  Your soul will give you all kinds of situations to confront, each in his way.  Some will find increased difficulties in relationships, others money, some in emotional disturbances such as depression or anxiety, and others will feel physical trauma.  Wherever your weakness is, circumstances will arise to reveal it to you.  I am sure many of you are saying, "Oh, yes, this has been one of those years for me, for sure. "

      Lotus blossomNow, if you have been able to see your role in the challenges, you will also have found, and continue to find, that you are growing by leaps and bounds through these experiences.  This is what we wish to encourage in you.  Rejoice in seeing your aches and pains and what they reveal.  Whether your ache be physical, mental or emotional, there are secrets to your elevation of consciousness in what comes up for you.  Can you open your heart to seeing what the difficulties in your life truly show you?  If you can, you will find your soul blossoming into 2014.  You will find that something so much better than you imagined will come to you.

      Each challenge offers you the chance to open another flower within your soul.  Out of the ashes of despair, heartache, financial loss or physical pain, can come awakening of who you really are beneath all these external illusions.  And low and behold, you will be seeing rebirths in all these areas of your life.  This is the rebirth of humanity unfolding before your very eyes, and through your very eyes.  It is what you all have been longing for, seeking and striving for through time.  This is the lifetime where you can see real soul progress. 

      As you each become more of your soul incarnate, you are affecting your multidimensional selves, whether that be past lives on Earth or in different dimensional realities.  All of you is affected by how you interpret the opportunities that come to you in this life, right now.  Will you choose to approach your days with increased awareness, or despair and blindness?  It is up to you.  What is created will be the consequence of what you decide to be aware of each day. 

      flow dowstreamA little at a time.  As you work through the pain, you will see more of the other side of the mountain.  You can choose to make the journey a downstream adventure or an upstream battle.  How do you choose?  If you decide to fight your life experiences, then you will have an uphill struggle.  If you choose to allow the pain, look it in the eye, take responsibility for it, and for your reaction to it, then you will be making room for the pain to dissolve.  From this point a way will be seen to allow you to glide down stream to a more fulfilling experience and a field of love and joy where you know you are an evolving creator. 

      No one is immune to the energy shifts.  We wish to relay our encouragement for your soul to take advantage of higher and finer frequencies that will allow you to flourish.  Those that hold onto the old and stagnant patterns will either be leaving the planet or will find they are living an increasingly dismal reality until they completely burn themselves out.  Not fun!  Those that face their fears and embrace the tribulations, will find the higher frequencies will cleanse their old patterns, and then new ideas, thoughts and emotional well being will increasingly take over.  Which will you be?  There is no judgment, only opportunity.

      purification of soul multidimensionallySeek the potential in challenging relationships, in your losses, and in your ailments, and you will come through with flying colors as you find yourself invigorated with more love, gains, and vibrant health instead.  This year has been a great test on many levels for all. Transforming these trials will afford you wondrous opportunities.

      Soul mates are there to help you see through the aches, often by causing them to arise within you.  They are also there to show you the alternative, should you decide to take that path. Offer them gratitude for their service.

      With that we ask you, "Will you accept your purification by fire or will you allow yourself to be burned up?  With love we encourage you to choose the great purification of your body, mind and soul. 

      Embracing your growth,
      ~ Simion

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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