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Exploring The Wonders Of Being w/ Keith Allen Kay: Finding your Voice

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  • Ash
       Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Finding your Voice   May the words of my mouth and the Imaginations of my heart Bring divine pleasure to
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2013

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      Finding your Voice
      May the words of my mouth and the
      Imaginations of my heart

      Bring divine pleasure to the longing Soul.
      You are a Spiritual Drink
      The whole world is thirsty, longing to drink living water. Water that satisfies the soul.
      It is promised that if you would drink from the River of Life, that out from your own inner most being would gush forth streams of living water. This River of Life is not owned by any religion or spiritual practice; it is an experience of the soul. It is a partaking of the life force of the Cosmos, the Divine Essence. Once you drink, your life is forever changed.  You begin remembering who you are, what you are and why you are here. Wow, just take a breath, remember.
      If you are still reading, (grin) chances are that you are a partaker of this living water, your soul bursts forth with the joy of life. You long to give drink to the thirsty soul. You are a spiritual drink! The world is thirsty, longing for words of life, yes your words of life.
      I have a passion, to remind souls of the gift that is in them and to encourage them to share their gift with the world. I created a very practical class to meet that purpose. My background is with technology and internet marketing. I have taught an online class for years called Conscious Marketing, many of you have taken that class. This new class is called Digital Consciousness.This course is all about finding your voice and sharing it with the world. I will share practical steps of creating digital wisdom products that can be shared across the world. Each class will also have exercises to awaken your inner voice to resonate with the hearts of those you were destined to touch. Your voice is unique in all the universe.
      I want to invite you to a free call this coming Tuesday Night at 6PM PST. The call was scheduled for tonight but I have changed that for a scheduling conflict. If you are interested in being on that call click here.
      I love who you are!
      Digital Consciousness
      Free Call Tuesday Aug 27th
      I have created a NEW online class where I'll be teaching you how to produce and market Digital Wisdom Products!
      If you have a desire to teach and are aware of the value of your wisdom, I want to help you with the tools to create, produce and sell your treasures online.
      This Tuesday Night at 6pm PST I will be hosting a free introductory class online. I want to inspire you to take action, to bring your wisdom to the world. There has never been a time in history where so many can be reached for so little.
      You have a unique vibration in all the Universe, your light shines brightly. You are closer than you have ever imagined to breaking out from behind the veil. Join the call This Coming Tuesday.
      If you would like to be on the call this coming Tuesday Night click here and I will send you the details for this Free Call.
      You are loved!
      Upcoming Event
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      Upcoming Classes
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      Interesting Image
      Details for these Online Class are coming soon
      12 Energy Centers
      Now you can have these powerful energy mandalas in your home or office!
      To purchase the
      entire set, click here!

      2238 East Captain Dreyfus Ave. Phoenix, Arizona 85022 United States


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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