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Divine Guidance/Path of the Soul Tarot: Divine Guidance ~ Cosmos of the Heart

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  • Ash
    It is in those times, when your tears may fall or when you feel most alone, that your angels and guides are with you the most, shining their Light and Love on
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      "It is in those times, when your tears may fall or when you feel most alone, that your angels and guides are with you the most, shining their Light and Love on you."

      How very true are those words and, equally as important, are those beloved souls who are here with us walking, resting, working and living with us. Those who have stood by us and continue to throughout our walk in life. Those who are a true measure and testament of Divine Human Angels that give of their time, their heart, their love, their support and devotion. Treasure those as they in turn experience you in the same way and treasure you. Each of us do have value and meaning especially in the eyes of one another. See that reflection and know that every tear, every smile, ever part of who you are is deeply called for and needed. In the heart of those beloved souls who walk with us but in the heart of our Beloved Mother Earth, within the angels, guides and beings who are near and close to us, and in the heart of Source. The Divine guidance we receive reawakens that same mirrored spark deep inside of us. The Divine is a reflection of each of us as we in turn are a reflection of the Divine. See that purity and beauty that is within you and that you are. For you do radiate this and are a beacon of hope, inspiration and comfort to one another.

      That is apart of the foundation of the Path of the Heart that we not only walk but are apart of Co-Creating. Each opportunity is a door that is not only opening before us but a door that we have been apart of Creating. Life does call to Life answers as does Love for Love is not only the starting point and destination of the journey but Love is also THE Journey. As your inner roads are created and open before you Life and Love sings renewed and new tunes. Trust in that and trust in yourself. Some paths will seem far afield of ours and others close to where their footstep and heartbeat is in tandem with our own. Give and express love to those whose paths take them in other directions and those who walk, and always walk, with you.

      Remember that your greatest, deepest, highest and most powerful strength is Love. The Unconditional Love that lifts us, sustains us, empowers us, touches us and moves us. That very Love which reawakens from the Heart of Eternity is your heart. See and embrace the Gentle, Divine, Wondrous Beauty that You Are and Know from a place deep inside full of peace, serenity and joy that you do matter. To The Universe. To Our Earth. To One Another. To Me. *:x lovestruck

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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