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Pleiadedolphininfos: Saint Germain ~ It's wor king time! ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont

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  • Ash
      Saint Germain ~ It s working time! ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont Posted: 19 Aug 2013 11:30 PM PDT Saint Germain Welcome my dear brothers, sisters,
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      Posted: 19 Aug 2013 11:30 PM PDT

      Saint Germain

      Welcome my dear brothers, sisters, friends. I love all of you immensely. My light surrounds you on a daily basis now as the violet flame is available and at the disposal of all souls wishing to work with it and know how to handle it. The Violet flame is one of the most powerful assets and energies to be used in this reality in order to transmute everything on this planet that needs to be reborn in the Light.

      I am present for a mission and I vouch for many aspects during this global Ascension and, as is commonly known, my Presence is a very powerful force in your reality because I am always able to take on different forms to make myself available there where I am needed to set things right. A lot of transmutations have already taken place in the past of your linear time and have brought you to where you are now. Be aware that a lot is still awaiting you in this incarnation and the coming days and weeks will imply some toiling on your part.

      You will toil to instigate the collective consciousness for this next upcoming merkabah formation unfolding on a planetary and on a solar level. That is to say that the planetary positions will again form a very powerful shape ensuring an intense shift in each of your consciousnesses in the highest degree of your Being and your Presence. I would gladly highlight the advice to prepare yourself these coming days by seeking the silence and by tuning into Mother Earth and into all of Her planetary energies. It is very important now to focus on your inner self in order to let your own enlightenment unfold in the highest and most refined degree.
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      Posted: 19 Aug 2013 11:53 PM PDT

      Pleiadian Ascension Training Part 3

      Recalibrating Brain to Multidimensional Mind

      The evening meetings with the Arcturian and Elohim Alycone have been very successful. Almost everyone comes to these meetings, bringing their children who appear to understand every word. The children have no resistance to perceiving and accepting their new life and often play with light beings that only those who have calibrated to their expanded senses can perceive.

      In fact, on day three desperate sets of parents came to me telling me their children were missing. However, the children were standing right next to them in their lightbodies trying to get their parents attention. I instructed the children to lower their frequency by pretending to be something that was solid.

      The children thought this was a fun game and began to blink in and out of their parent’s perceptions. The parents were very relieved, and all of them asked to go to the Temple for special classes so they could see their children. Of course I agreed. In fact, we had to create a “play center” in the Temple for the children so that their parents could study there.
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      Posted: 19 Aug 2013 11:00 PM PDT

      Thanks to: lucas2012infos
      AishaNorthYou are being battered and bruised by these life-changing energies now, and although they are indeed working their magic on you, it can be easy to misconstrue them for something else. So again let us repeat the message that you are all well looked after, and we will not let anything go amiss. However, there are forces out and about less concerned about your wellfare, and more concerned about their survival on these shores. We are not saying this in order to raise the alarms in any way, just to remind you that there are a lot of interest out there in getting you to lose your equilibrium. For as we have oft mentioned these last few days, the imbalance you all perceive can easily be looked upon as something negative. It is not, or rather, this imbalance is only negative for all those still set on keeping the old ways. Whereas you and everyone else who have set their sights on the light a long time ago, you are all well served by this imbalance.
      For this is such a strong signal that everything is indeed going your way now. Not so, we hear you say, for you will feel the struggle within and without every day now. And so, what you long for is calm and bliss in every way. Be that as it may, it is indeed a state you will be able to savour in the not too distant future, but as we have told you already, this period is a period of deep and profound change all over, so the perfecly still surface you will find on this gathering place of yours so often is not mirrored in the world around you. Remember, the roots of the old run very deep indeed, and as they are pulled out one by one, much will be disturbed by this. For these roots have penetrated beneath the foundation of so much, and as their grip on your soil is being loosened, much around it will fare the same way. In other words, many of the old and seemingly indestructible structures are starting to crumble here and there. It might be imperceptible at first, but gradually the speed of their collapse will increase. And as the soil beneath them, their very foundation, has been compromised by these deep-reaching roots of the parasites, it will become unstable to the point where it will all colllapse.
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      Posted: 19 Aug 2013 11:00 PM PDT

      [  Hello dear friends and readers. I wanted to give you an update regarding my new blog in which, I'll post only my personal work and no articles and posts from other sources. Its name is 'Konstantinos's Lightwork' and you can find it here: http://konstantinoslightwork.wordpress.com/ .

      This blog will accompany my other one ,' Awakening to the DIVINE', in which you can see posts from other sources as well. Also, I'd like you to know that from August 22nd till August 27th I won't be so active regarding the blogs, because my  beautiful Twin Flame girl will visit me in the city that I currently live and we are both already very excited about our long-awaited physical reunion (-_-)!

      Now I'll move on and I'll present you my five recent channeled contacts. 




      The first is Kinoll, a beautiful and heart warming being that currently originates from the Pleiades. As I was receiving his picture I also saw this little ship behind him which as it was passing, it was leaving behind things that seemed like beautiful sparkles.

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