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Oracle/Earth Magic Reading: Grouse w/ DNa ~ Fairies ~ Waterfall - Effortless

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  • Ash
    Express yourself through rhythm and movement by drumming and dancing. Drums often can be, and are, equated with the beat of the heart. That heart can be our
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2013
      "Express yourself through rhythm and movement by drumming and dancing."

      Drums often can be, and are, equated with the beat of the heart. That heart can be our personal heart yet also communally, globally and universally. All are in essence one when we expand our awareness to where what 'differences' we perceive are all a complimentary aspect that We As A Whole integrate together As One. There is a call for us to become re-acquainted and reconnect to our Heart. The one that beats within us is the physical aspect of the Heart of Our Mother Earth. Open to the Earth and we Open to that Deep, High, Divine Spirit that resides not only within the Earth but within our Self as well.

      As we have learned water encompasses more of our Beloved Earth and our physical bodies reflect that same nature. The rivers, the streams, the waterfalls and more are can represent the lifeblood that pumps throughout our Earth. They are Her Veins that flow from the deep reservoirs within the Oceans. Our own blood pumping through the veins and arteries reflect a mirrored symbiosis. As we learn from Her we learn more of ourselves and vice versa. Hear that rhythm both within us and without and attune ourselves to the Earth, to Spirit, and that will become a song that will come through as we place hand to skin to co-create a beat that reflects the Cosmic Drum that plays within us all.

      That physical effort we put in, when we move with the rhythm instead of contending with it becomes quite fluid and gracefully. Give voice to the song that is there inside and move to beat of the drum. In that we begin to consciously evolve and grow. DNA speaks not only on the physical components that came into the creation of "you" but also on how we can responsibly step into the role of conscious choice. One where you are actively listening and making the choice from your heart, your soul, to where you can shift, transmute and transform that 'coding'. You can honor where you were by listening and following the touch and guidance of your Spirit.

      Relearning how to love, appreciate and respect ourselves, one another and this Earth is apart of that very foundation. Truly the seed and fruit which is evident in Nature and apart of what the message of Fairies. Reconnect more intimately with the Earth and you will reconnect more intimately with your Self. The life blood, the life force, that flows will nourish, replenish and expand as we flow in rhythm and harmony together. There is where our drum beats as well. In the Earth. In the Air. In the Fire. In the Water. In Spirit. We All Do Return and Renew in Love. *:x lovestruck




      While the DNA that you inherited from your biological parents has a physical component, it also has a soul pattern that came together in the creation of “you.” You are predisposed to follow the karmic dictates of this patterning to some extent, yet as you evolve in your consciousness, you can make choices that shift and modify this ancestral design This is one of those times. You can feel the tug of your soul that is both ancient and karmic, yet you also recognize the persistent and loving communication from your Higher Self that contradicts the more familiar solutions before you. The choice is up to you.


      You have the same power available to you as the fairies. It starts with loving the Earth through your heartfelt gratitude and appreciation, but more important, through your actions. The fairies can help you reconnect in a more intimate way with the Earth, and all they require is your willingness to pay attention to the trees and plant life around you and demonstrate your care.

      Waterfall - Effortless

      You have come to the edge of your comfort zone and find yourself fighting to resist moving past that perceived precipice of who you are, how you can be, or what you can do. Spirit is asking you to step beyond the edge and allow yourself to do so with ease rather than struggle. Yes, at times physical exertion is necessary, but when performed with fluidity and grace, even when the task seems daunting, you’ll find that the movement moves you effortlessly.

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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