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Quado's Garden: Meet Life Face to Face ~ Power Animal of the Week: Bear & Buck

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  • Ash
    Are there obstacles we face in life? Of course there will be those periods or occasions where we will have what we perceive or interpret as an obstacle,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2013
      Are there obstacles we face in life? Of course there will be those periods or occasions where we will have what we perceive or interpret as an obstacle, challenge or however we are defining or describing the circumstances. How we approach these plays a vital role in how we meet these and do we meet them? Do we go around them, attempt to ignore them, bury ourselves to go beneath or hope they pass us by, close the door and ignore them or...or do we take a deep breath and face them? There is no one right answer or choice yet, in the same moment, there are those which bring us to that threshold. The one that we do not find the circumstances returning sooner or later in one form or another. That is when we come to the event, whatever and/or whoever it may be, with courage and patience. Do you feel that you are lacking that? You may well surprise yourself for that is there inside of you even if you feel it is misplaced or missing. You are taking a step deeper into yourself as you approach that door of the event. Choose to open it and Know from a place deep inside that once you pass through that doorway and enter onto the other side what awaits you? For having faced and opened that door on the other side are many fruits of that choice: Resolution. Peace. Wholeness. Wisdom. Encouragement. Enlightenment. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Love.

      That is apart of true Faith in Spirit, in your Self. This Faith is not the 'belief of faith' that is rife with uncertainties, fears, doubts and confusions. Rather this is a steady quiet assurance of Faith of that comes from the Belief that issues from Love. That assurance which can be heard in the simple words spoken to you from someone you trust and love who says with unconditional love "I Believe In You. I Respect You. I Support You. I Love You. I Know You Can Because I Learned How Through And With You." You have that in many forms. Those who love you and support you whether they are physically present with you or far away for in Spirit we are never apart. You have that with the guides, angels and beings who walk with you and impart to you insight and illumination. Be assured that what you bring and guide you into are not what you are lacking. They are loving catalysts and vessels assisting you in reawakening these that are already there.

      Bear and Buck bring and do these with you. That Faith spoken of above that stems from True Love and Acceptance. A confidence that nothing and no one can take away even yourself. It can seem misplaced or lost but it is there and the inroads to regaining that are many. In fact many of our perceived obstacles come about not to diminish us but to enhance us. It is a shifting of our heart and perspective. That does not mean we do not have the thoughts and emotions which come with them. We honor that and the process by experiencing those but not being swept up and away by them. Claiming them as your own and in that process you strengthen and renew yourself. Renewed in mind, body and spirit. Your intuitive side and discernment has grown and flourished and will continue to. You can know that every season has its cycles and lessons all apart of the design you are apart of birthing and planting. That is apart of how we adapt, evolve, and move through surviving to thriving.

      So enter the Portal of Peace today for within that we are not only facing the obstacles of life. We are transforming them as step through that door and, in the process, we are transcending ourselves with Love, Peace and Grace.

      Meet Life Face to Face

      There are times when life presents obstacles in your path that seem enormous; you cannot see your way past them, over them, or how to move them even one inch. 
      These are the times for you to dig deep and find yourself.  These are the times for you to find your courage and your strength, to pull out all that you are and show it to the world. 
      Nothing is gained by feeling sorry for yourself or by asking, “Why me?”
      Everything is gained by digging deep and finding out who you are in the face of adversity.  Everything is gained by testing your courage, strength and patience against whatever the world tosses your way.  Everything is gained by believing in your strength and the help that is there for you.
      How can you know who you are, if you do not know who you are when tested?  These are the times which matter and you are equal to them, every one.  Dig deep into your well and you will emerge stronger, truer and more full of love for yourself and for life itself.  For when you meet life face to face, when you rise to meet each occasion, no matter how frightening it may first seem, you and life will develop a deep respect for each other, a respect which will turn to love over time.

      The Bear
      Discernment          Affection          Faith

      Bear Photo
      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the bear fill you. Click here to listen to the Bear's Song.

       The many gifts of the bear are yours.  How fortunate you are!
      The bear will teach you how to go after the sweetness of life, to  put up with a few bee stings to get at the honey, to put up with a few thorns to taste the sweet berries.  With bear energy within you, the petty little irritations of life will pass unnoticed as you go after the sweetness that is there for you.
      The bear will also teach you how to use your strength and balance it with love.  When threatened, the bear knows how to stand tall and bellow out a warning.  His courage and power will be there for you whenever you need it.  But when approached gently, the bear knows how to give a loving hug.  His sweet and loving nature will reside gently within your heart.
      But most of all, the bear will teach you about seasons, about living with life as it is.  He accepts that life has its seasons, the freshness of spring, the bounty of summer, the beauty of fall, and the cold storms of winter.  And when the winter is here, the bear knows that it is all right to just crawl into a cave and sleep, safe and warm.  He sleeps soundly, full of faith, knowing that tomorrow may just be the first day of a new spring.
      Roar out with your bearness.  Be present within each moment of every season, full of love and courage and always going after the sweetness of life.  You are the bear.

      The Buck
      Grace          Confidence          Renewal

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the buck fill you. Click here to Listen to the Buck's Song.

      What beauty and majesty are yours, as you survey your world wearing a natural crown.  Hold your head high and walk in grace and confidence.  Feel yourself filling with the courage to stand up for what is yours.  You are the buck.
      Highly athletic, able to leap, run and swim with ease, the buck will make you comfortable with your body.  Exercise will become an easy and natural part of your life as you feel this physical power pouring into you.  Bound through the forest of your life with ease, for you are the buck.
      The buck is deeply aware of the seasons and adapts to all of them.  He will teach you to keep going through the storms of winter, filled with the joy of being who you are, until the green blades of grass again poke through the melting snow.  When the world seems cold, fill yourself with his sure knowledge that spring will always come again. 
      He will also teach you how to renew your energy and power, just as he regrows his antlers each season.  If you feel weakened by the challenges of life, breathe in his energy and feel the velvety antlers sprouting as your power returns in full.  Then lift up your chin and show the world who you are, the beautiful and majestic buck.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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