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Quado's Garden: You are Not Alone ~ Power Animal of the Week: Eagle

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  • Ash
    You are not alone. Those four words together carry deep healing, rejuvenation and transformation. For they bring peace and with that peace a clarity and vision
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2013
      You are not alone. Those four words together carry deep healing, rejuvenation and transformation. For they bring peace and with that peace a clarity and vision which can elevate our consciousness, inspire our soul, and usher in full change and healing on levels that bring us into a genuine place of renewal. A renewal or revival of Love and that is the essence of not being alone and the many seeds and fruits which are present with it. Knowing that you are not going through life as an 'island unto oneself'. Look at an island with wider and deeper perspective. An lone island can appear to stand alone but remember that appearances often are reflected by one's perspective. An island is surrounded by water and that is the life blood of our Beloved Earth. The land itself reaches down with a deep root to the Heart of our Earth and there is life there. In the air that blows through it, the plants that grow from the soil and the denizens that crawl, walk, fly and swim around it. That island is full of many beings that are apart of comprising it. Each a vital part of the ecosystem that nurtures and brings it into the beauty that it displays. So too are we ever connected and apart of one another.

      Just as there are those that matter to you remember that you matter to them. There are those souls who stand by you, support you and love you. The Divine Souls in your life, those physical present with you in body (and have no doubts those closest to you, that are always there for you, truly are a Divine Angel through their love, guidance and support) and in spirit, show just how connected, important, valued and loved that you are. That you are important to them, to this world, to all of life. That you have value. That you have meaning. They bring gifts that reflect the greatness which is right there inside of you and do not doubt that greatness for it truly is there.

      There are days or periods where we may feel that lacking or absent yet the greatness of your Spirit, of You, is there and always will be. That is one of the many gifts that Eagle brings to expand our consciousness, vision and to encourage us to embody our Greatness of Heart and Spirit. True Greatness comes from Spirit and that Spirit you have always been apart of. Your Greatness is reflected not by being "rising above others" for that is not greatness. Greatness is from embracing life and embodying love fully. Walking and living within your integrity. With courage and compassion. Greatness is not in telling others what "is and is not" nor in what they should or should not do. Greatness is in living your Truth. For that is one of the measures of a true leader. One that reflects and inspires hope, peace, courage, and love in others by being Authentic and Genuine to the Truth that beats within their Soul. You do inspire others to rediscover their Truth and to live that passionately and responsibly. To those here on this world and, even though we may not be consciously aware of it at times, yes to those beings who we do not see physically. We give to them the gifts of hope, joy, peace, wholeness, and love.

      That is vital part that shows how important you are and how much you are apart of this universe, this life, this world. That We are to one another. To those who stand by in the midst of the most difficult of times let them know how much you value them, admire them, respect them, support them and love them and you can Know that will touch them just as they have touched you and that those same thoughts, feelings and emotions are reflected in their eyes, voice and spirit to you. *:x lovestruck

      You are Not Alone

      You are not alone.  You are never alone.  You are surrounded by love and caring at all times. You are surrounded by wisdom and guidance.
      You are a part of all that is.  You are a very important part, and who you are and what you do influences the rest, just as the rest influences you.  And within all of this, there is love, the very substance of the universe.
      You may choose whatever metaphor you like, be it angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, God and the holy ghost.  Call it what you will, it is real, tangible, powerful.
      Your importance is such that helpful, loving and wise beings and energies are with you at all times to point out to you the next step to take, to make the road clearer, to guide you along the path best suited for your own purpose.
      You can learn to tap into this advice with direct communication or you can just feel it, in your core.  Following your own inner knowing, subtle though it may be, is often the very best way.
      But know that you are loved, helped and aided.  And if you are in trouble, release your emotions, come down deep and feel all of the love which surrounds you, like a warm comforting blanket on a chilly night.

      The Eagle
      Greatness          Leadership          Independence

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the eagle fill you. Click here to listen to the Eagle's Song.

      A potent symbol of true greatness, the eagle brings many gifts into your life.
      Eagle energy will flood you with courage, a free spirit and independence that will take you beyond the limits of your life to date.  Your own greatness will begin to emerge as you welcome eagle power into your life and feel it surging within you.
      The eagle lives in the tall trees and high cliffs and soars above life with majesty, blessed with extremely keen eyesight.  You will find that you are now able to stay above the fray and still know exactly what is going on and when to dip down and utilize your new-found powers of leadership.  Be true to your beliefs; lead and others will follow, for you are the eagle.
      Brave and true, filled with greatness and deeply worthy of the respect which is shown you, you are the eagle.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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