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Simona Rich: Your Surroundings Reflect Your Vibration

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    http://www.personal-development-coach.net/your-surroundings-reflect-your-vibration.html Your Surroundings Reflect Your Vibration September 2, 2013 By Simona
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      Your Surroundings Reflect Your Vibration

      September 2, 2013 By Simona Rich 
      Look around you.
      What you see is an external manifestation of your current essence.
      Do you like what you see or would you rather change it?
      It’s hard to acknowledge that your vibration is the same as the vibration of your surroundings if you don’t like where you are. However being blind to the fact or choosing to ignore it would prevent you from changing it.
      The first step to change unwelcome surroundings is to accept that you are where you deserve to be. Denying this will only make you stuck.
      I found it hard to do that, when I was stuck in a horrible working class town in England, with factories and nothing to do but shopping in soul-less shopping centers. However I learnt to be honest with myself and accepted that I was where I was because I deserved it.
      Accepting this fact doesn’t mean giving up and staying in that environment. Accepting where you are and that you deserve to be there enables you to see the situation more clearly.
      You can’t see the situation clearly if you deny it. However as soon as you accept it, more opportunities and ideas open before you. Suddenly you see your situation more clearly which empowers you to change it.
      The moment I accepted my surroundings a thought came into my mind that I was where I was because I created the amount of value that manifested these circumstances. In other words, the quality of energy I put out into the world returned me the circumstances that reflected this energy.
      So I reasoned that if I created more value, I would automatically be rewarded with better circumstances. That proved to be the case.
      Every day I receive emails from my readers thanking me for my free articles and products. I change the lives of people for the better, and because of that I’m rewarded with the lifestyle I love.
      At this moment I’m typing these words whilst sitting in the balcony of my hotel and looking at beautiful mountains. Here’s the view:
      Balcony view Do you think I would have this lifestyle if I would create average articles and thus average value for people? I don’t think so.
      I assume if I did that I would be in mediocre surroundings, mingling with mediocre people.
      I will share with you one more reason that allowed me to live the way I want. I infuse my work with unconditional love. 
      Whenever I work on my blog, I feel so much love. This love is always there. I love my work because I found my calling.
      My blog is infused with the energy of love and emotions of happiness and joy. I sometimes get readers’ emails who notice that my blog is filled with positive emotions or have a good aura about it. That’s not a coincidence – it really has a good aura.
      Another tip - I never work on my business when I feel the slightest negative emotion. I intuitively feel that if I touched my business with a negative emotion, it would become less successful.
      I treat my blog as sacred. There’s no way I could disturb the harmonious energy that I infused it with over the years.
      People generally feel whether you love your work or not. If you love what you do, you will always succeed. The love of your work will sooner or later place you in beautiful and happy surroundings.
      I always try to take perfect actions with regards to my business as well as other aspects of my life. As I wrote in a blog post some time ago, perfect action equals perfect future. Perfect action alone can awaken unconditional love in you and thus place you in the surroundings that you love.

      To sum up…

      You are where you are because you deserve to be there. As soon as you accept this fact, it will let you see your situation from an accurate point of view.
      When you can see your situation clearly, you can make better decisions with regards to it. You can more easily find ways to change your circumstances if you accept them.
      Infuse whatever action you take with love and create immense value for people. This will quickly take you out of miserable/unwelcome surroundings into a better place.
      If you continue creating value and infuse your actions with love and joy, your positive circumstances are sure to stay.
      If you wish something to say, please comment below.

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