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Tips for Navigating the New Era by the Celestial White Beings | Natalie Glasson | Om Na

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      Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na

          Welcome to the Sacred School of Om Na with channelled wisdom, light and love through Channel, Author and Spiritual Mentor, Natalie Glasson.You are greatly appreciated and loved unconditionally in this very moment, light and wondrous blessings are sent to your heart and soul, you are honoured as your true self.

      Dear Friends,
      This week's channelled message is from the Celestial White Beings sharing tips to navigate the New Era.
      Archangel Metatron's latest Capsule of Wisdom is now available! Reconnecting with yoour Inner Power.
      New Workshop Listed for London 7th September Click Here
      Angelic Synthesis and Embodiment With Mother Mary and Archangel Michael
      Hope you enjoy.
      Many blessings, Natalie

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      Tips for Navigating the New Era by the Celestial White Beings
      Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 17- 08-13- www.omna.org
      Divine blessings to you magnificent beings of light, we honour you as you navigate your way through a major ascension journey through the medium and schooling system of the Earth and its physicality. Sometimes we are aware that you feel worthless because you exist on the Earth and may even upon some level believe yourself being punished but all beings existing on the Earth are supreme beings of light. Through the process of all upon the Earth realising their divinity and power, the light of all upon the inner planes is being magnified. You have been chosen to be upon the Earth at this time for a specific reason which is the beautiful and powerful being that you are. Rediscovering yourself allows us all to rediscover the truth of the Creator; you are a representation of the Creator on the Earth as are all beings upon the Earth. You have a purpose of bringing forth more light from the Creator into the Creator’s universe. Each of you is at the forefront of deciphering a nd understanding more fully the vibrations of the Creator. This is often why the ascended masters step forward as guides to be of service and support to you because they have also been at the forefront of such discoveries while on the Earth and therefore understand the great demand that is placed upon you.
      We truly wish for you to value and respect the beautiful discoveries that you make within your beings; the realisations, releases, healings, inspiration and awakening that you achieve. Each process is akin to a personal shift but is actually a major breakthrough in the discovery of the Creator for all, so do not disregard the many spiritual awakenings you achieve daily but allow each to be recognised as assisting and supporting the illumination of the Creator within all. Honour and celebrate all that you are and all that you realise, as you are supporting the ascension of all. This is not to place pressure upon you but to support you in realising that every spiritual breakthrough, whether deemed small or large by you, truly assists in transforming everything into the light, love and wisdom of the Creator. Due to this there is a need to honour and lovingly respect yourself and the role that you are enacting upon the Earth. You have not been forgotten, nor have you been bani shed because you are of low vibration, you are on the Earth as a service, which we all value and appreciate. In truth this is our first tip for you in navigating through your journey of ascension upon the Earth, it is to,
      Honour and love yourself in a humble and beautiful way for the service you are offering to yourself all aspects of the Creator on the Earth and the inner planes and the Creator. You are valued and loved unconditionally, so allow yourself to experience this completely.
      At this time in ascension we also wish for you to dissolve all confusion, stress and the state of mind that dictated to you that you are not in control, that you do not know what to do and that you are unable to access your inner guidance. The truth is that you can access your inner truth and guidance and there is no need for you to be confused or uncertain any more within your reality and especially when making choices. Your heart and soul know the answer to every situation, circumstance and decision that arises instantly. Within the past era the energies of the Creator were predominantly flowing into your being, fuelling and awakening you with the abundant flow of the Creator. In this new era the energies are flowing predominantly from within your being, projecting outwards so that you may experience the energies of the Creator in your physical reality. With the flow and projection of energy flowing from within outwards this makes it easier for you to access your own div ine inner guidance due to everything flowing naturally from within your being. This symbolises that you are experiencing a constant flow from within your being and simply are required to tune into this flow in order to exist in balance and harmony with yourself, experiencing your divine knowledge and knowingness always. One of the tools needed to access your inner knowledge and knowingness is to,
      Access your ability to let go of all that is bothering or occupying the mind instantly.
      This is to recognise that the mind holds attachments to over thinking about certain situations, circumstances or issues in your reality. You are then drawn deeper into your mind and further away from your heart knowingness. It is often that the cycles of thought process that your mind leads you into do not serve you but only create further stress, tension and suffering within your being, you also can become bound in the process of illusion. When you realise that the mind is drawing you into a state of suffering, imbalance or a lower vibration then there is a need to simply drop all attachments of the mind, in other words, let go of all that you are thinking of and allow your mind to rest in peace. Simply says, ‘I now let go of all that my mind and thought process is currently attached to.’ Then breathe deeply and exhale imagining each thought like an object in your mind that is now flowing away in all directions emptying your mind.  It is then important to ,
      Realise the natural flow of Creator expression from your heart chakra and entire being.
      With this realisation you empower yourself instantly as if realising that your heart and soul can provide to you the most appropriate guidance. Already you are drawing your focus away from your mind, into your heart and may ask any question to bring clarity but allow your question to come from a space of peace free from attachment.
      Realise that your belief in yourself as a being that doesn’t have any spiritual ability and skills is old programming that needs to be released.
      In many ways as you entered into the new era of experiencing love upon the Earth you automatically gave yourself permission to  blossom allowing all the skills that you hold as a soul to integrate with your physical being and reality. There is simply a need to release the old programming where you controlled yourself, to awakening new software within your being that offers you the freedom to experience your divinity. For example, accessing your own inner knowledge is something that you can easily achieve and do not require guidance to do so, but there is a need to release the programming that still restricts you and your abilities. This can be achieved through simple intentions and the building of your belief in yourself and skills in this new era upon the Earth.
      Changing your beliefs will reprogram your entire being and the way you function on all levels of your being, awakening new areas of yourself to discover.
      It is also important to realise that although much karma has been released as you have moved through the shift of 2012, fear can still remain and often is present as a limiting vibration.
      Allow yourself to be observant and aware of your fears but free from attachment to your fears.
      Sometimes even when you are aware of your fears there can still be forms of attachments that you hold with and to your fears, this may be because you believe your fears to be a part of your being, when they are only your creation. This perspective allows you to experience a distance from your fears and that which limits you, offering an understanding that there is an abundance of wisdom within your being waiting to be explored; it is you that is hindering this exploration.
      You are completely secure in every moment of your reality.
      With the dissolving of attachments to your fears, you open up space for further exploration of the Creator, allowing yourself to become grounded in love simply due to your focus that is projected away from truth. You allow yourself to step into your divine purpose upon the Earth. It is also important to realise that
      Your divine purpose isn’t a skill or an ability but is simply being and existing as an explorer of the Creator upon the Earth.
      Your purpose is to be present upon the Earth conscious of yourself as the Creator.
      We, the Celestial White Beings, are always here to support you, if there are any aspects of our communication that you feel you would like to gain healing connected to the issue then please call upon us in your own words asking us to support, love and promote a deep awakening healing process within you and with you.
      With celestial blessings,
      Celestial White Beings


      Capsule No
          Reconnecting with your Inner Power
      With Archangel Metatron
      17th August 2013
      Archangel Metatron speaks of connecting into your inner power as a process of expressing the divine Creator through your being and manifesting all that is the Creator within your reality. Archangel Metatron shares how you can connect with your inner power, gaining a deeper understanding of your inner power as well as guiding you in a meditation of connection with and empowerment of your inner power and ability to access your inner power.


      Capsule No

      Speaking Your Truth
      With Archangel Metatron
      5th August 2013

      Archangel Metatron focuses upon enhancing your ability to speak your truth in this Capsule of Wisdom. He describes the purpose of the throat chakra and what it actually means to speak your truth. Archangel Metatron encourages you to release unneeded energies connected to speaking your truth while assisting you in healing and reforming your throat chakra supported by the Creator.


      Angelic Synthesis and Embodiment
      With Mother Mary and Archangel Michael
      London Workshop
      7th September 2013
      A Powerful Angelic Journey of Activations, Exploration and New Angelic Frequencies
      Permit yourself to journey through the Angelic  Dimensions with Mother Mary and Archangel Michael guiding your way. Enjoy a day immersed in the angelic frequencies of the Creator to heal, rejuvenate, enlighten, empower and awaken your inner sacred essence.
      Embodiment of the Creator's vibrations is now becoming immensely vital within your reality. In this new era you can allow yourself the space to truly experience and discover the Creator through your incarnation on the Earth. The Angelic Kingdom hold the pure vibrations of the Creator's heart chakra, they can awaken sacred unknown truths from within your being as well as inspiring a magnitude of shifts and transformations.
      Let yourself embody the angelic vibrations of the Creator by realising your angelic chakras, activating your angelic star gates within your energetic systems, attuning your being to all angelic dimensions, receiving downloads of Angelic consciousness while experiencing the rainbow spectrum healing elixir of the Angelic Kingdom. Discover new Angelic beings who present themselves in service.
      For a long time now we have felt the presence of the Angelic Kingdom with us as we walk the Earth, but in this new era what can they share with us and show us on the inner planes so that we may deepen our understanding of the angelic kingdom and their role in our ascension paths? New dimensions and ashrams are opening up within the angelic kingdom to accelerate ascension and bring forth heightened vibrations and chambers of concentrated awakening for us to experience. The Angelic Kingdom wish to remind you of their presence, their world and to demonstrate the shifts that have occurred within their dimensions.
      Mother Mary known also as an Archangel, divinely as one with Archangel Raphael often represents the angelic kingdom, working closely with their energies and healing vibrations. Archangel Michael holds the powerful vibrations of protection and divine will for the angelic kingdom and humanity. Both, Mother Mary and Archangel Michael invite you to experience a sacred journey of Angelic embodiment with and through the dimensions of the Angelic Kingdom through meditation, activations and sound.

      Back to Basics and the Core Purpose of Our Creation
      Join Saint Germain and Natalie for an Evening of Manifestation!
      Maybe there are dreams you wish to create, energies or skills you wish to experience, allow Saint Germain to support you in fine-tuning your natural manifestations skills, returning you to the truth of your being.
      Master Saint Germain comes forward for one webinar session to speak of the importance of manifestation as we exist in this new era upon the Earth. Focus upon manifestation is becoming more and more important and imperative as we move into recognising ourselves as sacred energetic beings of the Creator's vibration.  The awareness that all we need to support our physical and spiritual reality is within our being is becoming completed grounded into our realities, as we have been asked to embody our divine manifestationnatural skills and abilities. We have been given the responsibility of our spiritual growth as we enter into this new era and so there is a need to become the conscious creators of our realities upon the Earth, supporting ourselves and all of humanity.  The core purpose of our existence is to express and manifest the creation vibration and to fully experience the Creator on all energetic levels. It is now time to live as our power and tr uth upon the Earth.
      Saint Germain is a powerful figure of transformation and manifestation; he wishes to guide you in practices and meditations to support your exploration of your manifestation skills while reminding you of the basics of manifestation so that you may build a powerful foundation to accelerate from, while creating and experiencing all your soul divinely expresses.
      Join Saint Germain and Natalie for an Evening of Manifestation!

      A Guide to the Rays of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy
      By Natalie Glasson

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