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Enlightening Your Life with Jennifer Hoffman August 26, 2013 -- You Don't Dis Your Mother

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      Enlightening Life Newsletter with
      Jennifer Hoffman 
      August 25, 2013

      Dear Friends,
      We are heading into another busy week energetically that will focus on communications with yourself and others. Do you say what you mean or ask for what you really want? Is your 'yes' really a 'yes' or the result of a fear of saying 'no'? Are you clear in all of your communications? Issues around these topics may come up this week, so be aware of this as you move through your life. And if misunderstandings do arise, use them to be very clear in your communications with others and check in with yourself to ensure that you are saying what you mean.
      It's the final week of August, just a few more days to go until we slip into the (somewhat) less intense energies of September. Even so, the Equinox is on the 22nd and it's another turning point for us, one that accelerates us through the end of this year. Now before we think that 2014 will be 'easier', I believe that the drama, chaos and upheaval we're experiencing will not end until 2015 but there will be moments of clarity and peace. It's what we do in the chaos that counts now because these are unprecedented times are unfolding as part of the next phase of humanity's existence as we re-member ourselves as multi-dimensional beings and reconnect to the light, love and energy that we have come from, which we have spent countless eons trying to return to.
      We aren't alone on this journey, nor are we without resources. One of the ways in which we are returning to ourselves as the divine human family is through the new generations of children which have been entering this planet in unprecedented numbers. Have you  noticed how many multiple births there are today? These new souls are speeding onto the planet to participate in this epic journey with us. And one thing we're seeing is the rebalance of the polarized masculine and feminine energy, through the sons who are creating new, loving and close connections with their mothers. This is the topic of this weeks' Indigo/Crystal article.
      As I've been writing, it's all action from here on out, so hang onto your seats, it is going to be a wild ride. More truths are going to come out every day as those who have much to hide scramble in an effort to keep their secrets 'secret', which is not going to work any longer. The truth will be revealed, just remember to save your judgments until the dust settles.
      Remember this month's keyword, 'allow', because we receive and are blessed whatever we allow in our lives. We are also challenged and limited by what we allow in our lives. Universal energy is non-judgmental, it responds to our intention with whatever we allow ourselves to have. August features expansion of everything -- and puts the 'real' in our reality. 
      You can read the 2013 predictions here if you have not read them yet and learn more about the potential of this year and why this period can feel so overwhelming at times. And you can also get the 'EVOLVE' guide here too.

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      You Don't 'Dis My Mother
      A recent conversation with one of my sons, who doesn't always agree with me on issues, went like this:
      Son: All of my friends agree that my dad is being a jerk.
      Me: He isn't being very reasonable, I agree. I wonder what they think about some of the things that I tell you.
      Son (in a very serious tone): Mom, there's a difference between a guy's mother and father. You can call your father a jerk but you can't do that to your mom. And none of my friends would ever 'dis my mom, it just isn't done. I wouldn't do it to them either. That would be really rude. I can't believe you don't know that.
      Mom:  I'm really glad to hear that, so maybe next time I tell you something you don't like you won't disagree with me?.......
      Read the rest of this article on the blog by clicking here You can comment and share your insights on the blog.

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