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Chrisstina Lunden: September Angel Inspirational Messages

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  • Ash
        SEPTEMBER 2013 Dear Friends, I am honored to continue to share with you again this month! I always pray to be guided by Christ Jesus and the Angels to
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      SEPTEMBER 2013

      Dear Friends,

      I am honored to continue to share with you again this month! I always pray to be guided by Christ Jesus and the Angels to put in these emails wisdom, knowledge, insights and reminders that you are seeking and find helpful to your journey on the highest and easiest path.

      If you are blessed by my work, please consider making a donation through my website. Thank you!

      I love,

      September Angel Message 
      Do you doubt yourself because you have prayed and what you are praying for hasn't manifested yet?
      One thing you may not have considered is, if your prayer depends on someone else, like a love relationship, you may not be the issue at all. The best thing to do instead of doubting yourself and your spiritual connection is to spiritually ask what the issue / delay is.
      Three years ago the Angels explained to us that time as we knew it was changing. And boy did it! Think of a grid with lines going horizontally and vertically. This is the way things used to move through time. Now think of that all falling down on top of itself.  What is manifested has to move through that mess. The manifestation process takes longer because it now has to navigate through all the grids to find whatever it is. (Go to full article to read the rest of this section.)
      Do you doubt yourself because you would like your family, friends or people around you to acknowledge who you have become and they haven't? The 5th Dimension is called The Christ Consciousness. This name tells us that we can have the highest anointing ever experienced by mankind, access the mind of Christ and while becoming more at Oneness with God.Did you know that the Light that is flowing through you cannot be comprehended by people with lower energy, even 4th
      dimensional energy and especially those that are working through their darkness? The dark cannot understand the light. (Go to full article to read the rest of this section.)

      Do you doubt your own place in Spirit and / or spiritual connection so you seek other people's help to get insight / healing for your life? There are approx. 7 billion people on earth. Out of those 7 billion people, 10% of them have the possibility of becoming 5th Dimensional and living a 5th dimensional life before we ascend. Out of that 10%, there are 144,000 people who we know are already capable of allowing the highest light energy of that dimension to flow through their experience. We know this because they are the ones who are allowing the flow of light through their daily lives so that Spirit can create the 5th Dimensional world. This new world is the first of its kind in that it is not all spiritually created, instead, we are working hand in hand with Spirit to create this new world. (Go to full article to read the rest of this section.)
      Words are the key to the 5th Dimensional Ascension. We have more power in our Throat Chakra now than ever before. When our heart is open and we speak, we are more powerful than we realize. Words are really all you need for your soul to prosper in this ascension. (Go to full article to read the rest of this section.) 
      To read this article in its entirety, go to my website page called "Messages" or click here: "No Reason to Doubt Yourself"


      Message from the Angels

      Do you seek outside assistance instead of taking a moment to be still and go within to find your own answers?  The next time you have a question about a decision you need to make, instead of seeking an outside opinion or using spiritual tools like cards, a pendulum or stones, take a moment to connect to the light within and ask your question. Be still and see what your soul wants you to know. You are your best source for insight about your life. Then you can seek outside confirmation, if you want it. That is the 5th dimensional way.

      Blue Heart Splash



      Have you had an Angel Soul Session Reading yet? Would you like confirmation to the questions you  have asked your Angels to answer? Would you like to have your energy cleared / receive healing energy? I am here for you. Schedule your own Soul Session by going to my website "Soul Sessions" page, just click on the title above.

      For Angel Coaching classes - Would you like to talk with your Angels and receive clearer answers and understanding? Would you like to learn how to heal yourself. Would you like to share these abilities with others? Visit my website: Angel Coaching page to get more information on how to set up your first Angel Coaching session.

      I am here to help you receive all that you are seeking!


      "I AM not weird.

      I AM a Limited Edition."

      Did you know...

      In 2003, the Collective Consciousness (that's us) decided to change our original path. This path was filled with karma and most of what we were to experience was already decided before we were born. Yes, we had free-will but it was on our own soul's chosen path. Since 2003, our soul had to come up with a new plan. This is so exciting! That means that you don't have to live like you did in the past! You can make higher choices, new choices for your life. You no longer have the DNA you were born with so family health and weight issues, do not apply. Your soul lessons can be learned in higher and easier ways.

      This applies to everyone. The only catch... you must let go of the belief that the past has a hold on you. Who you were before 2003 matters as much as the life you lived in the year 1510.  You don't concentrate on that time period, so don't concentrate on the time period before 2003. Watch your speech and anytime you say, "I was born with ....." Or "As a child, I was sick with this every year." Or "All of my family has this weight issue." Saying those things brings these issues into your "Now" and then you will have to deal with them. Walk the highest and easiest path and just act like the life you had before 2003 is someone else because you can be healthier, wealthier and happier than you were ever meant to be!


      I believe I can live a happy life. 
      Touching prayer hands to your heart say, 
      I believe this in my heart. 
      Touching prayer hands to your 3rd eye say, 
      I believe this in my mind. 
      Touching prayer hands to your lips say, 
      I believe my words. 
      I AM happy! 

      Breathe in and out.

      I believe I can be loved.

      I believe this in my heart.
      I believe this in my mind.
      I believe my words.
      I AM loved!

      Breathe in and out.

      I believe I can be free from debt this year.
      I believe this in my heart.
      I believe this in my mind.
      I believe my words.
      I AM debt free!

      Breathe in and out.

      I believe my body can rejuvenate itself to be in perfect health.
      I believe this in my heart.
      I believe this in my mind.
      I believe my words.
      I AM in perfect health today!

      Breathe in and out.

      I believe that I will complete all my soul wants to do.
      I believe this in my heart.
      I believe this in my mind.
      I believe my words.
      My soul is complete!

      Big deep breath in and out.

      Question / Answer
      Alcohol in Supplements
      Question ~ Many herbal preparations have an alcohol base. If I am still drawn to using a supplement that has alcohol, and I have been abstaining as one of the 144,000, could I still safely use such a preparation?  What if I put it in hot water, and stir off the alcohol?
      Answer ~ Being 5th dimensional and  drinking alcohol (which carries 2nd dimensional energy) lowers your energy in very different ways than we are used to. It doesn't make you just drop down a level / dimension. If that were the case, you could just push yourself back up afterwards. You can get pushed / pulled sideways, which is harmful because you may not even notice your path has changed course until much later. Your protection energy can have holes poked in it. A bright light, such as yourself being one of the 144,000, would be instantly seen by beings / entities that you may prefer not to notice you. I have taken many entities and demons out of people who drank alcohol. Even years after they quit. They didn't realize this was the issue that was causing their life to be turned upside down. It can also be the cause of not receiving what we are praying for. Most people don't notice something is off until things get really chaotic and crazy in their life that the source of this was spiritual. Alcohol will do that to a Lightworker or anyone ascending at this time. The effects are not really noticed until later and much has gone awry.  
      In direct answer to your question, you CAN use tinctures and supplements that are alcohol based. The Angels are telling me that most of these products  have just enough alcohol to deliver the herb / medication. It isn't enough to shift you. To be on the highest, safest path, you could bless the tincture / supplement to raise it to your spiritual level and command that it not have any side effects. That is what I would do.   

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      Having just shared we are not the same as when we were born, just think of this next statement as applying to your birth into the 4th Dimension in 2003.
      I thought it was a cute reminder.  :)


      Or raising the bar up a little higher to the 5th Dimension, it can be said this way:
      Don't Judge Anyone.
      We Were All Born to be Awesome, 
      Not Perfect.

      I love,

      Christina Lunden | 8756 Riverwood Farms Pkwy | Cordova | TN | 38016

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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