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Sri'ama Qala: Join us in world peace meditation linkups

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  • Ash
        Join us in world peace meditation linkups Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. WITH ALL OUR LOVE AND BLESSINGS FOR PEACE ON EARTH
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 20, 2013

      Join us in world peace meditation linkups
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      Worldwide Meditation Linkup


      Blessings Dear Hearts,
      We invite you to offer your service to world peace, via joining many around the world for the following worldwide meditation linkups.
      You may do this from your own home, at any time of the day on the following dates, simply by listening to the free audio download of the meditations.

      Sunday September 1st, 2013 — Worldwide Meditation Linkup
      for clearing of the Heart Chakra of Egypt

      Clearing your Heart and the Heart Chakra of Egypt of any fear, judgement or anger, with Archangel Gabriel — This meditation may be downloaded for free, is approximately 53 minutes long, and guides you through a meditation of sending the light and love held in your heart to the souls in Egypt as a representative of humanity. In the meditation you receive a visitation from the Angelic Guardian and Archangel Gabriel and through creating a powerful heart connection with your Angelic Guardian and Gabriel you are taken on a journey with them to represent humanity in the karmic clearing of the collective karma which has influenced the situation in Egypt to be manifested as a struggle and destabilisation of the country. Through your meditation and the prayers you are guided to say, on behalf of all people, you will receive dispensations for the lifting of any fear, anger or judgement and as you work with this karma, you are supported to link with every soul in Egypt and the heart chakra of Egypt so they may also receive the dispensations, healing and blessings of karmic clearing of any fear, anger or judgement regarding relations with representatives/authorities who may lie, misrepresent, break promises, or disappoint one's being.
      If you wish to join in this sacred meditation linkup and connect hearts with light workers worldwide in service to Egypt, you will receive an upliftment of your own energy and clearing of any karma you may hold in relation to authority and being your own authority over your life. You may download the meditation for free (facilitated by Qala Sri'ama Phoenix, spiritual teacher and a messenger for the Enlightened Masters) through the following link:
      September 1st - Audio Download Here

      Sunday September 12th, 2013 — Worldwide Meditation Linkup
      for clearing of Heart Chakra of Tibet

      You are invited to gather with others from all around the world in a special meditation to link your heart energy, your spirit and soul with your greater family of light, to send special transmissions of healing, compassion and grace to the monks, nuns and people of Tibet. This meditation comes from the heart, and carries the divine light of our universe in benefit to those who have been suffering, and to those who are the caretakers and guardians of Tibet. For many years, Tibet has carried the prayers of compassion and transmitted the peaceful spirit throughout our world, in divine service to all beings. Over the last 50 years, through the changes in Tibet, this peaceful spirit has met many challenges. The practice of Tibetan Buddhism has spread throughout the world due to this, and also many have suffered in Tibet. Within the heart chakra of Tibet, there are also energies which as they receive compassion from others in the world, will cleanse and heal. This prayer meditation carries your spirit and light to a special place where you, linked with many others, can transmit compassion and love into the collective heart of Tibet and work with Tara and Buddha to assist the heart chakra of Tibet to receive the highest blessings. We deeply thank you for your service to Tibet and all beings.
      You may download the meditation for free as an audio recording, (facilitated by Qala Sri'ama Phoenix, spiritual teacher and a messenger for the Enlightened Masters) through the following link:
      September 12th - Audio Download Here

      October 5th – October 20th 2013
      You are invited on a Sacred Pilgrimage through Northern India to receive the teachings of Babaji, Buddha and Maitreya

      Beloveds, this is such a divine opportunity to receive the highest blessings and teachings from Babaji, Buddha and Maitreya. The journey involves travelling in a small group of 15–18 people through 3 of the most beautiful and powerful light portals in Northern India — Dharamsala (Little Tibet) , Varanasi (one of the oldest holiest cities in the world) and Bodhgaia( where Buddha was enlightened). In these sacred regions, we will sit in meditation and in a beautiful love pod to receive the divine teachings from these ancient masters for the body and mind to learn to live on light, and receive the highest frequencies of light easily. You will learn how to meditate deeply and receive the sacred practises of the Yogis. "Living on Light is the ancient yogi system of teachings of aligning your mind and body to a higher light vibration — Learn to Deepen your Meditations and receive pure light frequency through your mind and body powerfully — Learn to Source the Pure Light from the Unfieid Field around you via Ancient Yogi Practises that will purify, deepen, strengthen and empower your mind and body and your divine experiences in meditation". This sacred journey is facilitated by Qala Sri'ama Phoenix who has been leading journeys and divine programs sourced from the enlightened masters for the past 15 years. Expect to be filled with pure light, to lift into a higher state of mind and feel the light flow powerfully through your physical body as you visit the sacred places. There are 3 places left on the journey for anyone is guided by their heart to be with Qala in Northern India to receive this profound and unique training Further information via www.qalasriama.com

      Sri'ama Qala
      3/12 Bayshore Drive, Byron Bay Arts Estate
      Byron Bay, NSW 2481

      Copyright (C) 2013 Sri'ama Qala All rights reserved. http://www.qalasriama.com


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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