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Pleiadedolphininfos: Walking in Two Worlds – A Personal Journey, by Elizabeth, 30 Augu st 2013

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    Marlene Swetlishoff ~ HILARION S WEEKLY MESSAGE September 1 - 7, 2013 Posted: 01 Sep 2013 12:42 AM PDT     September 1-7, 2013 Beloved Ones,  Many of you
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      Posted: 01 Sep 2013 12:42 AM PDT


      September 1-7, 2013

      Beloved Ones, 

      Many of you are experiencing the acceleration and speeding up of time. It seems each day passes quickly by and slips away without too much being accomplished and the plans that were made for one day have to be postponed to another. When this occurs, observe the state of your own being and you will see that on those days your consciousness was focused within and in all likelihood, operating multi-dimensionally. Your consciousness may be going through a recalibration and realignment process and you are being assisted in your desire to increase your frequency to ascension level. These usually happen in increments that can safely be assimilated by your four lower bodies.

      It is becoming more apparent to all upon the planet that the old systems and patterns of influence are crumbling, as those who would wage war and destruction to keep the World’s inhabitants in a state of fear are no longer being supported by their citizens. The act of war is being viewed by the World’s people as an abomination and the greatest disrespect for the sanctity of human life experience on the planet. There are those who care not for the honoring of all life and who seek to gratify their lust for power and privilege no matter the cost in human life and suffering. The people of the planet are beginning to understand who those ones are and are giving voice in opposition to these acts of violence and aggression. They are seeing through the justifications these ones make in order to show their citizens that their aggression and forays into other countries is acceptable.
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      Posted: 01 Sep 2013 12:32 AM PDT

       Yes actually I did and it was so wonderful! Tis was a sharing I posted on my Facebook wall and Laura blogged it because she got a message from his crew just 1 day before that they would begin to interact more with some whom are ready.  I was not aware of her message as I am so busy lately and thus had not the chance to read it, but my conscious interaction with Salusa, defenitly alligned with that! 
      Méline Lafont:
      I had a conscious interaction with Galactics last night: in particullary with SaLuSa.. this was an interesting unfoldment to say the least. I was speaking to a man with a tulband on his head who appeared as a shaman to me and he wore a big clear quartz crystal around his neck in the form of a huge pendulum with the point downwards. He was explaining to me how much he could feel my energy from a distance and he was sharing the feeling with me as he had a hard time to find the right words to describe it.. All of a sudden, I began to really see him for who he was and his whole face changed into an Galactic face with long, dark curly hair and I screamed at him: but you are Salusa!! how could I not have seen this before?! And at that time where I saw and realised this, my brain shifted into a fear state that made my whole body parallized and made him dissapear.. I immediatly felt that my brain was putting me into fear as initially I had no fear of Salusa but actually was so happy to finally see him on a conscious way. Still that part of my brian created the fear as it had no understanding of this all, and so everything shifted and was gone. Interesting how our brain still try to manage this and it is so clear now as to why they take their time to interact consciously: even though we want it so bad and are ready for it.. Well thank you dear Salusa, AA Metatron and Saint Germain for being with me during this visit. 
      Méline Lafont Pleiade Dolphin
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      Posted: 31 Aug 2013 11:22 PM PDT

      Walking in Two Worlds — A Personal Journey, by Elizabeth
      I just spent four days in the favorite ancient lands of the Nez Perce, the summer grazing and fall hunting grounds of the Wallowa Valley. I was drawn there by its natural beauty, but this time came away with something much more profound.
      I stayed in the Wallowa Lake State Park, a large and very popular campground, situated on the southern shore of the glaciated deep blue lake. Tucked in a shady corner of the busy camp, it was almost like being in another world. Across the lane, there were huge motorhomes and campers, while I was camping in my modest backpacking tent. Yet, for all the modern amenities (and plenty of them!) without electricity, it could have been a large encampment on the shores of the lake. Well, perhaps not…
      For four nights while I stayed at the campground there was an evening program on the Nez Perce War, which took part in 1877 when the American government decided that the non-treaty Nez Perce needed to move or be removed to the reservation located then on the Clearwater River in Idaho. One thing led to another, with guns shooting and arrows flying, the Nez Perce soon found themselves fleeing the U.S. Army in springtime, crossing rivers at flood, as they attempted to herd thousands of horses and cattle, as well as their precious women, children and elders. A group of 100 warriors was all that protected the people on their perilous journey, made more sorrowful for they were leaving a land that they loved with all their hearts, the Wallowa Valley, the Eagle Cap (the mountains to the south) and the shores of Wallowa Lake, near where the bones of their ancestors were buried and where they had traditionally caught salmon in the fall.
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      Posted: 31 Aug 2013 11:19 PM PDT

      Opening to Spirit – Personal Thoughts from Elizabeth, followed by a Message from White Cloud
      In case you might have missed it (http://bluedragonjournal.com/2013/08/30/walking-in-two-worlds-a-personal-journey-by-elizabeth-30-august-2013/) I recently experienced an interesting encounter the other day with the spirits or souls of departed Wallowa Band Nez Perce or Niimupu (The People) as expressed in their own language. As I had been camping several days in the beloved land of Wallowa, it wasn’t entirely unexpected, but not consciously looked for. When I got out of my car, after being tickled by a sudden inward nudge, I climbed up the side of the humped grassy moraine, thinking that I would take some photos of the mountains. Chief Joseph Mountain loomed up just to the south, Mt. Howard to the southeast, and Mt. Ruth to the southwest. The tilted flatlands of the Wallowa Valley extended to the west, north and east. Beyond were the golden prairie of the Zumwalt and the deeply carved canyons of the Imnaha and Snake River drainages. It was a bold land, a powerful land and one that has attracted strong people over the ages. One of the larger bands of the great Nez Perce people, the Wallowa Band, once claimed this land as their own until forced by the U.S. government to give it up in the late 19th century.
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      Posted: 31 Aug 2013 11:07 PM PDT

      Lavash by Melberg 24 november 2009Chaos, all things seemingly signaling a negative outcome. The stress building, the hyping and manipulations, the playing foul play.  It all is just that what you know that will not be. It is you knowing this is not going to happen. Your heart, your inner source says we are in the midst of change.
      Change, all things seemingly signaling a positive outcome. The inner joy and bliss building around you knowing it will be. All that is playing is played out as it should be. It is you knowing all will happen with the best possible outcome for all. Your heart, your inner source says we are living change.
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      Posted: 31 Aug 2013 11:00 PM PDT


      ArgumentsThank you to my beautiful friends Lakshmi Bhatia and Master Sai Baba for co-creating and inspiring me to write this posting. This so resonated with me and has helped me completely understand all of my relationships and has given me internal peace. I hope it helps all of you. I am sending all of you my love and many blessings…
      Many souls are now awakening. They are seeing a change in their energies and consciousness levels. A lot of people are having relationship issues with their loved ones. One of the most challenging parts of your journey is that when this awakening starts for you, it has this remarkable ability to completely shift your most personal and intimate relationships.
      This especially includes the relationships with your parents, your spouses, your boyfriends and girlfriends, your children and your siblings and close family members. How do you cope with these changes when the ones close to you are judging and criticizing you and do not understand you as they are not yet awakened?
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